Thursday, September 09, 2021

Projects, More Projects and Little Bits of Sewing!

I spy Canada!

These little scraps of red and white Canadian fabrics came in the mail from a friend a couple of months back, and the smallest of the strips are finding their way into my Cabin Corners border blocks. I love having little pops of fun stuff in my scrap quilts - things that aren't visible from 6 feet away, but when you get up close and personal - things that make ma (and hopefully the other lookers) smile!

They are getting there - those little Cabin Corners blocks - 

I have a sneaking suspicion that I shared this photo earlier - but maybe it was just Instagram/Facebook?  My weekend was a blur.

I'm still feeling pretty blurry!

This little finish happened late Tuesday!

I love how a small project checks all the boxes on creativity and satisfaction with a quick completion.

I bordered my lone leftover Rocky Road to Grayson block with a 1'' finished inner blue border - fabric also received from a friend!  It felt so good to put that beautiful blue right to good use.

The cushion cover had been completed for at least a week and all I needed to do was make a pillow form for it.  It didn't take long at all.  It's now residing in bedroom 4 at the inn.

In other goings on - I ran some errands and was asked to pick up the newly sharpened lawn mower blades at the sharpening place.  My mind kicked into gear, knowing that the antique place I hadn't been to in quite a while as a short trip up the road from there.

Yes, that is me all masked up in the mirror.

The pink and brown hourglass pinwheel quilt caught my eye - all of that lovely double pink.

I also love how the diagonal line quilting changes directions in between the blocks and the sashings.  Can you see it?

It had me wondering about the maker - where she acquired her scraps. And yes, I'm assuming it is a she - thought it might not have been.

Were these scraps from skirts, dresses and blouses?  Such a pretty combo!

Though nothing came home with me - I did find this lonely early Singer 66 (the presser feet are back clampers, not side clamp - that was something that was changed in time) with the red eye decals.

It looks nearly treadle ready, though it is missing the bobbin cover.  The decals seem to be in really nice condition and I bet it wouldn't take much to get her sewing.

She just needs a cabinet and some TLC.  

However, I'm still on the downsizing side of things and at the price of $60.00 without a cabinet, it was best left there for someone else to discover and love.

Here is something else that has been going on!

Click to Play:

It looks so much better!

We've needed to do this for the past 3 years - but it was always one of those "We'll get to it" projects.

With the next couple of weekends free, we are able to tackle some of those outdoor things while the weather is till good enough to get it done.

So where has my otherwise non-sewing time been spent?

Pattern writing at my big desk!

Time to pull out all of your favorite spooky fabrics!

And throw in some fun non-Halloween prints to spice up the mix.

And that arrow border? SO MUCH FUN!

I'm hoping to release this by next week -

And there is more in store!

Since not everyone is "INTO" holiday quilts - 

I will be offering September Sky as well!

I hope to be ready with this one by the weekend as well - and YES, there will be introductory pricing.  And YES, We will be throwing them together in an even more price reduced bundle.

My only hurdle right now?  It's raining. So it's not a good photography day.  But I will do what I can do!

If you are wanting to make September Sky - start gathering your purples and neutrals - and yes, that is all one piece of black yardage as my constant throughout the quilt - do you have a piece you've been saving and want to put to good use?

Of course, you are never limited to colors in any quilt - go your own way! And have a great time sewing up the scraps.

So needless to say - that is where you'll find me today - back at my desk drawing graphics and writing patterns.

What's up for your Thursday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The most important things in life are people, not things! 

Wanderlust quilt from my book Addicted to Scraps available at deep discount in the Quiltville Store!

Have a Terrific Thursday, folks!



  1. I love your quote of the day. Where do you get them all? Have you been collecting them over the years?

  2. Oh my... 2 new amazing quilt patterns!!!
    They are great Bonnie!

  3. I'm not a fan of the spooky side of Halloween but that September Sky hits all the feels! I love that dark background and chains running through. Dave is doing all the Honey-Do's. enjoy your down time. I wish I could walk through the antique store with you... you always find a treasure.

  4. Wow! I love those new patterns, Bonnie, especially Spider & the Fly! Cabin Corners looks interesting too. Love how there'll be some bonus red boxes made on alternate corners. Thanks for all you do for us quilters!

  5. So many wonderful finishes happening. September Sky! Love it. My quilting friend and I finally finished assembly on our Punkin Patch runners, and we will put them up on The Beast for quilting when she returns next week. It will be so fun to add them to our fall decor.

  6. Love the new patterns! My Grassy Creek is back from the longarmer and just needs trimming and binding. My next few days will be spent working on Frolic. The goal is to send Frolic to the quilting spa before the color palette for the new mystery is released.

  7. I don’t do holidays, but I’ve been waiting to see what those purple blocks turned into since you first started them! Yeah!!! Will definitely be getting that one!

  8. Hi Bonnie: I love all your posts and look forward to them every day! THANK-YOU!
    Your dear Husband deserves huge, I mean HUGE! Kudos, for all he does to support your wonderful ideas and vision... He is a Gem!
    Love to both of you,
    Fran in Pickering, Ontario

  9. Love the soon to be pattern releases! They are beautiful! Thank you for your daily blog and messages of inspiration!

  10. I hope you are getting my posts. I never see them.

  11. The steps look great! My hubby brought me home a beautiful Singer 66 Red Eye (just like the one in the picture) without the cabinet but otherwise in great shape. I converted it to an electric machine and put it in a nice cabinet I had. That puppy will sew through anything!!


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