Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heads Up, August Cruisers!

Our Cruise is in ONE WEEK! Whooowhooooo!

I've heard from some that they can't seem to find the info on downloading our cruise pattern. It's linked on the same page as the class supply list you received earlier.

If you have NOT found where on the Sew Many Places website to find our cruise information please email me and I will direct you where to go!

Please remember that you need to print your pattern and bring it with you. I know it adds more to your luggage, but please imagine MY luggage with all the kits AND all this printed paper ;c) We can help each other if you will print it and tuck it in your luggage.

If you are a cruiser, and have a BLOG…I was asked earlier if we could get the links to each other so that we could get to know a bit about who’s who before we arrive on ship! So if you have a blog, please send me your blog address so we can connect to each other.

And it would be GREATLY helpful to me if you have a guild nametag…and wear it during class so that I know who YOU are! It would be fun to see the variety of name tags that you bring.

Do you have any other questions? I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Just look at this itinerary!


Where is my sunscreen!??

Today DH and I are heading down to Columbia SC to visit our boys! Jeff has discovered that living with room mates is a whole DIFFERENT deal than living at home. This first room mate he found was NOT a good choice. He was living with his friend, his girlfriend, and their 2 year old daughter. And they have dogs. Jeff was just renting an extra bedroom from them, but found that not only did he not have peace and quiet for sleep after working a double shift, everyone else was eating the food that he bought!

Their dogs weren’t well behaved and the house smelled like dog pee! Surprised smile

He realized that he shouldn’t be responsible for HALF the electric bill when there were 3 adults and a child living there. The girlfriend does NOTHING. The place is always a mess ---It was just not a good situation.

So he’s found a new place, a new roomie from work and we are going down to help fill him up with groceries again. The things parents do! ((And Gladly! This is a great experience for him.))

We’ll stay with Jason and Kim, I’ll love on the grandkitties a bit, and we will drive back home tomorrow. I’d love to go to Harbison state forest for a morning hike! I’ll see if I can twist someone’s arm to go with me….

Car projects?! Oh yes. I’ve got a couple bindings to do….and there are the never ending hexagons, but I think these bindings are going to take precedence!

Happy Weekend, Y’all!


  1. Oh that ship is a beauty!! Woo-Hoo! One week to go!

  2. Glad that your son got out of a bad living situation and how good of you to go and restock his pantry!

    Have fun on your cruise! Sounds like a great get-away!

  3. I've not been on the Harbison trail in years. Since we live in Cayce with the Riverwalk so close we always walk there and I post about it often on my blog http://lifeforus.blogspot.com/2011/08/walk-to-calm-myself.html
    Enjoy your time with the boys and I hope you have "smooth sailing" for the cruise.

  4. Sounds like Jeff got a lot of life lessons crammed into one situation.
    Hope you have TOO MUCH FUN on the cruise!

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM EDT

    Bonnie, great suspense for the non sailors, I am sure most of your readers would love to be on that ship. Have a great trip. Enjoy the visits with your sons how many grandchildren do you have?~~ Dorothea

  6. At least your son is learning and moving forward. Have a great visit with your kids this weekend!
    Hope that the weather stays nice for your cruise week. Happy sailing!

  7. I'm soooo excited I might pee myself! LOL! Here's my blog website...


    Can't wait to meet everyone -- onboard and online!

  8. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want! Good to hear he is still out in the big world. Have fun on your trip!

  9. You ladies are going to have the best time!
    I am hoping we still get to hear what's happening aboard your cruise even if we don't get to come along.

    And let's hope Suzy doesn't pee herself :0)
    I did have a good laugh about that comment though.

    These "real life" experiences are an important art of growing up......he's getting there Mom!

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  10. Nassua is really great! Have fun!

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    I'm also one of your "cruisers". My blog can be found at http://charmedcreations.blogspot.com/

    Hubby and I will be arriving in Orlando Friday night as sewmanyplaces told us they'd reserved a block of rooms at the Country Inn & Suites for Friday night with a "meet and greet" and included a shuttle to the ship on Saturday.

    Can't wait to meet everyone!

    Ottawa, ON Canada


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