Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Machine Quilting with Patrick Lose!

Something FUN was quilted up over the weekend!

And to tell you the truth I have been quite star struck with the quilting of this one -

I don't know how long you've been quilting, but it started for me back in the early 80s.  My fabric designer stars were (and still are!) Jinny Beyer, Virginia Robertson, and most of all - Patrick Lose!

I can't tell you how many yards of Patrick's Moda Marbles that I have gone through in my quilting life.  I KNOW I have fabric in my stash that he designed eons ago and it still goes right into my quilts today because his fabrics are that blendable - and TIMELESS.

What does that have to do with quilting this quilt?

I'm SURE there are some Patrick Lose fabrics in here!

But more than that - Did you know that Patrick is forever reaching and expanding and is sharing his amazing creativity in a NEW direction, designing digital edge-to-edge quilting designs for computerized long arm machines?

Check it out HERE!

Running in Circles by Patrick Lose!

This is the back side of my 25-Patch (as of yet really unnamed) quilt.  There was "ALMOST" enough of the yellow/orange tonal fabric to use as the back - ALMOST!

So what did I do to extend it?

Hit up the florals bin for some pansy/daisy that needed a home.

That's about 8 yards gone in this back!  YAY!

And Patrick's Running in Circles is the perfect compliment to this extra scrappy quilt.

I know I was talking sour green - (see the green in the block center, top of the photo?) but the piece I was thinking of didn't have enough yardage.  I didn't want a scrappy binding.

So as all quilters have a right to do - I switched gears.  How about a yellow wavy stripe with a sprinkling of aqua dots?  Yup!

I couldn't wait to get the binding on so I could show Patrick just how nice his design looks on my quilt!

(And yes, I'm still star struck that I was actually having text conversations with Patrick Lose!)

Thanks, Patrick!  I can't wait to make MORE quilts that can use some of your other designs.  

Please keep designing!

In other quilty news:

My Aunt Joy received her quilt!

I remember being 7 years old when she was 12, and she made me call her AUNT in front of all of her friends. Lol!

Love you, Joy!

Hourglass medallion from the Free Patterns Tab.  Do you remember when we did this as our Leader & Ender challenge for that year?

Did you finish yours?

September Sky  Spider & The Fly, the September Sky Pattern Bundle, and Appalachian Autumn  are still on sale at 25% off through 9/30/21.

And the PDF pattern for my Punkin Patch Runner is HALF-PRICE at only $5.00 through 10/31/21.

No Coupon Needed!

September isn't over yet -

But it is running out SOON!

Head back to last Friday's Post to enter our September '21 Quilty Box Gift-Away featuring Botanica fabrics by Kasey Free and Paintbrush Studios!

Drawing to happen this coming Thursday 9/30/21.

Today - Susan is here to clean Quiltville Inn today and tomorrow, because tomorrow late afternoon the Shippenstitchers are arriving!

My 25-Patch is ready to have the binding hand sewn down in the evenings - I think today will be for working on the last of the Cabin Corners blocks.

How about you?  What does your Tuesday look like?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

My Blue Heaven quilt also from the Free Patterns Tab . I'm positive that there are Patrick Lose fabrics in here too!

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do! 🤗

Happy Tuesday, folks!



  1. I used a lot of Moda in my Mysteries. Moda Swirls are my favorite blender. That yellow wavy stripe is perfect!

  2. Love the yellow stripe binding!!

  3. Great binding :0) do you still stitch yours down by hand? This quilt is a #1 winner :0) Happy Sewing!

  4. The binding is such a pretty fabric. The quilt is lovely and the quilting design too.

  5. I know your aunt Joy's feelings I was 12 when my 1st nephew was born. I bragged at school about my change of status in the family. The girls were impressed. Such fun having real babies to play with. Her quilt is gorgeous 😍

  6. I had the fun of hanging out with Patrick Lose at the Iowa State Fair and took a class from him. Because he is originally from Iowa he pays it back by being at the State Fair and bring lots of great fabric with him! Such a gentleman and all around good guy who is amazingly gifted. Guess we both belong to his fan club, Bonnie :)
    Susan in Iowa

  7. Patrick Lose was one of the first fabric designers I learned to look for. Yes, many, many yards of Marbles. His red and yellow gold are perfect for Kansas City Chiefs quilts! It is great that he is doing digital patterns. I will have to try one. Thanks for the link.

  8. I've had too much self doubt lately! Thanks for your reminder to trust myself!!!😊

  9. I tell my husband that if I ever win the lottery, I will buy a full bolt of each color of Moda Marbles.

  10. Fall and Winter at once in Alaska! 25 degrees today and I get to go home to Kasilof today. Car troubles after putting Lil SIS back on plane to Idaho, but it is fixes this ,morning. There was about 6 inches of snow in the mountains coming up last Friday. I will be more than happy to get home.

    I love the yellow stripe w/ sprinkling of Agua for the binding of your quilt. Take care, Have fun w/ new Quiltvillian guests!

    Kasilof, AK

  11. When I saw the 25 patch quilt on my Google feed, I thought it looked so much like one you would make. Low and behold, it was when I went back and looked at the byline. Love love the quilt for Aunt Joy. My aunt Bev and I were also 5 years apart. I was maid of honor at her wedding: I wore a blue velvet dress.

  12. I'm a huge Patrick Lose fan, too! That yellow strip for the binding is A-mazing! Wish I had some of that in my stash!

  13. I love the Hourglass Medallion' inspiration for sure on a leader ender project. I really miss my long arm. It's in storage along with a lot of stash and scraps. I've finished two quilt tops since our move to moms in June (we are caregivers). I brought kits I put together before the move but don't have the scraps I normally do they are in storage too.
    I'm tackling hand quilting on a finished quilt and using your method of Baptist Fans. It's needing some work but by the time it's completed I should have the hang of it. It's an important quilt. Dads scraps on one side moms on the other. Used you method to debone the shirts and your method of string piecing. Wish I had someone to show it to. Love your new quilt, another scrap buster for sure.
    I use your methods of quilting daily. Thank you for all you do for us.

  14. I have some of your binding fabric in my stash! It was a Moda fabric from long ago....

  15. Such a fun quilting design, Bonnie! Yes. I, too, love Patrick's Moda Marbles fabric!

  16. I am in Quilter Heaven, Lancaster County, PA. How many quilt shops can you explore in 2 days? A LOT!

  17. Bonnie, I love your scrap quilts! I made my first quilt when I was 28, and quilted it by hand. I loved every minute of it, as my son was playing under it while I was quilting it!😁. I had to take a huge break from any sewing for about 25 years due to my daughter being autistic, and my son being ADHD. My daughter was a mama's girl, and my son was a handful!! I was so tired to do much of anything by the time they went to bed.
    Will you have a leader/ender quilt in 2022?

  18. I remember I first saw Moda Marbles at the Quilt Festival in Houston many years ago. I thought they were the most marvelous fabric! I have bought yards and yards of it, too. At least a couple of bolts of the black! Patrick Lose is an amazing designer.

  19. Bonnie, is your quilt machine computerized? It doesn't look like it is why I am asking. Paula in KY

  20. We were gifted a lot of fabric for our Quilts for Kids group from a member that passed and I grabbed all the Patrick Lose marbles I could find....love them


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