Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little Hurricane Trouble?

This is where we need all the powers that be --- all the QG’s out there ((Quilty Goddesses, don’tcha know!?)) pulling together for some good vibes that this freaking storm move back OUT to sea! Or downgrades. Or Sumpthin’.

Do you see this picture to the left? I want to introduce you to Hurricane Irene! Though, you’ve probably already become familiar with her if you watch the weather channel, or your local news.

Lori pinged me yesterday morning. I’d been like an ostrich with my head in the sand-I was busy doing other things, and I really am not a TV watcher unless it is in the evening and I have hand work to do. Because we had been traveling over the weekend to visit the boys, and we didn’t watch TV or listen to the news at ALL over the weekend, I was completely clueless!

HURRICANE?! Oh NO! Our Caribbean Cruise with Sew Many Places ((My first ever time to be a teacher on a Quilting Crusie! Whoot!)) sets sail this Saturday from Port Canaveral, Florida!

This was the first I heard of it:

stringfling 036

And No, we are not letting Lori’s hurt shoulder stop us either! But she better watch how heavy she packs her suitcase – Just sayin’! :cD

As I checked things this morning, this is where we stand:

- After departing the Northwest Bahamas early Friday Irene should parallel the Florida coast later Friday and approach the coast of the Carolinas later Saturday or Saturday night.

- Even though Irene is expected to miss Florida to the east, it is a larger-than-average hurricane, so the Sunshine State will still have some impacts.

- Heavy rain and strong winds are likely in eastern portions of Florida beginning late Wednesday night in southeast areas and spreading northward through Friday.

- Dangerous surf and rip currents are likely along the east coast of Florida beginning later Wednesday and lasting into the weekend. These coastal threats will expand northward along the Eastern Seaboard during the weekend and early next week.

- Irene could threaten the eastern portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with damaging winds and flooding rains Sunday through early next week.

Of course, with hurricanes, nothing is certain. Things can change at any moment. It’s supposed to hit the Bahamas pretty hard, and that is where our first port of call is! Should be interesting to say the least, and in the mean time we hope for the best~

You know, after posting about my Great Auntie Irene HERE I am smiling to myself. They could have named this hurricane right after her, Always dancing in the kitchen, or the living room….and always making a stir!

Better start packing! I haven’t even begun yet, and my journey starts THURSDAY. I'm stopping in Columbia again, taking Jeff to dinner, and then staying with Jason and Kim. I'm leaving early Friday morning to drive down through SC, and GA, and finally down to Orlando where I am picking up Miss Lori at the airport, and escorting her in SHAMU the mini van ((We need it for all this LUGGAGE!!)) and away we go!


  1. I was thinking the same thing about my Gram, another Irene. She was a pistol alright! But she sure did love a party, so I hate to think she'd rain on yours.

    Praying for just the rain we need and NO MORE!

  2. I have been thinking about your cruise and the timing of Irene. I really hope it is not too big of an impact on all of your fun. Looks like it might be out of the way before you sail. Hoping for all the best for everyone on the cruise. Have fun!

  3. You will have a blast no matter where your ship goes. Had friends that left to go to the Bahamas, and ended up in Mexico instead because there was a hurricane. They still enjoyed the cruise.

  4. My friends in the Dominican Republic have cancelled school the last 3 days and will probably just postpone the start of school until next week. BUT, they are complaing their kids are so excited to start school = and all they've had is some drizzling rain. . .
    Hopefully you are met with clear skies, but if it be anything. . hopefully it will be just a light drizzle too! ;)

  5. At least if it rains you have sewing room to go to! As my Aunt Ellie would say, " I'll hang the rosary beads out the window for you."

  6. I saw on the news where Carnival had rerouted several ships. They were evidently not bringing them in, just changing their route. You may just end up with a bit of a reroute adventure. Good Luck.

  7. Living in Florida, we know it's important to keep an eye out for these TS and Hurricanes. Here is the site to get the latest info from the National Hurricane Center -


  8. Sure hope Irene doesn't put too much of a crimp in your cruise plans. Guess if you can't go ashore somewhere as planned you can stay on the ship and sew. Not all bad. Take the motion sickness meds along.

  9. You want to pray to St. Quilta the Comforter, Bonnie. Best of weather and every other sort of luck.

  10. I sure hope Irene cooperates. Darn timing of things. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that everything works out well. Sandi

  11. I'm hoping it passes by quickly, we're scheduled to be in the Bahamas for Sunday... and I've been anxiously looking forward to this cruise since I booked it in February! :)

    See everyone there, rain or shine!

    Ottawa, ON Canada

  12. Anonymous4:25 PM EDT

    My hubby and I took a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas once two days after a hurricane and it was still rough seas so make sure to bring "the patch" or something for seasickness or you will be in trouble. I pray that I am wrong and you have smooth sailing!

  13. Looks like everyone is pulling for Irene to give you a break. Hope for the best and go with the flow. If it rains a lot I guess you will just get more sewing done.

  14. Every time there is a new storm system in the Caribean, people in Texas hope it heads this way ... so we can get some relief from the drought. But since it looks like this still isn't going to happen. I hope Irene doesn't rain on YOUR parade ;-)

  15. Maybe if all your quilty followers and fans all blow really hard we can shove that hurricane way out to sea. :)
    I know that no matter what the weather you all will have a blast just being together and sewing. Have fun!

  16. It looks like she is taking a more easterly route. If anything she might visit the carolinas while you are away. Cruise ships are used to dealing with hurricanes, they can just change course if things look bad.


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