Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caravaning Quilters!

I love the lengths that quilters will go to do what they want to do wherever they want to do it! Travel 500 miles to take a workshop? Completely sane if you can get 3 or 4 other quilty friends to join you on your adventure and do it in a MOTORHOME!

Our first workshop day was a busy one. We gathered and set up for or Bricks the Barnyard workshop on Friday….has been been almost a week ago already?! And I was so tickled that so many had gathered from so far away!

One quilter, Linda, came all the way from MISSOURI! No, it wasn’t just for the workshop days, she had friends or family in Fairbanks I believe, and she just arranged her trip to visit them so it would coincide with our dates in Delta Junction. Quick Thinking! I love this kind of determination!

What was even more fun was the fact that as Linda drove her way IN to Delta Junction….she wound up following a huge motor home…

And she knew right there that she was headed the right direction! Look what was in the back window!

Alaska_Aug2011 171

LOL!!! When I saw this I about died laughing! ((And I admit it, it was fun for DH to see it too!))

The posse in the motorhome? They had come all the way from the Kenai Peninsula and beyond. Something like over 500 miles away, driving 9 hours one way through the wilds of Alaska to come spend the weekend with us! Talk about dedicated quilters!

Alaska_Aug2011 172

A cheesy pose, somewhat in the shade….on the ONE afternoon we actually got blue sky---and we were INSIDE SEWING!! But do you see that beautiful blue? Awesome!

Alaska_Aug2011 187

It was a lot of fun seeing what people brought to sew with! Christy had her beautiful kelly green featherweight humming away…what a beauty!

This time we also ran things a bit different. Since people came from so far away, we did the lecture and trunkshow at lunch time, instead of having everyone come back in the evening again. It worked out really well! We had more people from the guild who weren’t taking the workshop come and join us, and we had a good crowd.

It was also the first time that DH had actually sat through one of my lectures and saw just what it is that I do when I am on the road. He is very reserved with how he expresses himself, but I think he realizes just what it is that I do, and how important it is to me and how much really goes into it. I don’t think he actually saw this as a “job” before! Come to think of it, I don’t actually think of it as a “job” either --- I love it so much I can’t imagine doing anything else, but I think he GETS IT better now :c) He also knows that no matter where I travel, I am in good hands! Quilters are awesome people, he knows you will take good care of me!

My time this week has been spent sending off next year’s articles to Quiltmaker ((Oh, do we have some fun scrappy blocks in store for next year!)) and working on the projects that need to go in the next book. Deadlines loom! I’m sewing like a fiend this week…..

Because NEXT WEEK! TADA!!!! It’s our Caribbean Cruise adventure! Lori is flying into Orlando. I’m going to go down to Columbia SC the night before she arrives and stay the night with Jason and Kim and love on my Grandkitties a bit. I’ll also stop in and see how Jeff is doing……and then in the morning I’ll head down to Orlando, pick up Lori, and head to Port Canaveral! I CAN NOT WAIT!!

We were talking the other day of things we want to do….and I told her, you know….I’d like to spend some beach time, and some reading time, and some relax time. Let’s play it by ear! Shore excursions with 200 people are just feeling kind of crowdy to me right now. I’d love to walk and walk and walk the islands. I’d love to find good food, fun shopping, maybe bike ride…but mostly, relax!

And when we are at sea…WE SEW!!!!!!


  1. Hoe wonderful that DH finally got to see you in action. I love the sign on the motor home. What a hoot!
    Oh, your plan for the shore time of the cruise sounds delightful! I will be thinking of you and Lori enjoying some R&R--and all of the fun times sewing on the cruise as well. I should be jealous, but actually I am just happy for you. How fun!!

  2. Correction: Check spelling before publishing--that was "How wonderful..."!

  3. When we had a caravan I always took my sewing machine with me, I have quilted in various parts of France, Holland and Belgium and various places in the UK. I had a hand crank machine for sites where there was no power.

  4. Quilters rock!

    As for the cruise, can't wait to meet you in person! We will all have a blast, I'm sure! :o)

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  6. Have you seen the newest ruler? Bloc Loc. I've got a purchase coming. Love the sign in the trailor and the green featherweight. Did you have your colorful featherweight with you? Have a wonderful cruise. Noticed the new Favicon. I'm glad your DH had a glimpse into what drives you! He is so much like my DH. Sandi

  7. I love the variation that each quilter creates. I can see your design element and their spin is just amazingly beautiful!! That must make you so proud!
    I love it that your DH "get's it" now. It is pretty cool for them to see us in action, so to speak, and see what we do in real life. Maybe we should do the same for them.
    Keep up the good work, Bonnie. I just love following your travels!

  8. Anytime anyone wants to head out in a motor home, I am jumping on the band wagon! What a perfect way to go...Contact me anytime! Bonnie, Paducah, Keepsake Quilting, Houston, a few days learning and absorbing and I am so energized!

  9. Relaxing, reading, taking walks - quiet times are super.

  10. Well I for one would definitely travel the world to see you and doing it in a motor home is the ultimate in style! Very cool - I love it!
    Now that you've converted your DH, would you work on mine? He needs some serious quilt therapy!!
    Enjoy the cruise, I am sure it will be amazing!

  11. Love the sign on the back of the RV! Glad Dave got to see you in action...

  12. Sounds and looks like Alaska was a fun place to visit.
    Wish I was the lucky one to be your assistant on the Cruise. I'm a little jealous of Lori. But I'm sure she will be a great help to you.
    Will be reading your blog to see all the fun you have at sea. Happy quilting,sailing, and relaxing.

  13. I just subscribed to Quiltmaker so that I won't miss a thing!

  14. Maybe you need to organize and lead a walking/hiking session for each port call! I'm sure you would have several followers!


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