Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Seen Around Town….

I’m catching up on things…always seem to be chasing the elusive chore that remains undone, but I’m always catching up! Do you feel that way? Is it ever conquered?

Like this morning….I reached the point where I could not stand the inside of the fridge anymore. Not that it was bad, but something drove me into checking expiration dates on all the dressing bottles and other items that have been in there untouched for a while. Do you clean your fridge on a regular basis, or just as it needs it? Or is “behind closed doors” safe enough to put it off a while longer?

It seems like I don’t even SEE that there are sticky things in there until I see it all at once…it creeps up on me and BAM!! It becomes a clean out the fridge day! Or --- Maybe clean out the fridge happens because I am avoiding something else that needs doing, and cleaning out the fridge seems like a legitimate excuse to put the OTHER thing off…hmmm….

Maybe that OTHER thing is the need to wash windows too? Disappointed smile

I was going through my Alaska pictures, trying to put things in order, and it seems like I am down to a bunch of random stuff, how do I post that and make it flow? I have no clue! So we’ll start at the top!

We DROVE through North Pole, AK!! And serious, there is Christmas stuff there all year round. See that sign at the beginning of the post?! We had to drive around to find it…it’s on a bit of a busy corner, but I made DH stop and let me out so I could run across the street and shoot it. With the camera. But since everyone is allowed to carry a gun in Alaska, I’m sure that there has been shooting of the other kind too!

We even found Santa Claus Lane!

Alaska_Aug2011 116

We kept on driving through North Pole, and wound our way down to Delta Junction:

Alaska_Aug2011 196

Are you getting tired of seeing pics of me posing with signs? I never know how to pose – Do I stand here like a soldier, or do something silly like point at the sign? Well, let’s just stand here. Okay. I’m sure by this time DH was tired of taking my picture at “landmarks” but he was a good sport about it!

Alaska_Aug2011 125

Here we have me with the world’s largest mosquitoes! Serious—Even in 50 degree weather the mozzies are HUGE and BITING! I love that yellow sign to the right that shows the buffalo butting heads with a tractor…LOL!

Alaska_Aug2011 126

How about the monument marking the END of the Alaska Highway!? Dave loves to watch Ice Road Truckers, and he was thrilled to be on some of the same roads…..some how it is NOT the same if it is August, but I couldn’t convince him of that!

Alaska_Aug2011 130

Now THIS PLACE is a Delta Junction ICON! This is the Buffalo Burger Drive In! Best burgers anywhere, and they will come right out to your car to take your order. Remember back in the “olden days” when drive in food was served on those little trays that clip over your car window? They STILL have those! It was so good, we ate burgers here twice…and came back one other time just for the ice cream. All the meat and dairy is local. They close up in the winter months.

I was told there are quilters from all over who will wait for the drive in to re-open in the spring/summer before they hit the quilt shop! They will call first! “Is the drive in open yet?” And then plan their shop hops around it!

Alaska_Aug2011 128

This was just SUCH a wonderful place! I feel like I’ve made life long friends in Delta Junction and I hope it won’t be long before I can come back!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing as many of us will never get to Alaska!

  2. Love the photos and it is nice to see you in the photo. I hate cleaning the refrig, but company is coming so it has to get done. I am having a crazy week because I have lots of "to do's" and it's not quilting. I have a quilting class today for beginners.

  3. Love your commentaries - did you get any pictures of your hubby? Visiting Alaska is on my bucket list. Glad to see progress on the hexagon's, what size are you doing and how do you cut your fabric (squares or hexagon shape)? Should send you photo's on my hexagon wip.

  4. I love the mosquitos! Our community needs some of those--we are known locally as 'skeeterville'. Since we have wetlands on our border, the mosquitos thrive here.
    It is great to see your smiling face by the landmarks, whether being silly or soldierish!

  5. Great pictures Bonnie. Loved the mosquitoes. Living in Florida we certainly have our share, although we don't grow them quite that big :-)

  6. I WANT that buffalo sign!!!!!! And I think I killed a mosquito that big on my side porch last night - or at least the bite felt like he was that big LOL! Loved the pictures - thanks for sharing. I know you have a million other things to do (like clean out the fridge :}) but really glad you took the time to post your pics!

  7. I love you in front of the signs......how else would we know where you are? And you've shown us places many of us will never get to visit.
    I'm looking for some quilters here in Chile.

    Welcome home, oh I try to do things on a regular basis but they get away from me and I would think with your irregular schedule its impossible. but like clutter, I can take it for a while then I have to declutter everything, including the fridge, closets and front porch :0). I'm like a whirlwind when the spirit strikes me other wise I just don't see it :0)
    Happy Sewing

  8. Great photos Bonnie. I'd like to go to Alaska, too. I love the sign with the buffalo and the tractor.

  9. Love, Love, Love your adventure in Alaska pictures, it brings back fond memories. We were there in the late 80's and always say that we want to return. The thing that sticks in my mind was the size of the flowers, not only are they vivid colors but huge compared to what grows in the lower 48.

  10. There is ALWAYS house cleaning to do, but to do that I would have to give up sewing time.....so there is ALWAYS house cleaning to do. The fridge, well I am like you, I might know it needs a little cleaning out either the shelf wiped down, or too many bowls that needs to be checked, but then all of a sudden, like you said, BAM, it hits me, and it needs to be 100% done RIGHT THEN!!! Everything in it comes out, and only some of it goes back in. Seems I am like that with a lot of things around here, not just the fridge. There are somedays everything hits me at the same time, and I go on a massive cleanign spree, sometimes for 12 hours at a time, wiping every surface, washing every niknak, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, you name it, even the windows. That day is right around the corner, I feel it coming on. God help anyone that gets in my way that day!

  11. Speaking strickly for myself I NEVER get tired of pictures of you. I am not a stalker but I do have lots of your pictures in their very own special folder.
    I mailed your "hunk" of fabric today.
    The skeeters in Maine are so big they cast a shadow! But the two you posed with are kinda sweet.
    And the fridge mess is probably man-made. No offense to your DH or DS. I only deal with one DH here. He likes honey...and he drips all kinds of food. 'nough said!
    XOXOXO Subee

  12. My step son lives in North Pole Alaska!!!

  13. My dad lived in Alaska and one visit to the lower 48 he brought us a mug with a picture of the States Bird.... wait for it...........

    It was the mosquito! Hmmm from what I understand the only way you know that Spring has come... is when they see the first mosquito's fly by!

  14. We were in Alaska 6 years ago and loved every minute of it. We saw and went to every place you have posted. It is bringing back alot of good memories. We went on a 7 day land tour and a 7 day cruise. Did you get to go out and see the whales? If not next time do that. Great pictures.

  15. Great pictures. Of course we need you in them. I am like Ann Marie, I know something is close to needing big cxleaning and then all of a sudden it hits the tipping point and I am cleaning like a fury.


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