Monday, August 01, 2011

Sunday Sew Day!

Yesterday, about mid-morning, I got a call from Miss Lisa, telling me she was taking me up on my offer of a sit n sew day at my house!

She asked "Can I bring anything?" And it’s a good thing she did because with the trip to Alaska only a week away, we’ve been trying to eat EVERYTHING perishable from the fridge so that nothing will sit for 8 days while we are gone.

Why Old Mother Hubbard, your cupboard sure looks BARE!

Well, bare except for the watermelon we’ve been trying to eat, over the past few days! Amazing how much food STAYS in the fridge when there are no ravenous sons here to eat it! 2 people vs a watermelon sure takes a while--But I love summer watermelon. :c)

The dear girl showed up with cold beverages, a treat from Dewey’s local bakery, and bless her heart..M&Ms! We were set to go!

I’ve been really cranking on the machine piecing time, and other than the “sitting at the doc” time we had a couple days previous, I really hadn’t had much “feet up for slow stitchin” time. I think I needed a day away from the machine.

We found a couple of good movies on Netflix and set about to working --- me attaching the opposite side border to the hexagon medallion, and Lisa to working on her applique leaves!

hexagonmedallion 001

This might not look like much, but I also cleared out a whole TON of smallish neutral scraps by cutting them into hexagons for the neutral border areas. I’m going to need a gazillion of neutral ones, I know…so ….by my close guestimate, this is only about a quarter-gazillion. :cD

And then the thunder boomers started! There is nothing like watching a creepy movie with thunder and lightning going off ON the TV and surround sound from outside!

We opted to order in Pizza for dinner….and let DH help us pick a movie we could all watch in the living room upstairs.


Supposedly “Changing Lanes” came out in 2002, but I’d never heard of it before, and let me tell you, it was a GOOD ONE! Much intrigue, interesting situations, mind games, and life lessons to be learned. I highly recommend it, and your men folk will like it too because it isn’t girly-fluffy. And you will like it because….well…who doesn’t like to look at Ben Affleck? :cD

Pizza and movies and couches with built in recliners and feet up stitching and a big booming thunderstorm. I love Sundays like this! I’m so glad Lisa and Shelby could come join us in our lazy day---

So what did I get done?!

hexagonmedallion 006

Little bit grainy, it’s a night time picture in the kitchen, and dark outside…BUT…do you notice that TWO sides are now squared off?! YAY!!

hexagonmedallion 003

Sadie Jane was helping me do the happy dance of joy! Okay…..maybe she was watching ME doing the happy dance of joy, and wondering what the heck it was all about…hmmmm!

Several have asked how big this quilt is going to be, and until I got this side squared off, I didn’t have an answer to tell you, but I can at this point! It measures 78” from side to side. And that’s as much as I’ll know until I can fill in the BIG sections to square the top and the bottom.

It’s back to the machine for me for now…..that is….until tomorrow….when I’ve got a special post to reveal! I’m going somewhere tomorrow!! And those of you who know, don’t you dare spill the beans. We are going to play…WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BONNIE!!

Stay tuned! I’m off to pack my bags!


  1. The hexies are looking good.

  2. I know! I know! But I'm not tellin'!

    Thanks for having me and Shelby over yesterday. It was nice to have my feet up at your house!

    Happy Trails and be safe!

  3. On pins and needles.......... =^..^=

  4. Oh, to have my hexie project to that stage! Yours looks wonderful--and I am certainly curious about tomorrow.

  5. The hexie quilt is looking great! That is a LOT of progress you've made! Wow!

  6. I love your hexie quilt! What pattern is this from, or is it one you're creating :) Thanks for inspiring!

  7. YAY!!! I'm so happy for your hexie progress - I've been wondering about it, so your post is well timed, too.
    now... I have to ask - was that hexie quilt all planned in advance? It's totally beautiful!

    glad you had some 'feet up' time too!

    ...and I'm making your shepherd's pie recipe for supper tonight!

  8. Happy dancing here for your hexie quilt. It is fantastic.

  9. Amazing work here.
    Oh and I don't know if you've thought about it but how are you going to get the hexie quilted? Just curious if you've thought that far.

  10. Your hex's look great squared off - well done! I like the sound of a sit and sew day.

  11. What a fun day that must have been!! I love your hexie quilt and little Sadie Jane, too!

  12. This quilt is absolutely stunning. I know it is a prize winner. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  13. How do you back a hexie quilt?

  14. I'm loving that hexie quilt. I found more vintage quilts with 'cheddar' in them at a museum last weekend. Gonna post them soon. Have fun on your trip. Wish I had a laptop, then I wouldn't be so far behind on my blogs.


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