Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Those Busy September Quiltvillians!

Our Labor Day was filled with many demos and mini workshops!

I love it when folks are willing do dig in and try new things - even if they feel all fumble fingered and footed in the process.

How can we learn anything if we aren't willing to feel a bit awkward and goofy at the beginning?

One of my favorite things to do is demonstrate the treadle machines at the inn, and give folks a go at it.

And it doesn't take long to catch on - the job of your feet is to keep the pedal going in the way that the handwheel needs it to go.  On singer machines, that means keep that handwheel turning TOWARD you - because if it goes away from you in the opposite direction, it's going to break your thread.  That simple!

And of course, having a cheering section behind you makes it all the more fun.

Here is Melody, who caught on rather quickly!  Click to play:

The real fun begins once you thread the machine!

In this case we didn't - we just continued to sew threadless, keeping our eyes on the handwheel.

Jennifer, giving it a go!

They did great!  And the perfect project to learn the treadle with?  String blocks.  Because you don't have to worry about your seam allowance so much.  String quilts are very forgiving.

For those of you who have been using grandma's treadle as a tv stand - it's time to get it up and running!

Elaine also taught a group eager to learn needle tatting!

Such a tiny little beginning, but it's going to be beautiful!

I shared this photo in Yesterday's Post.

Jennifer's Kira quilt by Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs 

Several of our adventurous gals loved it so much that they went right to Gudrun's website and purchased the digital copy of the pattern so they could dig right in!

This weekend was also the fat quarter sale at nearby Batiks Etc. and several were armed with enough fat quarters and fabric to readily dive in.

I love Mary's in grey and light green - SO perfect for a "gender neutral" baby quilt!

Elaine's in brights on black.

Mary's Christmas blocks in progress -

If you know this pattern/designer please leave it in the comments section.

Jennifer's baby quilt top finish.

Please leave the name of this quilt and designer in the comments nsection.

SO much fun and productivity - all week long!

This morning the September Quiltvillians are packing it up and heading on out toward home.  I'll have their over the porch rail photos in tomorrow's post!

Drywall also happened yesterday.

This is the bathroom installation at the back of the garage/shop.  It's the Hubster's project and he is doing a great job as always.  It makes such a difference to have the drywall up, instead of being surrounded by ugly insulation.

He has also installed a utility sink which is a great addition to the garage/shop laundry area.

As for the cellulitis leg?  I'm seeing some improvement. I hope to see more.  I'm just so glad I got in when I did.  Thank you so much for your comments and concern.  It's the stupidest of things that can throw a wrench into our long weekend plans.  But all in all, I'm on the mend.

And with that - it's time to draw for our winner of the September/October Quiltmaker Bundle!

I have pulled together a fun array of items to add to the gift-away.  

A Colorscope to help you choose the best color combinations.

A ZappyDots magnetic needle box and pin.

A spool of Aurifil 12 wt embroidery thread.

A small rotary mat by Olfa.

And a sweet thread snips I brought home personally from Japan the last time I was there. The little case is handstitched by the maker I purchased it from at the International Quilt Show in Tokyo.

Who is entry 3212 of 4791?

Tiffany Carr!

Congrats, Tiffany!  

Please reply to the email I sent to the address you gave with your entry.  I'll get this goodie bundle right out to you!

And there will be more gift-away opportunities coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Keep your eye on the roses and not upon the thorns!
Twirl Around quilt from my book Addicted to Scraps available at deep discount in the Quiltville Store!

Happy Tuesday, folks!



  1. Love the new bathroom. I am so thrilled that you are sharing your retreats with us. I will be close to home more and longer than most people so it makes me happy.

  2. The red and green blocks are from Corey Yoder's "A Very Coriander Christmas". The fabrics are hers also - from the Holliberry line.

  3. I really like the Kira pattern and went to her site to check it out. It mentioned a specialty ruler for the pattern which I don't need any more of. Was just wondering if the Kira quilt can be made without using the specialty ruler. Thanks!

    1. Sherrill, I just went to the GE website and looked up the Kira quilt. It says she uses the Stripology ruler - which she has in three sizes to quickly cut strips, squares and rectangles. I have the medium size one which I use mainly for strips - it's heavier and less likely to break than my previously purchased, different brand one. I'm thinking you could make the Kira quilt with just a 24 x 6 or similar sized ruler to cut strips. Does anyone who's actually MADE the quilt have a comment????

    2. Yes. Gudrun always includes directions for regular quilting rulers.

    3. All of her patterns give directions for a regular ruler. I have made many with no problem😊

    4. All of her patterns also include directions for regular rulers! But I have to say once you try the Stripology Rulers you’ll wonder why it took you so long

    5. I bought the XL ruler after Gudruns first Covid quilt along. Once I started using it I have been giving most of my other rulers away. I use it for just about everything!

    6. I should have also said, it doesn't replace Bonnie's rulers or the folded corners ones.

    7. Thanks for the responses, ladies! Good to know I don't need another specialty ruler..so many that I've purchased and used once then never again. That can get expensive!! I'm getting that pattern!

  4. Christmas looks like Corey Yoder's Vintage Christmas.

  5. MSQC has a pattern like this called Falling triangles

    1. They also have one called Rick-rack which is similar.

  6. It’s always something isn’t it? In the past three weeks I’ve gone form having vertigo to throwing my back out. Never a dull moment round here!

  7. It’s always something isn’t it? In the past three weeks I’ve gone form having vertigo to throwing my back out. Never a dull moment round here!

  8. Our particular challenge at Camino Hills in Carlsbad, CA??? Water shut off throughout the community, as a leak has sprung, it was a holiday yesterday, and no one could fix, so the City shutter down!!! No warning, hence toilets are full this morning and we need a shower/shampoo for sure... well, wipes and a sparing use of our reserved 1/2 gallon to flush, and I'm going to put it on ignore and let the plumber and the Universe fix it, while I go sew... glad cellulitis has and is improving... wish i had someone to come help me w/my treadle machine, bought on a whim, person who said he would fix has gone to heaven and she just sits... oh well, have ahappy day everyone, I'll wager Bonnie is going to be doing the laundry tango for sure today... hugs, and love, prayers & blessings, Cats.

  9. When I was young a treadle was the only sewing machine in the house and although my Mom was not a great seamstress she knew how to sew. I loved to treadle but I can remember my calves being a little sore the next day. That treadle is still in my possession and I agree I need to get it up and working. Thank you for the reminder.
    Good news to hear that you caught you cellulitis before it spread. That is a great idea about marking it as soon as possible.

  10. SO wonderful to see Sharon and Melody at Quiltville! We met in Kenya and they are one of the many treasures we came home with! Memories and new friends . . . priceless!!

  11. eewww leg cellulitis...not fun, been there...lovely projects all around and oh those solid falling triangles! on my list...

  12. Jennifer's quilt is called "Flying Rainbows". It is on the cover of the book "Turnabout Patchwork" by Teresa Mairal Barreau.

  13. The quilt on the design wall is from the book Turnabout Patchwork: Simple Quilts with a Twist by Teresa Mairal Barreu. Available on Amazon. The quilt is on the cover of this book.

  14. Jennifer's quilt is from Teresa Mairal Barreu and her book Turnabout Patchwork.

  15. Beautiful projects in motion, as always! Seems you are keeping the hubster busy. Hopefully you keep on feeling better and get healed up soon!


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