Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Double Delight, Part 2!

Double Delight!

~A Quiltville Mystery Quilt~

©Bonnie K Hunter 2008
Part 2!

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If there is unit 1-A, there mustbe unit 1-B, right???

Yes, more square in a square units! But come ON! You are getting SO GOOD with them by now! And you will be amazed how the different shadings of these play in the quilt. I swear to you, this is the LAST of them you will have to do!

For the 1-B Units you will need:

Cutting Directions:
From the cheddar gold cut 120 2-5/8" squares.
From the brown cut 480 2.5" half square triangles with the easy angle.
*note* As in the previous units, if you are NOT using the easy angle (Why are you still NOT?!?:cD) you can cut 240 2 7/8" squares, and cut them in half diagonally to yield 480 half square triangles.

I am using ONE Cheddar/gold and ONE brown in this quilt, but you can scrappy it up if you want to. You can arrange your browns in sets of 4 as with the indigos in the previous unit, with every group of 4 using a different brown or a different indigo,or you can go completely scrappy with each triangle being different around each center square.

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Pamelyn said...

I am working on this part. Finally got an easy angle ruler and figured out how to use it. You were right - it's a great tool to have! Cutting the 480 1/2-square triangles was a breeze!