Friday, September 03, 2021

All on a Thursday -

Say hello to the September Quiltvillians!

It's like an old homecoming week around here we have a few first-timers, but most of these gals have retreated with each other before, and this is a reunion of folks from last September's visit!

As they arrived one by one, two by two unloading their items to the back porch before moving their cars (and luckily we missed most of the heavy rain from tropical storm Ida!) I was humming and singing the theme song to Welcome Back Kotter!

"Welcome back - your dreams were your ticket out......"

Yesterday morning's brunch on the back porch!

With the range oven on the fritz, Rebecca had packed her toaster oven that doubles as an air fryer (I think I need one of these!) and was able to bake the quiches with no problem.

We also have a plethora of crock pots, an instant pot, a griddle and a grill as well as the gas stove top to prepare meals.

AND.  We heard yesterday that parts for the oven are on their way so hopefully that repair will happen soon.  Hallelujah.

Tops are already reaching completion!

This one is for a child -

The elephants in the star centers are so cute!

Design walls are filling!

Sew, Ladies, Sew!

And in between desk work time - I took some late afternoon time to stitch up a few more border blocks for my on-going Cabin Corners long-term project.

This is how Lola supervises.  LOL!

And on the funnier side of things - how many of you deal with THIS when you get home after a long-day's work?

Oh, yeah.

The struggle is real!

And just so you know - this is all tongue in cheek.  But so many of us come home to this!  

And how often have we been the "TP fairy" in public establishments as well, even stopping to fix the roll that is rolling in the wrong direction?  LOL!

Click to Play:

Sorry, Hubster!  It was all in good fun!

Did you see that we have this going on??

I've got a September/October Quiltmaker issue to gift away as well as all of these goodies!

Check it out and enter ON THAT POST.

Drawing to happen Tuesday 9/7/2021.

Today there won't be any sewing time for me.  Physical therapy day for me.  But while I'm gone, the September Quiltvillians are heading over to Batiks, Etc in Wytheville for their annual Labor Day Fat Quarter sale!  Sounds like fun!

I'll catch up with all of the goodies they purchased when I get back.

Our weather yesterday (and into today) has been WONDERFUL - clear blue skies, no clouds, cooler temps, lower humidity.  These are all of the reasons I love September.

It was 59 degrees on the porch for coffee-time this morning! That's almost denim shirt over the t-shirt weather in my book.

What do you have for your Friday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Taking a step of faith is the hardest thing to do especially when we don't know what is around the corner. 

Take the step!

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. I am excited for your Cabin Corners pattern to release! Soon?

  2. Curious about what brand toaster oven Rebecca has that will also air fry. I am looking at them, too many choices. Love all the beautiful blocks being created!! Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. XL air fryer, at Sams for 99$. Awesome appliance.

  3. Cured my hubby of his habit of not replacing the toilet paper early on in our marriage...bagged up every paper towel, paper napkin, tissue, & all the toilet paper & threw it into the trunk of my car and left the house for the day. Since hubby worked close to home & preferred his "home toilet" for his daily constitutional, he always came home at 11am to take care of this task. Oh my, what to clean up with on the paperless day at home? I have no idea but when I returned home at the end of the day, there was a new roll of toilet paper in the holder in both of our bathrooms and an extra roll on the back of the toilet. Drastic measures you say but I refused to complain about his lack of courtesy for the rest of our married life. So far so good!

  4. Love all the smiles as the design walls fill up. Can't wait for over the rails.

  5. Ironically my daughter sent me a similar but in reverse, picture today. Her husband HAD changed the roll and even made the end "fancy". She wondered if he considered that "housework done for the week".😄

  6. Have a wonderful weekend! Those cooler temps sound wonderful! Can’t wait to see all thethe quilty goodness going on in the Inn!

  7. Take care of yourself today! Physical therapy makes changes and sometimes we don't adapt well to them.

  8. It's a guy thing but we love them for it and yes I have been known to turn the TP roll around in a public restroom 🙄

  9. I have often”fixed” wrong way toilet paper…even at friends homes. I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🤪🤪

  10. I went to a retreat this summer at a new to me retreat house. The downstairs bathroom has a sign that says "Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change the toilet paper roll. Be the change!" There was also a sign with pictures of an empty roll = NO. New roll sitting on top of the toilet paper holder=NO. Toilet paper roll installed=YES! It was pretty cute!

