Wednesday, September 22, 2021

When Mornings Turn Foggy -

There is a saying in these parts - that if you count the number of foggy mornings starting around the end of August - all the way until winter, you'll have the number of snow days that are coming in the winter months ahead.

I took this photo of our foggy mountain morning yesterday on my way from the cabin where we live, to the QPO studio.

As you can see, our mountains were shrouded in low hanging clouds and fog.

It was an all-day-rain.  The kind that doesn't pound hard, but just comes in a steady fall, giving everything in the surrounding fields and farms a much needed soaking.

And yes, there is color happening!

I always look for this tree - it is glorious when it reaches peak - there is still quite a bit of green in its leaves yet, but you can bet I'll be keeping my eye on it.

And these guys kept an eye on ME! LOL!

With mail order out and emails taken care of - I finally got around to laying out my 25 patch blocks with their sashings.

In the back of my mind I knew that it was somewhat futile - There was no way to get it all sewn together yesterday, which is going to leave Lola many block surfing opportunities - 

But I kept on.

Assembly is happening in the bottom left corner -

But I didn't get near enough done before it was time to go.

I dread what I am going to find this morning when I go back in!

I really like on-point settings.  They are MAGIC to the quilt in many instances.

But I have to be honest with myself - this would have been easier if I went with a plain sashing instead of a pieced one.  It's BUSY.

But aren't "all" of my quilts busy?  I like busy!  Why am I second guessing myself now?

Too late.  I'm continuing.

This was also finished last night in anticipation of the Bonus Quiltvillians arriving today for retreat at Quiltville Inn!

Why BONUS?  Because I had a free week since I am not in Poland.  And we were able to find 12 folks from my Quiltville's Open Studio group on Facebook who want to come with very little notice. Bring it on!

I took this photo last evening as we were leaving - it was nearly dark, so the solar lights were on.  I love the pattern these ones make on the ground.  We have them going up the front walk as well - so pretty.

But that's not the main event in this photo....it's the GRAVEL you see up against the bottom step.

Every time it rained, mud would splash back up on to the white risers of the stairs and it always looked dirty.  Gutters helped, but not enough.

We now have a gravel bed to protect the steps and provide drainage.

And we got the call this morning that the new stove/oven is on its way for the great kitchen stove swap out.  Talk about "in the nick of time!"

I decorated for fall while the gravel was going down outside!

Santa Fe String Star from String Fling is now hanging in the front foyer!

So many fun favorite scraps in here!

And Appalachian Autumn is on the entry table!

Currently my Appalachian Autumn digital pattern is 25% off in the Quiltville Store. through September 30th - no coupon needed.⁣

Are you following the #fallquiltparade on Instagram? 

There is a photo prompt each day this week.  Monday was "Favorite quilt made by you." I shared Appalachian Autumn, above. I really do love this quilt! So happy that it is time to have it out in plain view again as part of our Quiltville Inn autumn decor.

Yesterday's photo prompt was Favorite Fall Quilt Block.  Well, I couldn't ALSO post Appalachian Autumn, so I revisited these.  Click to Play:

String piecing is one of my absolute favorite quilt techniques ever.  If I can string it, it will be strung! LOL! ⁣

Did you catch the glimpse of Sadie?  Oh, I miss that girl!

You can find these adorable string pieced pumpkins in both my Punkin Patch quilt from my book String Frenzy  (on sale!), or in a cute little Punkin Patch Runner  - also on sale in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.

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Okay I think that covers it! It still looks rainy out, so I doubt I'll be documenting and photographing any more quilts for family - I have heard back from almost everyone I contacted.  I am excited about their choices, and am getting things washed fresh and dried up fluffy behind the scenes.

I think I'll head over to the QPO and see just what damage Lola managed to do to the 25-patch on the floor.  *deep breath*

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes just getting our minds to shut down is the hardest part. 

No matter what the mind says, the heart knows best. 

