Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Retail Therapy, Day 1!!

Two Days in Minnesota MID-WEEK with favorite female relatives? NO PROBLEM!! We have this agenda for when we get together….

Wednesdays are perfect for hitting every 2nd hand store and consignment shop in town, and Thursdays are reserved for yard-sale-marathons!

I am so worn out from shopping shopping shopping and bargain hunting and laughing! But we are headed out in the morning early for the yard sales, so I am recapping the thrift shop hopping before I head to bed!

What was on my “HOT LIST?!?” Why darling, don’t you know that EVERY woman needs a little black dress for a cruise?! See this little number in the pic above? I have no idea what this would have cost me had I bought it “at the mall” ----but this little must-have is ADORABLE on, and I got it for a whopping $15.00 bucks! Cha-ching! ((Yes, I know the top of my head is missing, but it was the dress that is the focus of this pic! LOL!))

We were at Savers in Bloomington…each of us pushing our carts around and searching for treasure….Mom has a purse fetish! She won’t admit it, she will justify it every time WHY she needs another purse…and we just laugh and nod and smile and let her indulge her every purse-whim!

mn2011 036

I was wandering around, not sure where to start digging, just looking --- when I came upon this wall of Barbies in plastic bags…..

mn2011 032

CREEPY!! But Barbies hanging UPSIDE DOWN in plastic bags is even creepier than Barbies hanging right side UP in plastic bags….

mn2011 033

And trolls in plastic bags?! SACRILEDGE!!!! ((Speaking of which..umm…Lorraine? I’ve been watching the mail every day for that package and it hasn’t shown up yet..and I’m so anxious for it to get to me, just wanted you to know!))

Growing up I used to envy and play with Auntie Joy’s trolls extensively! Joy is only 5 years older than me, and I literally worshipped her as I was growing up….Still do!

After a bit more shopping, we were joined by another partner in crime --- My Mom & Aunt’s COUSIN --- Janine!

mn2011 039

She’s another wild and crazy thrifter, and I was so tickled to see her! She shopped with us a bit and then spent time helping me pick out things to take on the cruise. Her fashion sense is fabulous --- She really helped me a lot!

mn2011 038

This little number? Cute on the hanger, terrible on me……it stayed behind!

mn2011 037

These two tshirts? They were the same style and I loved them both, but the orange one did NOTHING for my complexion and my hair color…but the purple one looks great with my eyes ((Thanks for saying so, Janine!)) And it was definitely a keeper! I’ll just have to save the orange color for use in QUILTS, not to WEAR!

mn2011 041

Here are the three lovely ladies after a lunch at Applebees! From Left to Right, Mom, her sister Joy, and Cousin Janine! I loved spending the day with these ladies!

Tomorrow it will be up and at it for the yard sale adventure of the year. I’m sure we will find some great bargains! If so, I’ll also be on the lookout for an extra duffel bag to haul all my treasures home in ;c)

Time for some beauty sleep..((These gals wore me out today!))

Sleep Sweet, Everyone!


  1. What fun! The Goodwill and thrift stores in general are known as "Mom's Favorite Store" in my family. Going to the big Goodwill store in Seattle with $1 to spend was a really big treat when I was a kid. You looked like you were all having such a good time :D

  2. What a wonderful day out with family. Glad to see you all had a great time. Can't wait to see what you find tomorrow.

  3. Yippee! Thrift stores!! My favorite kind of shopping--and to share it with fun family members--what a treat!
    Good luck at the yard sales--that is my second favorite kind of shopping! (You often find better bargains at yard sales, but you have to spend so much good shopping time driving from one sale to another!)

  4. the barbies are creepy in the bags! they look like mine after the grandchildren leave. Why to kids insist on undressing them??? So glad you're having fun!!

  5. What fun! I can't wait to see what you find tomorrow (today) at garage sales!

  6. boy was i way off on the destination! wish we had a savers here in maine, they're great...and the black dress? tres chic!

  7. Anonymous8:25 AM EDT

    I absolutely LOVE tag, garage and yard sales ... the problem is that I come home with tons of stuff and then have to have one of my own! Flatlander (Linda)

  8. It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time with your family doing what you all love. A perfect day!

  9. Ann near Cedar Rapids8:36 AM EDT

    I love thrift shops too.....did you go to Turn Style stores? I go there when I visit my cousin in Bloomington. Have been to Savers, too!

  10. Too fun! Gosh, you look like your mom especially that great smile. Glad y'all got the day together!

  11. Pure FUN.......enjoy every minute :0)

    Safe travels and Happy sewing

  12. You all look so happy and like you are having such a good time! You look just like your mommy!

  13. You are having the best of times. That looks like a great thrift shop. I got lots of bargains myself this week. A pair of white sandals, blouse, etc.

  14. What a wonderful and happy "worn out" feeling - spending time doing what you want and loving the people you are with. Good for Bonnie - she is taking care of herself. Judy C

  15. I'm so proud of you...I didn't see any shirts to chop for quilts in that basket...good girl :-) I love the little black dress, it will be just perfect for your cruise. Have fun at the yard sales!

  16. The only thing better than quilting with friends is shopping with friends (or family).
    Hope you have as much fun at thye yard sales.

  17. When I look at your calendar I don't see much time for you to play. Looks like you are having a great time here and the company makes play time sooo much better. Also looks like your Mom put her face on you. You look just like her.

  18. I heard that you recently adopted a baby troll. Difinitely need a little black dress (wink)! Sandi

  19. You and your Mom look so much alike. You are both beautiful. I just started shoping at the thrift stores for shirts to cut up. You've made me a believer. Hugs

  20. is that dress for the cruise?? and how DID you know that I LOVE Trolls??? LOVE Them????

  21. Love hearing how much you enjoy spending time with your mom, aunt and cousin. I would fit right in with your family-I love thrifting and yard sales!

    Gail :)

  22. What wonderful family time! Thank you for sharing your Mom, aunt and cousin special time with us.

  23. Anonymous9:14 AM EDT

    You sure look like your mom!@


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