  11. I used to have a little sign hanging in the bathroom that said "Changing the toilet paper roll does not cause brain damage".

  12. Aren't hubbies wonderful!! And changing the direction of the paper when you are in a public restroom..... I do to!!! Isn't funny the things that drive us crazy?

  13. Well since I dropped my I Phone last night from my lap to the parking lot, I have an appt. to get it checked out. The camera has gone green screen!! Cuts into my quilting day. Glad y'all are having lovely weather after Ida. Fall is coming and it will be lovely.

  14. Nothing wrong with the picture...Wink...I wonder with what we drive our husbands crazy. We too must have habits that they are not too crazy about.

  15. LOL! I know the feeling but sometimes he at least places a new roll from the stack on the bathroom counter for me to put on. I hope the rain stays away long enough while the new bunch of quilters are there that they can enjoy the outdoors too.

  16. Oh Bonnie, you are not alone on the toilet paper issue! And, like you said, you find yourself filling spindles are correcting the way the roll goes even in public bathrooms and in someone's house where you are visiting! Probably wouldn't get us a job in a large corporation if put on our resume as a skill, but then again... LOL!

  17. All I could think about when I read today's quote was your horrible fall down the stairs!!! Slowly, carefully!!!

  18. I saw a cute sign that said .”Changing the toilet paper doesNOT cause brain damage.”
    Obviously Posted by the mother of boys!!

  19. This used to happen all the time at work. The male janitor didn't like to refill the dispenser. After he quit, the female janitor who replaced him, made sure the dispensers were filled.

  20. I’m not sure which is worse…leaving the empty core, or leaving 3 or 4 sheets on there so they have an excuse not to change it….”there was still some paper on there…”😵‍💫
    Your pain is real!!

  21. My Facebook picture is of me in my toilet fairy costume. Before the remodel of the building I facilitate quilt retreats in the toilets often clog. Because I am on the housekeeping staff there I would be called to unclog the toilets. The ladies felt bad for me having to do it (just part of my job) so I evolved into Tillie the Toilet Fairy. Thankfully Tillie has retired but if you need a visit from Tilly, Bonnie Hunter to put up a new roll of toilet paper let me know. Tillie is happy to come out of retirement to do that. A toilet fairy does exist!

  22. I LOVE 59 degree mornings! Thanks for all you do for your followers, Bonnie!

  23. I have the same toilet tissue problem and I LIVE ALONE! Took a hint from a friend and made a sign that shows as the roll grows thin: Replacing the TP will NOT cause brain cancer!

  24. I do a pre-fill when it gets close to gone. 1/4 inch on the roll and it gets taken off and a new one goes on. Not getting caught with out!!

  25. No TP mania in your household.

  26. One of the joys of living alone....toilet paper roll is NEVER left like that! So enjoy your blog and hope to retreat at Quiltville Inn one day.

  27. What are those purple drink holders on the end of their tables? I don’t recall seeing them before…

  28. Agree on the tp. But, I just change it. And, yes, I've switched the direction in a public restroom! LOL!

  29. I put up a sign on the empty roller, "It isn't rocket science!" Someone got the hint but there still are moments of forgetfulness. I wondered for years who it was that would leave 2 squares on the roll. When all kiddos had left the nest it happened again. I asked why he hadn't changed the roll and he said, "It wasn't empty"!

  30. Is it a guy thing? Not to dis guys but I've seen it happen all too often and the gals have to come along and take care of it.

    I've also witnessed dirty clothes thrown on the floor just OUTSIDE the dirty clothes bin. What? Bad aim? Can't make it one more foot to get the items INTO the bin?

    As well as having to come along afterwards and throw away the wrapper AND pull tabs from adhesive bandages when the garbage is RIGHT there.

    LOL - it's a strange phenomenon!

    Virginia (your Minnesota look-a-like)
    Clearbrook MN

  31. Oh yes! I can count on TWO (2) fingers through number of times the hub has actually put a new roll of T. P. (That’s what it is on my shopping lists) on the roller. Although he has placed a new roll on the floor in front of the dispenser, a few times. We will be wed 60 years come December.

  32. If the toilet paper is in front of me, I like it to come over the top. If it is beside me and especially if very close, it's easier to grasp if it comes from the back to the bottom. (Over the top makes me bend my arm in directions it won't go) Please don't change the paper in my house! In public restrooms, I get paper started before I'm seated so either way works.


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