Friday, August 12, 2011

Hiking in Moose Pass!

It stays light in Alaska quite late into the night! Not quite 24/7 anymore, but at 10pm at night it was still very light out! We pushed dinner a way back, to make good use of the daylight, and Nikki and her boys took us on a hike outside of Moose Pass.

The rain had stopped, it was cool, but we felt comfy in sweatshirts, jeans and running shoes.

The scenery was spectacular, and Nikki kept saying “I wish it was a better day for this, you can’t see through the clouds” or “We should have taken this OTHER trail, it’s much more scenic” and I was so blown away by what was in front of us I didn’t care!

This was the Alaska I wanted to see. The get off the highway, get away from civilization, blaze a trail kind of Alaska adventure.

Alaska_Aug2011 042

I mentioned earlier about the color of the water….it’s a milky silver, due to the glacial silt. The water is almost the same color as the clouds! I’d love to see it on a sunny day, but we haven’t had any luck with the weather so far.

Alaska_Aug2011 026

The wild flowers are EVERYWHERE! This is fireweed, and it grows plentiful and beautiful!

Alaska_Aug2011 035

We were watching a float plane taxi and take off on top of the lake, and I had to take a picture of these lovely flowers….I just love the color!

Alaska_Aug2011 049

This pretty purple flower is Monk’s Hood, and we were told that although it is pretty, it is extremely poisonous…good for pictures, not for picking!

Alaska_Aug2011 053

Watermelon berries ARE edible! They don’t taste like watermelon, but they do hold a lot of water, so look for these if you are a survivalist ;c)

Alaska_Aug2011 057

I’m trying to remember the exact ages of Nikki’s boys, but my closest guess is 9 & 11! And just as boys do, they took off way ahead of us, while us old folks lagged behind!

Alaska_Aug2011 048

The trails were steep and muddy….we had to choose our footing carefully, and I still ended up sliding into a mud puddle. So much for clean running shoes! But I guess if you don’t get dirty, you aren’t really living it, right?

This sign cracked me up:

Alaska_Aug2011 046

Glad to know that we wouldn’t be stepping into traps on our way up the trail! How far would YOU consider a "fair distance"?? I want them as far away from me as possible!

Alaska_Aug2011 060

Boys will be boys and mud puddles still hold lots of interest for curious young minds!

Alaska_Aug2011 044

Up and up and up we hiked! The trails were pretty steep in parts, but the pay off was worth it!

Alaska_Aug2011 063

OH isn’t THIS attractive? hip bag under the hoodie, and hoodie pocket full of bags…we were looking for berries! We didn’t find any, the bushes were already picked over, but I’m still glad we went!

Alaska_Aug2011 067

Back down to the bottom of the trail, this was the view of the lake!

Alaska_Aug2011 069

And yes, we crossed the bridge! We had to to get to the trail head and back…and if there is a trail head across the bridge, and it is the only way to get TO the trail head, I guess the signs aren’t working…lol! I RAN across the bridge, I didn’t want to risk trains coming…but here is DH taking his own sweet time…

Alaska_Aug2011 071


Alaska_Aug2011 073

We stopped here below the fish hatchery to see if we could see salmon in the water. And we did! We also watched these guys in the little inflatable boat fishing…..it was SO scenic and SO isolated out there!

After our hiking adventure, we all bundled off back to Nikki’s and she cooked us a terrific dinner of halibut that she had caught herself. It doesn’t get much better than that!


  1. Thanks for ssharing the wonderful photos.. I want to go back to Alaska so badly, just need to convince my husband or someone to go along. Our daughter worked there for a year and is now considering taking a new job there but I doubt she will. If you get a chance be sure to take a ride in a float plane. It's a blast. We flew in one and landed on a glacier so we could get out and walk on the glacier. I can't think of anything I didn't like about Alaska and I think it's the most beautiful place in the world. Have fun!

  2. You have put an Alaskan trip on my "bucket list". It is delight to see your trip, but I think this is one I MUST see with my own eyes too.~
    Thank you VERY much.
    Have fun.
    Praying you are SO VERY blessed on this trip,

  3. Alaska is beautiful! Our daughter went to college in Sitka and I got to go up twice in the 4 years. She also lived in Palmer (near Anchorage and Wasilla) but didn't make it up there during that 1 1/2 years. Hope to go up again and explore a little more.

    The funny thing is that the only souvenir I brought back from Sitka the first trip was fabric and quilt patterns from the local quilt shop!

  4. Such pristine beauty! Wow!!

  5. It's more beautiful than even I have imagined....and I have a good imagination :0).
    Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures.

    Happy Sewing

  6. Oh, my! Absolutely gorgeous scenery! Enjoy the trip!

  7. What a fabulous visit. Sandi

  8. Beautiful! Like fjords! Were you worried about meeting bears? Maybe they aren't allowed in MOOSE Pass? Were those lighter blue flowers delphiniums? Have fun!!

  9. You are having a ball. What wonderful landscape. the pic of the cloud over the lake is amazing. Thanks so much for posting pics of your trip.

  10. Such beautiful scenery. I'm enjoying your pictures very much.

  11. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your trip with us! This is probably the only way I will get to see Alaska!

  12. All I can say is WOW!
    What a trip of a lifetime, would love to go there, so beautiful and such gorgeous views, thank you for sharing your trips with us.


  13. Anonymous1:45 PM EDT

    There was a group of us at Tern Lake in Moose Pass on a little quilting retreat. It would have been so fun to have you stop in. Diane in Soldotna, Alaska


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