Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Where Is She Going?!

Yes. I know I’m leaving for Alaska on Sunday. But a small window of opportunity, No---more like…a “grab it now or don’t go at all” thing presented itself to me and--- I couldn’t say no!

I’m off to visit someone very special to me, and she doesn’t know it! It's gonna be PRICELESS!

There are very few people who have been in cahoots with me, and even fewer in the “know” –So if you DO know…don’t spoil it!

I spent the afternoon with some of this:

hexagonmedallion 013

Just enjoying the foot treatment, and smiling over the pearly pink polish. Never too old to be a girly-girl, right?!

I’ve packed my bags….I’ve got my project ready! My kindle is loaded with all the freebie books I’ve downloaded recently….

And I’m packing my swimsuit!

Who am I seeing? Where will I be?

You guess! I’ll let you know when I get there!

Oh, and when I went to Iowa, I picked up one of these, and left it at Horace’s shoe shine stand….I hope to find out if he got it! And that’s all I’m saying!

stormlakeIA2011 116

Aren’t I an awful tease?!!!


  1. Can't believe I'm first to post...Hmmm, and clueless, but I'll throw out there Tanya in FL?

  2. Haven't followed your blog long enough to know all of the people who are dear enough to you to inspire such a trip. But it sounds like a fun secret!

  3. And the suspense increases. South maybe? No matter where HAVE FUNE.

  4. Wherever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Packing a swimsuit, your dad isn't a "she", so I'm going to guess you are heading to Florida to visit Tonya!

  6. I vote for Tanya too!
    That swimsuit gave it away!
    XOXOXO Subee

  7. Tonya was my first guess also. Whereever it is, have fun

  8. Where ever it is get lots of pool/beach time...don't think you'll get much of that up in Alaska!


  10. Oh maybe your Mom?
    Safe travels and have fun with this surprise!
    Didn't you see Tonya at Sisters?

    Happy Sewing

  11. OHHH a surprise visit.. Not much swimming in Oregon mountains so Florida sounds nice...are you visiting Emilie Richards' Happiness Key? Hope there are no Sharks where you're going!

  12. I am guessing your Dad...or one of those new babies in your life.

  13. Mmm... intriguing. Have fun. hope Horace got his card!

  14. are you going to meet your new niece????

  15. wowser! you're going to love alaska! know you'll enjoy your visit ..... hope you're coming to seward on the peninsula south of anchorage! it's the prettiest place, under the mountain, by the bay. there's so much to do and see here! but then, whereever you go to in alaska, you'll find it's a great land! enjoy!

  16. Anonymous10:36 AM EDT

    Beaver Island, Michigan



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