Friday, August 19, 2011

Take A Hike!!

As much as I love to hermit myself down in my basement studio, embracing my creative space—honestly, If there was a bathroom and a kitchen down here, I’d probably never leave—I also love to be out and about exploring this beautiful world.

I was just thinking this morning of all the places my feet have walked just in the past year. Coast to Coast, North to South, All over the Midwest, to Germany and back, to Alaska….We will add several islands to that in just about a week’s time.

Let’s face it – Quilting, no matter how much we love it—is a “Sedentary Sport”. If we want to keep our bodies healthy and happy we have to move more than just from the sewing machine to the ironing board.

Put on your shoes, go outside for a walk…even a short one! Listen to the birds, enjoy the flowers, the green ((Which will be gone in the next couple of months if you are in the northern hemisphere)) feel the breeze, wave at your neighbors. MOVE THAT BODY!

It’s something I learned in anatomy classes in massage therapy school. Bones that are put under pressure or stress ((As in exercise)) have the ability to remodel themselves constantly and are built stronger. Bones that sit idle become candidates for refeeding the body – things like calcium and other nutrients are pulled back out of the bones if you are not using them to be used elsewhere. It’s a use it or lose it situation, folks!

Same with muscle tissue…if you are not using your muscles, they will diminish as nutrients are used elsewhere in your body to keep it going.

We got out as often as we could while we were in Alaska to do some walking and hiking, and we found friends who were willing to take us to some of their favorite places!

Alaska_Aug2011 164

While in Delta Junction, our time at the B&B included evening walks….that easily went as late as 10pm because it was still light enough up there! Lonnie took me and her dog Lucy around her area --- even through some back woods. I got curious when she was whistling and making strange noises, and in one word she told me why. BEARS! Thar’s Bears in them thar woods! I started whistling too….that got my heart racing more! The picture at the beginning of this post is from one of our late evening walks near Lonnie’s.

Alaska_Aug2011 131

Christy, Mike and their son ((And their dog!)) took us out to Quartz Lake….look at those clouds reflected in the water, isn’t it gorgeous? We had a dry spot in between the rain bursts and we wanted to make good use of it.

Alaska_Aug2011 133

I’m not a pro hiker in Alaska I guess…I don’t have a walking stick! Christy and I lagged behind and chatted while the "older" guys followed our young tour guide.

Alaska_Aug2011 134

Look! Wild raspberries!! The wild ones grow kinda small, but they are sure YUMMY! Needless to say, NONE of them made it home but were all instantly consumed.

Alaska_Aug2011 135

See em?? I love the colors in this photo!

Alaska_Aug2011 139

We had a great time watching the dog play fetch in the water! Many of our past dogs have been water dogs. Sadie does NOT like the water, and I just don’t get it ---but THIS dog does! We couldn’t keep him OUT of the water!

Alaska_Aug2011 142

More lake view higher up.

Alaska_Aug2011 145

I so love the wildflowers! I know that summer is really heading toward autumn now, and I am almost sad to see the flowers go. Yes, we’ll have autumn splendor and the leaves will turn…but then…oh, I’ll long for spring when the flowers return!

Alaska_Aug2011 150

Come on, Boy! It’s time to go back! Seriously…he’ll keep fetching as long as you keep throwing! I guess I understand that desire—I’ll keep quilting as long as life keeps throwing scraps at me to do so :c)

Alaska_Aug2011 149

Little outhouse in the woods behind the cabin we saw….Little bit rustic for me! LOL!

Alaska_Aug2011 146

Timber cabin! I love how the vegetation grows on the top. I don’t know the reason for this…in a place with snow, do you want a flat roof? Evidently this one has held up well!

Alaska_Aug2011 151

Wild mountain strawberries! These are TEENY and would take a ton of them to do anything with…but they were sweet and tasty too!

Alaska_Aug2011 153

It didn’t take long for the storm clouds to roll back in…don’t they look heavy and ominous?

Thanks, Mike & Christy, for spending the afternoon with us and taking us to this memorable place!


  1. You have inspired me to go find a nice hike this morning! I also know how sedentary quilting is, and how hard it is to pull myself away from the machine once I get sewing. But, moving my body just feels so good, and I know that it is good for me!

    Thanks for reminding us to get up and get moving!

  2. I always try to fit in exercise and I'm amazed at how many quilters believe they are getting enough exercise going from the iron to the sewing machine!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  4. You are so correct - we need to move our bones. I can get very comfy in my chair. News advertise you can live 3 years longer if you walk at least 15 minutes each day.

  5. I walk the beach every evening. It's two miles round trip and sometimes I add another mile. I too feel summer waning, and will soon have to leave my little cottage and return to the reality of full time work, less sewing time and less family around. My sister leaves next week. Her needlepoint lessons are going very well. I will leave after Labor Day. While I can come back down for occasional weekends, the focus changes to winterizing the garden, closing up, and other chores. I am storing up memories to get me through till next year!!!

  6. It was our pleasure. One of the biggest treats of living here is playing "tour guide" to visitors. It always gives us residents a fresh appreciation of where we live. Anytime you make it back here Sonny the wonder pup is ready to retrieve!

  7. I love the photos. I took a hike yesterday and will be posting later today. What I like about your pictures is they are so serene. Hugs

  8. Beautiful photos--love the lake! I usually walk 5 mornings a week (thanks to the challenge from Randy--I used to only do 4). But Fall allergy season has hit and I am confined for the time being to the treadmill. Not as fun, but I actually feel like I get a better workout. However, I would much rather be out in nature!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing. I couldn't agree with you more.

  10. Just got back from an almost-6 mile walk when I read your post! It was a beautiful day so I figured why bother getting someone to drive me to pick up my car from repairs when I can just walk? So I did. Gorgeous day, AND I beat Google's estimates for how long it would take me. Win-win situation all around!

  11. Thanks for the reminder to keep moving. As a quilter and Type 2 diabetic, I know I need to exercise regularly, but I find it very hard.


  12. Thank you for the beautiful photos, and especially for the reminder to get out & move!
    It's so important.

  13. I so agree with your fitness comments. I'm out for a run every morning, then head to the YMCA for weight work. Then the day is mine and I can sit on my butt all day if I so desire - which isn't very often . . .


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