Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Study in Quarter Square Triangles!

I’ve been a busy little quilter :c)

Basic simple units, precut strips, companion angle ruler, a new rotary blade ((Ahhhh….why do I wait so long?!))

These will end up in something somewhere…I just wanted to sew. Reds, pinks, burgundies and neutrals.

Repetitive piecing can be such a ZEN thing, can’t it?

Tomorrow I’ve got a special post and a giveaway, so be sure to check back!

And with that, I’m back to the machine!


  1. Yup... chain piecing/repetitive sewing is a zone that I can enjoy!

  2. Aren't they sweet things


  3. I know what you mean... I now have 70 little bow tie blocks.

  4. Those are super cute! I could use some ZEN in my life right now. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love those blocks! There is something about chain piecing that is very relaxing.

  6. Yeah - I agree - sometimes "mindless" sewing is a wonderful thing - lots of production with not much thought - my scrappy quilt is nearing completion.....I'll have to start some new no-thought piecing!

  7. Het that's a neat way to put the repetitive sewing...Zen!

  8. You are ALWAYS a busy little quilter!

  9. I have a scrappy little stack like these made from leftovers from some Monkey wrench blocks...need to stitch them up into something!

  10. LOL--Do we all use our cutter blades until our wrist can't take the pressure anymore? Every time I change I ask myself that question--"Why do I wait so long?"
    These blocks are wonderful--and I am full of wonder as to how you get so much done, and where these will end up!

  11. My favorite mindless sewing is string piecing. I use Gwen Marsden's "liberated" technique, and I've been using strings as my leaders and enders lately. It's a Gwen/Bonnie combo!

  12. Anonymous11:13 PM EDT

    I love this! I am just beginning a project that is going to require quite a number of these little dears, so I am adopting your good, positive attitude. Also, I linked this post to a post I put up today on my blog. Hope you have a chance to take a peek!

  13. Anonymous2:22 PM EDT

    I love your leaders & Enders system. I need to do some chain piecing to create some zenlike peace too. I've been working on paperpieced vegetables. Just not as satisfying, but so cute!


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