Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crumbs, Scraps & Strings!

Last Saturday the quilters of Delta Junction ((And Fairbanks, And the Kenai Peninsula, and Missouri!)) gathered for our second workshop of my Alaskan trip, Love Shack!

And I had SUCH a great time that I confess to really falling down on the job when it came to taking class photos. I was having too much fun laughing and talking and sewing and playing to be a shutterbug!

It all started with a Free For All—LAUNDRY BASKETS and BAGS of scraps had been brought to share by many, and all were digging. Oh, it was hard to show so much restraint! But my luggage was already full..lol!

Okay, I did bring home SOME --I used it as "packing material" to cushion the books that were traveling home with me in my suitcase! Yes, there is a way to rationalize everything, and as a woman, it is my right and obligation to rationalize in such ways, don't you agree?

Alaska_Aug2011 199

Would you be able to resist digging in and filling a bag? What a frenzy! And you know I have it bad when I seriously thought of bringing home a Delta Junction phone book as a quilting souvenir! But the weight limits ran out...

Alaska_Aug2011 201

What did we EVER do before zip lock bags?! This quilter had her scraps all coordinated by size and color so she could pick and choose. This is considered a trait of a “control oriented” quilter!

Alaska_Aug2011 205

And THEN…there is the REST of us! LOL!! When organization fails, just dump it all on the floor and Dig, Baby, Dig!

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who can’t part with the small stuff. I believe that super great quilts can be made with the small “unloved bits”, we just have to find a way to use them! Look at this variety!

I told ya, my camera duty went on fail! But we had a terrific wonderful time, and I’m so happy we went!

And you can bet I WILL be going again! I’ve got Alaska dates in Cordova….in about 4 weeks!

I’ll be back in Alaska 3 more times so far on my calendar…I’ll be with the Kenai Peninsula Quilters in Aug of 2013, and May of 2015 ((2015!!)) And for those of you in the Ketchikan area – I am in the process of working out dates for a possible September 2014 visit with the Rainy Day Quilters. Stay tuned!


  1. Love all the sharing of scraps. Glad I'm one of the ones who like to just dump it on the floor and dig through it. How will it be when you are on the Cruise? It is going to be fun to see pictures from the "ship experience".

  2. Giant piles o' fabric scraps... endless possibilities!

  3. Someone had a gorgeous green machine in the slideshow.....and all the blocks look so good! Fun!

  4. Crumb quilting is my absolute FAVORITE class you teach. I took it in Jacksonville, FL. I have 90- 8" blocks made of 4- 4" blocks ready to do something with??? no sure what. I wish you were going to be somewhere close to Az so I could take a class again. :):) have a nice day !! Sandie

  5. That green machine is mine! Her name is Lucy Ann and I love her! We had such a wonderful time with this class. Even the most resistant to scraps were suddenly in love with the idea of using every little crumb! We would love for you to come back to Delta Junction on one of your future trips!

  6. No, no, no!!! Not dates for Alaska! Dates for somewhere nearer me please! ;o)
    Sounds like it was a ball. But I would hate to have those baskets of scraps near me, I would just want to dig and dig and dig!!!

  7. I'm looking forward to 2014 when you're in Ketchikan, my home town!

  8. So much fun! why isn't pawing through our own scraps as fun? I have been to a few stores that have the bags you can fill with scraps for a set fee. One quilter's trash is another's Treasure!

  9. Absolutely the shortest slideshow I've seen on your blog! Just shows you were thoroughly absorbed in the proceedings! : )


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