Monday, September 13, 2021

In the Land of "Feet Up!"

Photo through the window from where I sat on Sunday Morning -

Zoey and Ivy are loving the cooler morning temps and the warmth of the sun on on their fur.

As for me - trick ankle wrapped in an ice pack and elevated on pillows - there was no way I was going to attempt to get in that hammock on the deck that they are lounging beneath. 

No freaking way!

I am, however, happy to say that Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation have greatly helped the ankle situation.

I've rolled my ankle before.  I know it can sometimes take longer than even a break to heal.

I also know how determined I am.

Wheels were already turning as to whether - if I could get myself down to the basement studio that is - I could possibly prop my right ankle up on a stool, wrapped in its brace, and sew using my LEFT foot.

25-patch sashings ready!

The answer was yes!  And I'm so glad.  Because a girl can only hand quilt through so many hours.  Can nap only so much of the day away.

My video chats with son Jason had him laughing knowing my predicament of being unable to "JUST SIT STILL."

I can't help it.  I am happiest when I am puttering away at something.

There has been much TV watching.

And Zoey watching:

What a crazy girl!

And even tractor watching from the outdoor seating (with foot elevated) on the deck.

The side of the yard slopes pretty steeply down into the woods and Dave is using the tractor to bring dirt over to the edge to level it out.

We'll have to grow more grass, but at least it won't feel like the lawn mower is going to roll off the hill when he is done.  He will keep bringing over soil until that side of the yard is more level.

Yesterday I even hitched a ride with him back to the QPO where the van had been parked for 2 days because I couldn't drive it with this foot.

I was able to sit on a stool and get the mail order done - labels printed - ready to go for today.  it felt like progress.  Almost normal.

These two!

Once the outgoing orders were filled, labeled and placed in the outgoing mail tub, I found myself at a loss for what to do next.

A bit of hobbling to get me over to the big Janome where I am paper piecing Cabin Corners blocks also enabled me to put my bum foot up on a stool and to use the stop/go button on the Janome and do some paper piecing. No foot pedal required.

(Where there is a will there is a way!)

I've done a lot of TV binging since Friday.  If you are looking for something to watch, check out Crooked House (Agatha Christie!) on Netflix. I love a good who-done-it and Glenn Close is really great in this one!

Since Saturday was 9/11 we also watched WORTH on Netflix.  And yes, definitely worth it. It stars Michael Keaton.

But the most intriguing of all for me was this one while stitching at the QPO:

LuLaRich on Amazon Prime

What LulaRoe was actually selling was the dream that the retailers — who were mostly mothers — could get rich at home.

It was an interesting 4 part documentary. Great for a girlie binge.

I also spent some time on my laptop - and I want to share something that came my way  from Vicki in Australia.

She writes:

"Good evening Bonnie, I saw where you have hurt yourself and of course have got a lot of medical advice. hope you are better soon. Nothing worse than being immobile. Just finished my latest lot of quilts for the shelter. I seem to be getting slower and slower and fabric prices rising or they are here in Australia. Might just be me."

Glorious display!


As we know, Australia is doing quite the job of getting a handle on the Covid spread, but to do it the folks have faced lock down upon lock down.  

Vicki has been busy stitching up comfort quilts!

I asked her what size they were and this was her reply:

"They are 42 1/2 and 52 1/2 inch square using 4 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 inch squares . All based on 8x8 blocks and I sew them together with your web technique."

"I have free tutorials on my Vicki’s Fabric Creations blog. They’re made that size so that I can use the 45 inch width fabric in the border . Yes you certainly may share .More photos on my Bridie’s Blossoms page if you want to take them from there . You are more than welcome ."

Thank you for allowing me to share, Vicki! These quilts are perfect for sharing our love with those in need.

More feet up in bed time last night before turning out the light.

Ivy sleeps heavy and hot.  And she chirps in her sleep.  And yes, she is only happy if she is right up on you, making it impossible to roll over. Crazy girl.

This morning I am headed back to the QPO.  Mail has got to go out.  There is pattern writing to finish at my big desk. I can do that with foot elevated.

And if it gets too much, I'll come back home and couch surf for the afternoon.

How was your weekend? Did you finish anything?  Start anything new?

I have marked my Appalachian Autumn PDF pattern at25% off through September!

No coupon code required!

The sale price will remain through September 30th, and revert to full on October 1st, 2021.  Don't miss out!

It's time to start in on the fall projects - to pull out those oranges, golds and browns and dig in to some comfort sewing with the upcoming change of seasons!

I think that catches us up to now!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

In the immeasurable words of Kermit the Frog - Let's be nice!

Geese on a String quilt from my book String Frenzy on sale in the Quiltville Store.

