Thursday, August 04, 2011


It’s a family tradition. You have to plan on leaving Minnesota with at least ONE more suitcase than you came with. You won’t be going home empty handed!

But the first stop today wasn’t a yard sale…Aunt Joy remembered she needed to stop by the docs at 8:30 --- so off we went to the medical center! But I’m an old PRO at this waiting room game by now!

After Lisa’s leg appointment last week ---- and TWO other such activities thrown into our run around yesterday --- I’m easy to go with the flow!

What appointments yesterday? You mean YOU don’t do this when you are on vacation?

Well, it turns out that mom dropped a suitcase on her big toe while in Puerto Rico visiting her other sister, and the nail looked like it might come off, and it needed to just be CHECKED to be sure it wasn’t getting infected.

So out came my hexagons while we sat in the waiting room! And all is well with the toe and I got hexagon time while visiting!

After thrift shopping and lunching with cousin Janine, we had to stop at the dentist’s so Joy could get her new crown cemented in place….

And out came the busy bags for BOTH Mom and myself!

mn2011 042

Mama, trying to look serious ---while licking the end of her thread to thread her needle for her cute snowman embroidery!

mn2011 030

Isn’t this cute? It’s a block of the month thing……She had her embroidery and I had my hexagons!

Oh..and GADGET ALERT! Have you seen these?

mn2011 029

These are the itty bittiest scissors I've ever seen, and they are spring loaded and the little push cushions to work it are super squishy! Mom said she found them at Joanns, so we are off to go see if we an locate them here while I am here too--

Mom worked on her stitchery, and I just worked on hexagons, and you know what THOSE look like! But now you know that the busy bag business runs deep in my family!

I also gave mom a hexagon demo...and am sending her home with some paper shapes and some pre-cut fabrics to practice on. We just might get her converted over to being a hexie-addict too!

mn2011 057

Mom at the yard sales --- digging in for her hefty duty 25 cent purchase!! ((No, she refrained from buying any more purses today!))

mn2011 055

Joy found a BOAT LOAD of great stuff today! And here she is…..aren’t we always digging in the bottom of our purses for loose change? :cD

mn2011 061

This guy did NOT come home with me…HE would not fit in my luggage! LOL!…but I had an eye on his boxers wondering how they would work up into a quilt! ;c)

I was probably the lightest spender of all. Sometimes it works that way. I found a nice blouse for the cruise, and THIS lovely beaded bag cost me a whopping $2.00

mn2011 063

It’s fully beaded on both sides, the handle is beaded, it hangs long, across the body…there are zipper compartments inside…it’s just CUTE!

And the big deal of the century for me today? This was in the FREE box:

mn2011 058

I love to cook with my crockpot and there are some great recipes in here! I was laughing over the vintage..it has to be 70s…..don’t you agree? If you can’t tell from the front cover…what about the back?

mn2011 059

Oh DEAR! Let’s pray that that dress NEVER comes back into fashion! LOL!!!!

But food is one of those things that rarely changes…and there are recipes in here that sound so good….like THIS one..

mn2011 060

Just the simple addition of dill sounds so appetizing! And you make a sauce with more dill and sour cream to go over the pot roast when it is done..I really want to try this. I’m tired of the same ole-same ole, but I have to watch what DH will like ((And he is uber picky in the food department…)) If the sauce is served on the SIDE….it may be a winner!

We stopped for lunch at a Chinese buffet and we really enjoyed it. Things turned to hysterical when we each opened our fortune cookies. Did you ever have cookies with messages that made you go “HUH!??!?” Like things just did NOT translate over?

Well…one after another, all three of us….opened our cookies and read the messages and the laughter ensued…get a load of this:

mn2011 062

1. The beginning of all understanding is INNOCENT?! Innocent of WHAT?! Uummmm….okay!

2. The fact that others are bad does not imply that you are good. This was MY cookie, and I felt completely REPRIMANDED sitting there in my chair! When is the lightning bolt going to fall on my head next? :c/

3. Despair is criminal??? This was mom’s cookie. Well okay….but it sure doesn’t fill us with warm fuzzies!

So we told the guy at the cashier desk that our cookies were failures and we wanted 3 more to try for better ones…LOL!!

We are on our way this evening to go visit mom & Joy’s brother, my uncle Steve, and his wife Kathryn! BBQ shall commence shortly……..

And tomorrow? Whhhaaa! I fly home already!


  1. Oh, the joy of a day at the yard sales (and doctors)! My Mom and I used to yard sale every Saturday, then life took over. Good times!
    But Bonnie, if you cut the dress up small enough it wouldn't be too ugly for a quilt--but it is probably polyester!
    Dill roast recipe looks so good! I love dill--when I enlarged the photo I could read it. I'm going to try it.
    Fortunes were too funny--someone in China wrote them, no doubt--along with the instruction manuals for several things I have purchased lately--make no sense whatsoever!!

