Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember that Sun Room?

It’s been at a standstill for a while….we’ve been traveling and busy, but it is coming along!

And I feel almost guilty that I have really not done much of the work on this one. I didn’t even lift a paint brush ---

It all seemed to miraculously paint itself! No---I take that back. It happened one weekend when Lisa was over and we were working hard in the basement, and DH was working hard upstairs.

I remembered hearing shuffling, pounding, shuffling, sliding-- a strange sequence of noises….and the next thing I knew?

I was upstairs and the walls were painted and the carpet was gone!

house 025

Boy..was THIS a huge improvement!

And last night…low and behold ((or should that be LOWES and BEHOLD?!?)) We had light! And a ceiling fan!

house 026

The other evening we made a trip to Lowes to find the fan. Who knew that finding the right fan would be so hard! It just needed to be a FAN, you know? But we settled on this one because even though I like the pendant style lights, the one dish kind…they just don’t down shoot as much light as these ones with 3 bulbs in 3 shades do.

house 027

This is the doorway heading into the dining room….all that remains now is FLOORING!!!

stringfling 035

I wandered through the flooring department….what will it be? Laminate? If so, I want to put the same laminate in the dining room as well as the kitchen, the 3 rooms connect to each other and I’d like some kind of “flow” there. Try explaining to a man why we don’t necessarily want each room to have different flooring when the rooms are small!!

And then I see THIS display!

HEXAGONS!!Rolling on the floor laughing

Okay, I know the hexagons are samples only, but think with me here….what fun could we have if the base was velcro, and we could rearrange hexagon carpet tiles to make our floor whatever pattern we want it to be that day? LOL!!

Well, a Quilty Girl CAN dream, can’t she??

And I’m still watching updates on Hurricane Irene. She’s gonna be dancing in my kitchen! But I haven’t heard anything on any cruise changes yet. Things are still on schedule as far as I know.

I’m declaring today a Girly Day! I’ve been working so hard in the basement, it’s time to break loose! On today’s list:

Lunch with Lisa! Meeting up at Sew Original in Winston Salem at Noon-ish!

Pedicure! ((Necessary cruise attire, don’tcha know?!))

Eyebrows Waxed! ((Well, okay, and can you please remove that one long curly hair that keeps growing out of the mole on my neck? What is WITH that?!?))

Last minute shopping --- I swear, I was trying to pack light. DO I need a new swimsuit? Why did I put off really shopping and thinking about it until I have one day left before my journey starts?

I might throw a carwash in there too…can’t have Lori seeing Shamu all in a mess. But then, if it rains, what does it matter? ((I’m thinking a vacuum job inside might be enough!))

And then, maybe then….I’ll sew!


  1. I would've taken a picture of the hexagons, too, Bonnie! Looking good, enjoy the room.

  2. So were you able to get past the hexagons and actually choose a floor covering? Then maybe the room elves will finish while you cruise?
    Good luck fitting in all of your "to do" list. I am tired just thinking about it--but then I am on allergy meds right now, so I am just tired, period!

  3. how great would it be to come home to a finished room?
    have you see those carpet tiles you can buy, you could have hexagons if you wanted them :)
    Have fun being pampered andthen on your cruise, enjoy your time with Lori too, what fun going a cruise with a friend and quilters!

  4. I have that one curly hair too, except the mole is hidden underneath my chin so the hair looks really strange peeking out around my chin line up to my face if I don't get it waxed off .

  5. Bonnie, thanks for the upbeat start to my day.

  6. Love those "maybes"....Your room looks awesome! Would be a nice second sewing room..I am assuming that you have the one in the basement all laid out the way you like it..

  7. Funny, you looking at hexagon flooring. I bought a box of crackers the other day that were hexagons! Sat and made designs before I ate them. I guess our minds think quilting no matter what we do.

  8. You have me looking for geometric designs in everything!

    Kathy has me thinking: Shirley Temple ... Animal Crackers in My Soup ... fast forward: hexies in my soup!

    I quilt because it is geometry. I do not know diddly squat about color. I am now doing mini ... to see how small I can piece.

    Dear Dr ... Please up my meds!

  9. Your sunroom looks great. I love new paint. I went with hardwood for my new studio. Contractor says it will be done Tuesday, so pictures will go up them.

    Think the hurricane is going to swing around Florida and be gone by the time you get there. We are heading to Savannah this weekend and hoping it will be further North by the time we get there.

  10. I hope the weather cooperates for your cruise. Never had to deal with a hurricane other than heavy rain once it blows up into the north central part of Texas. I wouldn't want to be in a tornado either. I've been near tornadoes, surrounded by torandoes, etc. but not IN one. My office in downtown Fort Worth was damaged several years ago and we had to work out of the Dallas office for 3 months. Now that was a bummer! I hate driving in Dallas.

  11. Bonnie, I had two of those "hairy moles" right on my chin! Had them removed. Took care of having to tweeze every little while. Besides, there was no way I wanted to go down in history as "Grammy with the hairy moles." lol Have a fantastic cruise!

  12. Have a wonderful time!

    Happy Sewing :0)

  13. Have a fantastic time! Safe travels.


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