String Log Cabin quilt from my collection, made in 2006 .

I loved making this - I think I should do another! LOL!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!



  1. The pictures of fall coming to your area make me hopeful. The time when quilters get cozy. I think the 25 patch blocks look great. The sashing fits. They look like you. Bonnie Style. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I like it.

  2. I appreciate your blog Bonnie. I am in a season of life that doesn't lend much time for sewing/quilting and so to read what others are doing helps tremendously! You are appreciated! Keep up the great work!

  3. Oh I’m so happy that the switch to google bookmark worked to read blog! Thx again fir your help!
    You and hubster are always busy with some upgrade - well done!

  4. loved the peek at sadie. hey, maybe lola 'surfed' so well that a new design has been born. i know the feeling well. hugs, patti in florida

  5. I worked for many, many, years on the front counter at McDonalds. Across the parking lot from my register were 3 maple trees (I forget the variety now) but I loved to watch them change throughout the year from bare branches in winter, fuzzy green in early spring, full canopy in summer. The best show was as you say in the fall, as the color slowly crept through the branches with beautiful reds, maroons, and golds. Then they began to fall to make a thick carpet on the pavement until the weekly visit from the landscaper.

  6. So looking forward to having my own place again so I can decorate with my quilts and other things that mean a lot to me. Love your entryway. Thanks so much for all you do and the encouragement. Ratchell in TN, 2 weeks I’ll be in AR.

  7. Those foggy mountains remind me of the time I lived in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Loved this time of year!

  8. I want to be adopted, lol. Your family is so lucky to get a Bonnie original. Better in person always, blowing in the breeze even better. I thought I saw Sadie yesterday. Tender memories of a faithful not- forgotten furbaby. Hope Lola didn't make too much of a tangle with your blocks. Rainy day calls for webbing a quilt.Glad the stove is delivered 👌.

  9. The steps look lovely, welcoming, & inviting.

  10. Log Cabin quilts are one of my favorite patterns. Let's do another one....I have the pumpkin quilt top done but I just need to quilt it....Love seeing the quilts you post. The gravel under the bottom step looks great and I love the pattern the lights give off. Porch looks so good with the fresh paint. Beautiful.

  11. Bonnie, I recently purchased your Rivanna & BitCoin quilt patterns. THEN my computer decided to crash and I lost everything, including years of quilt patterns and photos, etc... I was wondering if I could get these patterns again. Thanks for all you do. Jan

    1. You will need to email me your information as I don't have a last name or an email address. This kind of thing should better be taken care of by email.

  12. I just love, love your Santa Fe Star, yes, I have the book, and yes, I need a little more gravel to help keep me from getting a full soaker in that one spot at the edge of the concrete driveway. Bonnie, most peaceful memory was watching morning sunrise in East TN, sitting on the porch in the fog, loving your pictures, and especially Sadie.

  13. Oh, I love seeing the photos from your area~ and looking forward to seeing Fall come into play. We don't get much of one here in South Central Texas!! You must be missing Sadie, as you have been talking about her a lot lately! I do that too when I miss my two previous pooches. Glad to see you are decorating in full glory, and I too like the pattern from the light! Putting together quilts is also a favorite activity of mine on a rainy day! :)

  14. Bonnie, Love, love, love the photos. The foggy morning is just beautiful. I can feel the peace. Your string star is amazing. I need to get in gear and make one. I just love it. Thank you for all you do and for all the gorgeous inspiration.

  15. My response to the picture showing Sadie was "Oh sweet girl" out loud. You have treasured memories of her I am sure.

  16. I was not expecting to see Sadie. I actually cried thinking about that sweet girl who loved you so much.

  17. In honor of the postponed trip to Poland which I was planning to take with you, I made some recipes from my Polish cookbooks. Hope we make it next year.

  18. I live in Kentucky and we count the number of fogs in August to determine our snow, but I think we get much less snow than you do in the mountains. I think we counted 4 fogs in August this year.


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