Sunday, August 07, 2011

Minnesota Early Mornings

Yes I know, It’s Sunday, and we are on our way to Alaska today! But I need to distribute some posts, just in case we can’t find wifi while out in the AK Wilds! I don’t want to leave you too long without any postings of any kind..when that happens, my inbox fills up with all kinds of “Where are you!?”emails!

Our flight gets into Anchorage about midnight Anchorage time…which is 5am North Carolina Time! It’s going to be a long long travel day….and we’ll sleep until we wake up because we have ZERO places to be or plans on Monday other than to get caught up on sleep and do some exploring.

Then we are heading down toward Seward where DH’s cousin lives and spending a day there. We plan to work our way through scenic areas and fabulous places and wind up near Delta Junction sometime on Wednesday evening. And that’s as far as we’ve planned! We figure the locals will have some ideas for us on things we should see and do.

DH already has plans to GOLF while I am teaching on Friday and Saturday. Knock your socks off, honey, I want you to be happy…..I know we will be! We’ll be up to our ears in a Bricks in the Barnyard workshop and a Love Shack workshop! And there is a lecture on Friday night. I understand a whole group of ladies are coming all the way from Anchorage for the workshop…that’s a 5.5 hour drive ONE WAY! I’m tickled that they want to come.

And here is where the rest of my Minnesota post comes in, just to give you a glimpse of where I’ve been!

I’ve always been an early morning girl. I love that time of the day, and I will even set my alarm while on vacation just to force encourage myself to get up and make the most of it.

There is a wonderful greenbelt area near where my Aunt and Uncle live --- Three rivers trail. And it is just BEAUTIFUL in the summer! This was my early morning Wednesday Walk/Jog:

mn2011 007

This sign cracks me up! Do you see that last line, DH!?? NO GOLFING!! But even funnier is the picture in the center….I understand about cleaning up after a dog, but who scoots along behind the dog trying to catch it on the fly in a plastic bag?! It’s not like the dog is a nerf gun or something! LOL! Maybe poop-catching is a new sport? If you catch it before it hits the ground, do you get extra points? :cD

mn2011 010

The morning light coming through the trees was just iridescent! I don’t suppose you can smell it from the picture, but I bet you can imagine how fresh and clean and beautiful it was to the senses. I had my ipod on shuffle, and my gps running…..I went out 3 miles, and turned around and came back 3 miles.

mn2011 009

One part of the trail revealed a small waterfall at the end of part of the creek. Beautiful!

mn2011 012

There are great maps to show you where you are, and these trails go for miles and miles. One thing I saw a lot of that I don’t near home are people in LONG LONG ski-type roller blades…doing an inline cross country skiing type sport.


I was passed by many people of all ages going like crazy on these long nordic inline skates, using their poles as if they were cross country skiing. It looked like fun!

mn2011 016

I love the wild flowers. I can’t stop taking pictures of them! These little daisy things with the curly petals were so pretty…

mn2011 014

And the yellow daisies with brown centerse….LOVE those. Summer is so beautiful in Minnesota!

mn2011 017

There are sweet little curved bridges that cross the streams and creeks….I saw lots of bunnies hopping around in the early morning light too.

mn2011 092

Upon recommendation from my cousins, Andrew and Bethany, I hit the trail on Friday morning early, and went LEFT instead of RIGHT and discovered new-to-me trails! There are paved trails that go all the way around Rice Lake and Fish Lake. Just take it from me, if you go…do NOT forget the bug spray! I was eaten alive by the time I got back!

mn2011 093

THIS picture is my favorite of all! Doesn’t it look like the clouds are ON the water?? The water was so still that it perfectly mirrored the sky above. Time of the morning? About 6:30am.

mn2011 094

I loved the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and the water sparkled just beyond. Friday was only a 5 mile morning, but we had packing to do and get to the airport to catch our flights! There is something so special in communicating with nature so early in the morning. I can hardly wait to experience the same feeling in Alaska….


  1. You have us spoiled, you are the most dedicated blogger! When some others go weeks without posting, I lose interest. Thank you for sharing your adventures, quilting and life with us! Will be looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about your trip to Alaska. Wishing you safe travels and no delays!

  2. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing. In our area of western NY the kids use the on line cross country skiing to keep in shape for competition in the winter month. Have a great time in AK!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed your postings about the Minn. trip. How sweet they have been! The pic of the lake with the clouds reflected in it made me sit and go, "Wow." LOL I envy you getting to see that in person. Have a great time in Alaska...

  4. The daisy like flowers with the curved petals are bee balm. Enjoy Alaska, can't wait to see those pics.

  5. I have never been an early morning girl and now I feel like I am missing something :0).

    Safe travels and Happy Sewing,
    I thought this trip was all vacation....but no your are working too. Have fun spreading "Bonnie" quilting joy to our northern quilting sisters.
    Your love of quilting is so infectious!

  6. Love the pictures. Reminded me of my recent trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Have a great time in Alaska. Hugs

  7. Just gorgeous. Thank you for allowing to live vicariously through your blog. "Oh The Places You Go"!

  8. We found Wi-Fi all over AK last year.....even on the Matanuska Glacier! AK girls are serious quilters. Have fun and enjoy. Too bad you won't be in Anchorage for the Saturday Market..so awesome.

  9. Oh you post some of the most glorious pics for us that are not early risers. I can't wait to see what you post about Alaska!

  10. Bonnie...I hope you enjoy Alaska. It's a place I've always wanted to go...at least I'll enjoy your pictures!

  11. In MN, people ski year round! Actually, what you saw were people keeping fit for a cross country skiing style we call "skate skiing." In the summer, they go out with wheels on the skis. Those of us who do "classical" cross country skiing just loaf around all summer and wait for the snow to fall. :)

  12. Have a wondeful time in alaska. PLEASE find the time to get to Denali National Park. The most amazing place on the planet. I am from Australia and thought we had the world beat for amazing until I went to Denali.
    Happy travels

  13. Anonymous7:29 PM EDT

    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! Have a safe and fun trip.

  14. Anonymous7:30 PM EDT

    forgot to leave my name, Bonnie. It was Jessica in Denver, last post.

  15. That looks like where I would love to be right now. Miss going for walks but have to wait till it cools down.


  16. looks beautiful there, i loved your airport photos, i thought i was the only one to have a few tears watching others cry !

  17. Such beautiful scenery - love those clouds, but then I am quite partial to clouds... ;-)

  18. Anonymous12:29 PM EDT

    LOL, I think they are talking about frizbee golf. Very popular out west in the state parks.

  19. Love your "new sport"..... glad I have a larger/taller dog.... don't think I would get any points at all if I had like a tiny miniature something or other! LoL...
    Have a wonderful time...


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