  2. Only you could squeeze all that fun it such a short amount of time!
    I have never gotten the hang of garage sale and need a mentor....looks like there is a method to the madness :0).

    have fun your last hours there
    and safe travels home
    Happy Sewing

  3. LOL! What a funny post! I'm glad that monkey thing did NOT come home with you. Also, cut the fabric of that dress into small enough pieces and it could make a beautiful thing (right!?!?)! And I love the little snowman stitchery! Too, too cute! :)

  4. I don't think that dress was ever in fashion! Glad you are having such a nice time.

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM EDT

    As a dress that was painful, but if that was a bolt of cotton I'd HAVE to buy a couple of yards. Retro fabulous!

    Glad you're having such a great time with family. Your mom is adorable!

    Leah Shannon

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM EDT

    I still use that cookbook! I think I got it for a shower present. Whew... am I that old??? (don't answer that!)

  7. i LOVE that crock pot book...i have a paperback of that from 1979...yes, i had one of those green rival pots...try the meat loaf recipe..its the greatest...just made it tues nite....yum

  8. I used to have that cock pot cookbook! I wondered what happened to it. I used it for YEARS! Enjoy! And, yeah, those boxers would be nice in a quilt.

  9. oooops, I meant CROCK

  10. Crockpot cookbook... definitely early 70s... I got the Rival crockpot in brunt orange for a wedding present... JUST like the one in the photo!

  11. I found those itty bitty scissors in Australia and had to bring back a pair!

  12. I bought that crock pot book back in the 70's. Still use it today. Love the Steak and gravy recipe over rice...yummers!
    So glad you are able to spend time with your mom and aunt. Have you done any of the MN Shop Hop?

  13. The fortunes were probably written by some psychology student. I don't think we could even work the dress into a quilt, but I do have a pair of glasses like those.

  14. Wow! I think those are the worst fortunes I've ever seen. Enjoy your visit with your family and don't open anymore fortune cookies!

  15. We have that exact same crock pot cookbook here in our library. I just sent a lady home with it the other day. Funny!!

  16. you bought my favorite crock pot recipe book of all time! there is a recipe that uses beef, red cabbage, carrotts and tomato sauce-sounds bizarre, but is so, so good. It's been a family staple in the winter for years. I highly recommend it! Looks like you all had a great time.

  17. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    That is my orange crockpot on the cover of the cookbook, and yes, I bought it in the 70's! It's still going strong. I was watching Cold Case once and in a flashback scene to the 70's, there it was on a kitchen counter. :-) Laura

  18. How cool are those tiny scissors?!!?!? I must find some!!! I MUST!!!
    OK... perhaps you don't like the dress the 70s crockpot lady is wearing, but on my screen, the fabric looks like something I would LOVE to cut up and turn into a bag!!!
    I [heart] my crockpot, too!

  19. I bought that crockpot cookbook new! Still use it. Our all time favorite is the Chicken and Herb Dumplings recipe. After many years of de-boning the chicken after it had cooked all day (ow, hot!), I figured out I could just put a flat of chicken thighs in. So much easier and so very yummy!

  20. The spaghetti recipe in that cookbook is my all-time favorite!! I haven't looked at the back of the cookbook for forever -- too funny!! I always enjoy your posts!

  21. I have that cookbook. Maybe I ought to pull it out and read it again. I had to pay for mine, tho. ; ) Free is usually better. Here is a new 'fortune' for you: Ye who reads cookbook, will find new yummies to try. Ok, bad, but, still better than what you got eating chinese, and mine was free.

  22. Wow! Bonnie, I have the smaller, paperback version of that slow cooker cookbook!

  23. Please, please, PLEASE let us know where we can find those teeny tiny scissors! Cuz I NEED a pair! I checked my local JoAnne store today and had no luck......

  24. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    I have been using the spagetti recipe in that book for decades. DECADES! Hard to believe that much time has passed. You found a good book there.

  25. Anonymous10:35 PM EDT

    I recently got a fortune cookie that said "Ignore previous cookie". LOl

  26. I don't want to wear that dress from the book cover (back cover), but I could make a killer quilt out of it for sure!! :)

  27. That cookbook back cover photo is NOT a dress - it's a Christmas Tree disguised as a woman!

  28. O. M. G. That crockery cookbook is the first one I ever owned! The cover looked familiar and then I recognized it for sure by the lady on the back cover! I think I got my first crockpot in 1975 when we lived for a year in a super small town in North Dakota. What memories! I hope you enjoy the book and recipes as much as I did as a young bride.

  29. If you think your fortune cookie is a dud, just add "in the bathroom" to the end! Makes the "despair is criminal" one much more funny!


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