Monday, August 22, 2011

Evening Edition! Free Kindle Book!

School is back in session! I’ve got teacher friends, and I sometimes envy that whole “set up the classroom, welcome in the new school year” feeling they get to experience—Now that my boys are grown and out on their own, it just isn’t the same. Jason has his college schedule all arranged for this semester….

It’s just not the same as picking out a new back pack, buying new sneakers, and a package of pens and pencils!

Yesterday, when shopping with Jeff for some things for his new apartment, I came across the cutest Sponge Bob lunch box…and I remembered him at 10 years old, enamored over EVERYTHING Sponge Bob. And there he was standing next to me, all 6’4” of him, saying “Mom, put DOWN the Sponge Bob lunchbox. I’m OVER that already!”

So today while browsing I came across a school teacher themed mystery! And it is free on the Amazon website for Kindle. Those with nooks, it might be free for you too, just go check.

The Witch of Agnesi by Robert Spiller is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has received a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on five customer reviews.

Book Description:

Bonnie Pinkwater is a math teacher with a mission. As advisor and coach for four students involved in the Knowledge Bowl competition, she becomes particularly concerned when one of her competitors goes missing. She does a little investigating and puts forward a number of suggestions to the police officer in charge, an old student of hers. But things start to get out of control when she finds herself the target, and one of her other students is murdered.

Undeterred, Bonnie remains on the trail and, together with another teacher, is continually updating her theories as two more of her Knowledge Bowl students are found dead. While this novel has an adult as a main character, teens will be able to relate to it because of the supporting cast; from the school thug to the genius, and everyone in between, the secondary players are all strong characters. The nonstop action and intrigue will hold most readers; the suspense is ever present, and the mystery has a good balance of clues and misinformation to keep amateur sleuths turning the pages.

As always, double check before clicking as what was free earlier may not be in the future! If you have a smart phone, a tablet (Like ipad or thrive, etc) you can read these via the kindle app. You can read them on your laptop or computer as well. Or check them out of your local library if you like the description.

No affiliation, just an avid reader and collector of free books! LOL!

And speaking of free books, if you didn't read today's earlier post, there is a give-away for Nancy Zieman's "Sewing A to Z", you just got to leave a comment on THAT post...below this one! Drawing on Thursday, don't miss out!


  1. You're batting just about a thousand, Bonnie

    Thanks for yet another Free Book.
    Have downloaded it
    and will have it in my NookColor library.

    pages & pages of hugs,

  2. Thanks for the book alert Bonnie! It looks like another great one! :)

  3. Got it, now to find the time to read it!!!

  4. The book sounds like a fun read, and I found it was still free so downloaded it. As a retired teacher I am sure I will enjoy the teacher touch.

  5. Thanks for trip down memory lane. One of my first books was also Mary Ellen's. I have several of Nancy Zeimen's books in my library and would love to add this new one to my resource center.

  6. I saw this one earlier today and was debating about it. You helped me make up my mind. Thanks. : )

  7. Thanks Bonnie for the link to the book. I am filling up my library nicely. Got it this morning as a free one. Good luck to your son on his new adventure.
    The Nancy Zeimen book Sewing from A t0 Z would also be a great one to have in my library. Thanks Again, Betty


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