Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Quilting, Friendships & More!

 This was our Monday evening group photo - 

We had already waved Jane off as her hubby swung by and whisked her off to the wilds of Wytheville to spend a few days at the family farm.

She was here for the hanging of the quilts over the porch rail, though - and what an array of gorgeousness it was!

The September Quiltvillians in the Labor Day evening sunshine!

At the far left is Melody's Straits of Mackinac from String Frenzy in progress! Amongst the other quilts by other designers is Sharon's Tulip Time also completed on retreat this week!

Many of the other quilts and designers were commented on in Yesterday's Post. Visit that post for more info.

Barbara finished her Punkin Patch quilt top from String Fling!  Pumpkin season is upon us - have you been working on yours?

There were several "3 yard quilts" finishes and many Kira tops as well!  the others I'm not sure of - so as always, if you know, check the comments section to see if someone has already left your answer.  If not, please let us know!

All of these are Jennifer's finishes!

We also had TWO Blue Ridge Beauty quilts from Adventures with Leaders & Enders! In two different sizes - all from recycled men's shirts!

Barbara is using the shirt backs to piece a scrappy upcycled backing for her top. What a fun way to back a quilt made with upcycled fabrics!

Melody and Barbara with their Punkin Patch finishes from String Frenzy!  I love the appliqued black cat!

Group photo on Grassy Creek Road!

It's actually 3 Grassy Creeks and a Good Fortune, but we love it!

I'm sure the passersby did too!

Thanks again, September Quiltvillians!

Yesterday was another round of "Do All The Laundry" and other things that happen when retreats come to a close and the big old house is empty and quiet once again.

I was supposed to be in Poland this week - as you know, that trip has been moved out a year due to the current ongoing Covid situation. And that's fine with me.

When we go - I want it to be fun - and right now it just wouldn't be fun so why go?

That means I have a couple of weekends off until I welcome the next group arrival on September 22nd.

This is actually a perfect break because I've got some pattern releases in the works that need some serious desk time. So that's on the agenda for today.  And tomorrow.  And likely for the next several days if I'm going to have those ready by the 15th.

The ongoing saga with the oven?  The Z-Line corporation can't find a technician in our area to come fix the oven.  We only had it installed just before Easter!  So we are back in negotiations with Lowes who we purchased it from - and it looks like we may be getting a whole NEW ONE since no one can fix this one.

One of the sayings that I continually repeat to myself is "You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from."

In other words - if the oven had to go out - at least it went out when I don't have retreats booked for the next couple of weekends!  

Let's just hope that the new one can be installed and turned on by the gas company before the next group arrives.'

Oh, and there is this:

From the yard cam.

Monday evening.


So now that we are already at Wednesday - is your week feeling a bit short-sheeted?  A lot to do, but one day less to do it in?  I hear you.

What are your plans for today - let's make the most of it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

In the unforgettable words of Mary Poppins, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!” 

Carolina Chain quilt from my book Addicted to Scraps available at deep discount in the Quiltville Store.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Awesome, Bonnie, looks like lotsa fun was had by all. We have bears around here, too - yikes! . My neighbor had one tear apart her grill to get to the grease in the drip pan, yow!

  2. Not YIKES but a smile of joy! It's time for you and your hubster to sign on for bear hunting licenses. The meat is totally delicious. Make shampoo & body soaps from all the renderings. Nothing goes to waste. In fact, today is opening of the season! Can't wait for the freezer to be filled.

  3. A new stove sounds better than a fix. Glad you get some quiet time for the Needful office work. Hand Quilting is on my agenda. Old style boards and clamps. Did you ever use those?

  4. BEAR?!?! Thankfully, none of the guests were bumping around outside in the night. What a lovely bunch of quilts, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I hope Zoey never encounters that bear!

  6. Bonnie, I do like purchasing my appliances from Lowe's. I have purchased the extended warranty with Lowe's. It is priced just right. And of course, we had to use that extended warranty on a refrigerator. Tried to get it fixed. Couldn't make it happen. So Lowe's sent us a check, and said to jeep the old refrigerator. It was an ice maker issue. Was a great refrigerator to put in the garage.

  7. Shirt-sheeted just about describes it. I always think I can cram 5 days into four, but this month is a tax deadline that is fast approaching. I did take time for friends and working for myself allows that flexibility but I underestimated the 4 day impact. Oops!

  8. I'm just starting to learn how to quilt (finished my first table runner recently). These beautiful works of art inspire me! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Bonnie, I was at your retreat the end of August, part of Jessica's group, Stitch Mob. I've been to Poland. I loved it!!!


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