Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Quilter At Work!

What can one quilter do on the first day back at work after a weekend of bum ankle elevation?

Sit and cut!

And sort and press and cut some more.

And listen to podcasts.

My big outing was taking the mail I filled on Sunday to the USPS about 3/4 mile up from the inn.

No handicap placard, but I got the next spot over and hobbled my way to the door, handed it over, grabbed the empty tub and hobbled back.

It's amazing how much effort and time that can take when one is used to sprinting to and fro!

I cut out several more sets of Fish School block sets, so I'll be all ready for more piecing through the winter time.  

All of my fish fins and tails are coming from short 2'' strips.  I'm combing through my strip stash to free all of the short ones where I couldn't get much more than 3 triangle pairs cut - it's a great way to let them go, and to free up some space in my strip stash.

Several "This will never go with anything EVER!" strips are also being cut up, just to prove that yes - it can be used somewhere.

The bodies are simply coming from my overflowing bin of 2'' squares.

Two small stacks at the side of my machine - ready to use.

I couldn't agree more, Mary!

Here are some of Mary's trial layouts:

They look so great!

Oh, now this is fun!

Ooooh! I like where this is going!

Have you been playing with your Fish School blocks? It's never too late to join in. We are working on these in between the lines of chain piecing other things all the way up to July 2022.

Come on in, the water's fine!

This is also NEARLY ready!

Yes, when I wasn't pressing and cutting yesterday, I was at my big desk.

September Sky PDF pattern release date is TOMORROW 9/15/21!
Yes there will be a gift-away!
Yes there will be fabric rolls from CottonToQuilts.com
Yes it will be a ton of fun!
And yes there will be introductory discounts with no coupon required!⁣

It's also going to be a BUNDLE of fun as I am releasing Spider & the Fly at the same time and there will be even greater savings if you purchase the pattern bundle. 👏👏👏
Get your fabric pulls ready and be watching for tomorrow's post!

I have also marked my Appalachian Autumn PDF pattern at 25% off through September!

No coupon code required!

The sale price will remain through September 30th, and revert to full on October 1st, 2021.  Don't miss out!

It's time to start in on the fall projects - to pull out those oranges, golds and browns and dig in to some comfort sewing with the upcoming change of seasons!

This just may be my favorite "small" fall quilt ever!

Evening stitching time with ankle on ice.

It's been too hot this summer to want to snuggle under this quilt to finish the hand quilting - but already I'm feeling the need to be hand stitching in the evening.

There are two large corner sections and one smaller side section along with the border in those areas to finish.

Is this the winter that it finally gets DONE?!  We can hope!

This image is for those of you who don't know how to remove something from your cart in the Quiltville Store.

This may be easier to see on a real computer rather than your mobile device, but simply look for the X above the item price in the shopping cart.

Click the X.

The item will simply disappear like magic.

That is all. 

Happy un-shopping!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Do you think the maker of this 1920s quilt thought "Oh! Crap!" when they found those same three rectangles touching each other in this delightful scrap quilt?  

It made me smile for sure!

I live by the Serenity Prayer. 

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

And sometimes the courage to let things go.



  1. Know what it means to hobble around (bad knee). Give yourself plenty pf time and take it easy. Hope the ankle recovers fast. It is frustrating. Thank you for the fish pattern. It is so much fun.

  2. I am having a great time with the fish school leader-ender! Thanks for all the fun and inspiration!

  3. heal quickly but take time to let it heal. I am still walking slow from broken ankle end of May. Just want it over with but must do slow and still do exercises to strength it. It still swells and gets stiff. but going to try longarming today for the first time mine is not computerizes so I need to do it.

  4. I was in a hurry, but wanted to read your blog today, and when I clicked on it, the sentence in the middle of my screen was, "The bodies are simply coming from my overflowing bin of 2'' squares." I thought, "Bodies? What? Sounds like a horror movie!" Ha ha, had to go back and see you meant fish bodies.
    Have a great day, thanks for all you do for us, and hope your ankle is all better soon!

  5. at 80 w/disabled plates and placard, i know your pain... besides the pain, it's exhausting to do those steps!!! sigh, you'll be healing soon and able to regain your previous energy, just taker easy! I'm going to work on kitting up some fish, so I'll be prepared to get to L/E, i've been missing that step and frustrated when L/E becomes a whole project!!! FINALLY, Appalachian Autumn is oging to quilter... i so love this little quilt, got side-tracked last fall, ?? Mystery Quilt?? Always, take care, thanks for all you do to enhance the world with fabric! Hugs, Cats in cooling a bit, Carlsbad CA

  6. True random means sometimes like things are next to each other. It is a mathematical certainty I learned from Numb3rs.

  7. Bonnie- I am hoping your ankle is on the mend, fast. But, in the mean time, take it easy, take your time, and let it heal. I really love that third Fish lay out, and the white spaces. Thanks for sharing it! Thank You for the Leader/Ender project!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is sunny and rainy, and cloudy at times!

  8. I didn't even notice the 3 rectangles touching until I looked for them. That's the joy of scrap quilts.

  9. I just finished the leaders and enders from last year. I'm thinking about using them on point for a border around a panel. Haven't really seriously looked at it yet. Right now I'm making a quick baby quilt for my DIL to gift to a friend.

  10. Ankles are the worst!! It takes so long for your life to get back to normal. Praying for a speedy recovery for you.
    I love all the fish layouts, but the 3rd I went “Ooooooh”.
    Take care

  11. Had to look really hard to see those 3 together! LOL!

  12. I agree. Layout three looks so complicated to me but it's only 4 fish talking to each other! Thanks and I hope you're feeling better every day!


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