Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Evening at Uncle Steve’s!

Uncle Steve is the 3rd child in a family of 4 kids. As the only boy in a family with 3 girls…he learned to be the TOUGH one! My mom is the eldest, then Auntie Gail, Then Uncle Steve, and then came Auntie Joy.

My earliest memories of Uncle Steve where of him pinning down my Auntie Joy and just pounding her. You know how big brothers can be? He would pin her down and terrorize her. Not hurt her really, but…big brothers can be SUCH a pain!

Well, he’s turned out to be quite the guy and he and his lovely wife Kathryn both work in the nursing field.

They have a lovely home, and just like my mom and Auntie Joy, have a yard and garden to die for!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner on the deck outdoors, and because Uncle Steve’s birthday is in August…he got a bit of a surprise when we all sang! It’s not until later in the month, but hey, we were all together so why not?

mn2011 083

Of course there is lots of fencing to keep the wild rabbits and the deer out of the veggies! That night a lot of our dinner was garden raised! Tomatoes, cucumbers, a few different kinds of squash, beans, pea pods…YUMMY! There are also fruit trees that look like they are going to bear a good harvest this year. I t was a wonderful evening for wanding through the garden.

mn2011 086

This is the view from farther away, up by the house.

mn2011 084

Uncle Steve, Aunt Joy, and behind Joy is a friend named Mark. Uncle Steve loves showing everyone how things are coming along!

He also has a “new” hobby ---raising rabbits! This is a new addition from when I was there last year for Grandpa’s funeral. It was just in the talking stages then, but as of now…things are multiplying ---- just like…well….RABBITS!

mn2011 076

There is a brand new litter of babies, only 2 weeks old. And we all wanted to see them of course..and Steve gives us a lecture on being quiet, not scaring the rabbits, we don’t want the mama to go berserk and kill her babies, as has happened in the past.

See that radio hanging from the ceiling a bit to the left of Steve’s head? It’s playing CLASSICAL! :cD It was very soothing in there.

mn2011 082

The Mama Doe wasn’t quite sure what we were doing, but we talked in whispers and mostly listened to what Steve was telling us. After all, he is the expert, don’tcha know!

mn2011 079

Little baby bunny nose! 2 weeks old! Just look at that cute pinkness! :cD

mn2011 081

It’s little sibling had to peep on over to see what all the fuss was about, and who were these strangers occupying the space beyond the cage wall! Aren’t they cute?

mn2011 074

Other colors around the yard: Aren’t these vibrant?! WOW…electric almost!

mn2011 091

This bird bath by the front walk way was so pretty too…just look at those happy flowers!

mn2011 089

The yard is one giant bouquet of color! Can you imagine these colors together in a quilt? I can!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steve! Thanks so much for the warm welcome, the terrific hospitality, the yummy meal --- There is nothing more precious than family!


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM EDT

    What a lovely garden sadly I am horticulturally challenged so have had to give up as the murder rate at my place was awful I now have an enviromentally symapathetic garden..basically if it lives without water or human intervention it stays!!!
    "keep me signed in box unchecked"
    Glad its not just me

  2. How beautiful, right next to walking on the beach, visiting gardens is one of my favorite pastimes. It is so interesting to see how other gardeners combine plants, cultivate food and take such pride in it all. I've never met a nurse that did not garden also :0).

    Happy sewing

  3. Beautiful yard and flowers. Love a meal fresh from the garden.
    But the baby bunnies win the prize!! Can you hear our collective "Aaaahhhhh!"?

  4. I love the flowers and even the veggies. I do not have a green thumb.I have killed more house plants than I care to remember.

  5. Those bunnies are sooooo cute...I just want to pet them!

  6. Loved the garden shots,and those yellow flowers have inspired me to use Cheddar and green in my next little project. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful family event.

  7. Be sure and check out the hexagon quilt on this blog.


  8. Your Uncles home and garden are really lovely.
    Does he sell his rabbits then?


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