Monday, September 27, 2021

Quilting Through the Weekend!

Saturday was Caturday around here - and Lola stole the show, as you can tell! LOL!!

A mob of Bonus Quiltvillians came over to the QPO Studio next door to Quiltville Inn just to heap praises on her and give her scritches, scratches, and treats.

I think Lola has the best deal going over here! LOL!

Sit pretty for the camera, Lola!

That's a good girl!

We fought the breeze for quilts over the rail photos!

Many beautiful quilts that I don't know the name, designer or origins - but that big bold star is definitely a Victoria Findlay Wolfe design!  Outstanding!

Diamond Tile quilt top in progress - pattern from my Addicted to Scraps column in the May/June 2018 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine -

Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders. and a fun Grassy Creek variation featuring a circus panel in the center.

Followed by a cute cute cute grandson quilt featuring bright fabrics and a dragon print.

Close up of circus panel.  CUTE!

Love the bold piecing and fall colors in the first one - unsure name.  But it's followed by Appalachian AutumnGrassy Creek  (with red ribbon attached! Congrats!) Pine Tree Point and Punkin Patch from my book String Frenzy,

Two Punkin Patch tops side-by-side!

It was a wonderful array of quilts over the rail on Saturday afternoon!

We finished up Saturday with fire pit time - though most everyone was too full from a wonderful dinner to want s'mores.  A few of us caved for just roasted marshmallows only, and everyone agreed that if we are going to continue to do this into the fall months we need seat heaters.  LOL!

Bright and sunny on the back porch yesterday morning as folks began to pack it all up.

For those wondering how to become a Quiltvillian - all of these gals are from my Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook.

Rebecca (front row, denim shirt) is our Quiltvillian Retreat Coordinator - the Hostess with the Mostest. 

Yes, you must be on Facebook to join the retreats from Open Studio. 

Join our Quiltville’s Open Studio group.  In the files section of the main group page is a file to add yourself to the Onesies list.  You must add yourself to this list.

To keep all of the retreat chatter off of the main Open Studio group, all Onesies list folks need to join Rebecca's Sew Ready group. 

You must be a member of Open Studio, on the Onesies List and have joined Sew Ready to be added to an existing retreat group should an opening become available.

This is the best way for singles to be added to a group to attend a Quiltvillian retreat.

And yes, it is this awesome!

And just because we can't leave Zoey out!

She loves to perch on this ottoman that is up against the stairwell wall.

It's not usually this stacked with quilts, but you know I'm still doing the quilt sorting thing - 

She decided enough was enough and she was claiming her space back, quilt pile or not.  

Such a character!

So here we are at Monday - and there is so much to do, where do I start?

Laundry.  Of course, laundry.  And getting things back in order.

The Shippenstitchers are arriving on Wednesday from Shippensburg, PA!

There are projects to dig into, quilts to photograph so I can send them out - and it looks like a gorgeous week ahead.

September Sky  Spider & The Fly, the September Sky Pattern Bundle, and Appalachian Autumn  are still on sale at 25% off through 9/30/21.

And the PDF pattern for my Punkin Patch Runner is HALF-PRICE at only $5.00 through 10/31/21.

No Coupon Needed!

September isn't over yet!

Head back to last Friday's Post to enter our September '21 Quilty Box Gift-Away featuring Botanica fabrics by Kasey Free and Paintbrush Studios!

Drawing to happen this coming Thursday 9/30/21.

Okay, Monday - let's make this happen!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 25 patch quilt in cotton and wool found in North Carolina.

Now isn't this the truth?!
Have a terrific Monday, friends!



  1. Love the quilts over the rails. It is like a mini quilt show. Lola and Zoey antics are always fun. Have a good day.

  2. Yes, I sometimes have way too many events and excitement all at once. retirement isn't all fun and games with DH. We gotta play the glad game. Trying to get my stitches in between his projects. The Quilt documenting you are doing is very inspiring. I need to do that too.

  3. Such a great picture of Zoey!

  4. I *love* the Diamond Tile block pattern. Working on hospice quilts now, but Diamond Tile is a definite "to do" on my list.

  5. Zoey is ready for the lead in the canine production of Princess and the Pea. :-)

  6. Sunny & breezy Monday morning. Cooking down tomatoes & working on the second apple pie. Hope to get some time on the Sunbonnet Sue blocks of my mothers.

  7. Loved the iris quilt! How beautiful! I was thinking about your quote for the day and decided I need to reassess my Monday’s. That is my busiest day, and it makes me dread the week starting over. Maybe I need to spread things out, but I feel like if I pile a lot on Monday, whatever doesn’t get done can be moved to another lighter day. Any thoughts on this? Does anybody else work this way?

  8. Always so fun to see quilts hanging there <3 Congratulations !!!

  9. And there is our Michelle in the group!! I'll bet you had a wonderful time!! Hugs, from Candy B

  10. I'm looking forward to hearing about the Shippenstitchers. Shippensburg, PA is near my old stompin' grounds of New Cumberland/Harrisburg/Carlisle. Plus I've visited a certain shop there...which may be where they got their name. I wonder...


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