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!



  1. So glad to hear that your ankle is feeling a bit better. Over the weekend I worked on Punkin’ Patch and binge watched Clickbait - it was a good show. Thank you for suggesting it. Keep resting that ankle and hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

  2. Since I am feeling more comfortable wearing a mask in public, I upgraded to the Martelli 3D pattern. I find it much more comfortable and use the directions on You Tube for completing it. Of course, then I had to make new ones for hubby, a friend’s grandchildren, my cousin…. I am winding up with 4 sizes.

  3. Glad to hear that you’re improving! Kermit’s my hero! 🐸 Take good care of yourself.

  4. Bonnie - so good to hear that your ankle is improving -- and that you are figuring out how to get in some sewing time. Where there's a will, there's a way! Thanks for sharing the adorable pics of Zoey, Ivey, and Lola - always enjoy seeing them. Wow- Vicki in Austrailia has been busy! Love her quilts and will check out her website. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Take care, Bonnie. Don't overdo it.

  6. Happy to hear you are on the mend. When I broke my right foot, I learned to sew with my left foot and now it’s the only way I can sew!

  7. It is good to hear that you are figuring out how to make do while your ankle is healing. Sounds like you get more done immobile than I do being mobile. LOL Vicki in Australia is amazing and what a heart she has for others.

  8. So happy to hear your ankle improving! Last winter I rolled my right ankle and ended up with a break and a sprain, but was happy to find I could sew with my left foot. Zoey always cracks me up with those crazy positions of hers!

  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilt show from Australia!
    Hope you are painfree soon!

  10. Bonnie, of course it is impossible to keep a work horse down! You are incredible! Pleased your healing and taking it easy going 90 miles an hour sewing, blogging, pattern writing and keeping up with mail order! You are truly an inspiration for us all and no whining necessary...your smile promotes healing. Ms Vicki in Australia is an inspiration as well. Her contribution is amazing. I spent the weekend working on Butterfly House quilt from MSQC pattern for Grandma's 90 birthday! 😊. Pleased to see your furry critters and hubby taking such good care of you!

  11. Happy Monday Reading your site is like a welcome visit from a friend

  12. Oh my gosh ~ we have been watching the same exact movies and shows! All interesting.

  13. SO glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting on the mend. Love the antics from the furbabies,they made my day as always! This weekend I have finished squaring up my blocks for Happily Scrappily Irish. I am sewing the rows together now. Thank you for sharing the trunk show from down under... they are just gorgeous!! Keep on healing and enjoying all the extra attention!

  14. Sitting with my foot propped up a lot too… had surgery to remove a bunch of hardware from a break 15 years ago. No pedal pushing for me now either but I’m hoping I can start again soon before I lose my mind…

  15. A few years ago I had right foot surgery, I learned to sew with my left foot. I now sew with either foot. Glad you are doing better. Happy stitching!

  16. I watched Worth on 9/11 too. It was really interesting. There was also a documentary series about 9/11 that was sad but worth revisiting. I was able to finish my traditional crazy quilt that I started in 2002.

  17. Your Zoey is a hoot and a half. Is the upside down position her favorite one or only when she's playing with her toys. So sorry about your fall. Take care of it. You're doing everything right for it. Praying you heal quickly

  18. I am trying to order the Appalchian Autumn quilt but there are other things from a previous visit in my cart. I am unable to edit the cart have looked and looked for a link to delete items from my cart but it seems I must purchase them all to get the autumn harvest quit. very frustrating.

    1. On the shopping cart page, hover your mouse over the item and an X will appear for you to remove the item. I wish they made it visible all the time - but you know how they are always trying to "improve" upon things that don't need improving. Find the X and delete the item.

  19. So sorry about your ankle. I broke my hip in May. I'll be glad when I can get back to longarmimg.
    Take care of yourself.

  20. Very happy you knew what to do and started right away. I've often heard a break heals faster than a sprain which seems wrong but it isn't. Love that show of all the charity quilts. I've never gotten the hang of the stop and go button on my Janome but then, I've never had to. And I know I kept the knee control but have no idea where it is. I do love my Janome, however. And the weekend was filled making masks for my three grandchildren to go to school. I'm having fun picking out fabrics and sewing them up. She's getting plenty - and that's not even with doing the fall, Halloween and Christmas ones!! Oh, and I'm just like you - I can't sit and do nothing!

  21. I know you have a hand crank sewing machine around somewhere. Get hubby to pull it out. You can prop up that foot, and crank away.

  22. Glad your foot is better. Thank you for Vicki site!

  23. I did the left foot sewing years ago when I had surgery on my right foot. You are right that where there's a will, there's a way. Hope your ankle is much better sooner than later.


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