Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It’s inevitable. When traveling with as much luggage as I do…it’s bound to raise curiosity! I mean, wouldn’t ANY TSA agent like to see just what is in these bags?

((And, I think the fact that most airports charge $4.00 to $5.00 to rent these little luggage carts is quite a rip-off, but that’s another post for another time! I think I could have purchased myself a whole string of these out right by now!))

Does this happen to you? How DO they decide what to check anyway?

I get to my location, open my luggage…and SURPRISE! "Hello, You have been inspected by TSA."

And I can just hear them now ---“BLANKETS?! Why is this lady traveling with so many blankets? Where is she going, the North Pole or something?”

Well yes, I was in North Pole, just a week or so ago, but you know what I mean.

stringfling 002

I used to toss these out….but not any more! They’ve found a way to be re-purposed! They are a good enough weight to be sliced down like this:

stringfling 003

And fed through my hexagon punch like this:

stringfling 004

I just love knowing the government is paying for part of my hexagon fetish! Sweet deal, yes? These punches have been discontinued by Creative Memories, but I have seen them occassionally on ebay. I have no information on how/where else you could get one. I just love mine.

stringfling 005

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with ALL of these papers I keep punching since supposedly my hexagon medallion is getting closer to reaching finished top status ---

Maybe I’ll fill this JAR! Just beacause --- I can!

stringfling 038

I’ve got a good start on it already! All these hexies have been cut from greeting cards, business cards, TSA cards, and advertisements that come in the mail – as long as they are the right weight ((About the thickness of an index card)) They will work!

I’m packing up a baggie full for the cruise, just in case I can twist anyone’s arm into a hexie lesson while we are on board…..

Maybe, just maybe, THEY will find a way to repurpose THEIR TSA inspection cards too!


  1. wow...who knew they had hexagon paper punches...there are three on ebay right now...


    Too bad I'm not into hexagons,.,.

  2. I refer to those TSA notes as "TSA love notes." I'm glad you've found a use for them!

  3. I want to make a hex quilt really badly. Now I am on a hunt for a hex paper punch. thanks for the info,,,wondering why I don't think like this!!

  4. I have been keeping my punch by my read the mail table and have been punching the junk mail. Soon I will have to start a hexie quilt. You are such a bad influence. LOL

  5. LOL! Good for you! Love it!

  6. I would love to take a few of those hexie papers off of your hands...or a few of your hexies! I'm going to be without a sewing machine for somewhere between 9 and 12 months starting next spring...I'll NEED some fabric therapy or I'll go crazy!

    I'll have to look for a hexie punch...what size does it punch?

  7. Too funny Bonnie! Glad that you have found a way to recycle those little pieces of paper :-)

  8. LOL. Thanks for the great laugh! It felt good to start my day this way.

  9. YOU HAVE A HEXAGON PUNCH!!! different sizes? where did you find such a jewel? I might need one! *!*CAROLE*!*

  10. Oh my goodness - you are so sick! Poor baby - and to think we are all following in your quirky quilty footsteps - LOL

    (I'm heading to EBay, but don't tell anyone!) 8-)))

  11. I love how you always have the most cheerful attitude about every annoyance in life!!

  12. I used to be the paper punch queen when I was a scrapbook teacher (still have boxes of them), but even I didn't know there was a hex punch out there!

  13. Oh! You MUST make a hexie quilt using these punches...and leave the uncompleted top in your closet with the papers still inside each hex...someday (like a hundred years from now) some "new" quilter will buy your quilt top (with its hexies) at a sale and will research those hexies... Ha! That's a hoot! It's like putting a message in a bottle. Sorta. Well...not. lol

  14. Along the same line I use old IRS publications to sew my strings on... seems nice to do something constructive with them.

  15. On Land - On Sea - Forever Our Bonnie - she recycles. Hope you are having a hughly good time with calm waters and beautiful sunsets. Keep the show going. Judy C in NC

  16. I'd love to see all the "blankets" in your bags! :0)

  17. oh!! Where did you get the punch??? How cool is that?

  18. Anonymous7:35 PM EDT

    That is hysterical. It is good to stick it too the man as often as we can or is that chop up the man. Where did you get that wonderful hex punch?? I love it.
    Thanks for the giggle.
    hmmm never ignored me before but I will go play with my sign in box.

  19. Thanks for the laugh this morning, what better paper to recycle. You go girl! How was North Pole, I used to live there actually.

  20. O.k. as always you make lemonade from lemons (and good for you too!), then you give me a brilliant idea. I always have regretted not getting (ok was too cheap to buy) those hexagon shaped acrylic pre-printed row and block tags and now I realize that with a hex punch I can make my own out of those pesky magazine subscription inserts!! Thank you Bonnie, now I know what I'll be using my next Michael's coupon for!!

  21. I have been looking for that hexie punch every since you posted about yours. Never checked ebay. I will now. Thanks for the tip.

  22. I get those darn notes all the time! At least now I know what to do with them....


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