Friday, September 17, 2021

And It All Lead To This!

Oh Boy!

I'm in trouble now!

I finished the work that was on the "must do" list and found myself with some extra time late afternoon.

You know how they say "Idleness is the devil's playground?"  I disagree!

Because fabric and rulers and rotary cutters can get me into a big heap of trouble in a blink! LOL!

And I think this is where I'm leaning.

But then again, I could change my mind at any time, so don't quote me!

The two tubs of inspiration strips, received as a gift from a quilty friend.

I recognize a lot of these prints - they likely date back into the early 2000's with some earlier.

Deep, rich browns and all of those warm and toasty neutrals. And they are already cut!

The first thing that came to mind for me were all of the traditional go-tos.  Log cabin. Nine-patches. Four-patches.  Rail fences.  And heaven knows there are enough strips that I may be able to still go that route for another quilt down the road from these -

Yesterday I asked the question on Instagram/Facebook: 

"What comes first for you?
The pattern that inspires you to pull fabrics immediately?
Or the fabric on hand that demands to be made into something that knocks your socks off?"

And the replies were wonderfully varied. Some are inspired by the fabric and the colors that just demand to be made into something, so a pattern idea forms around the fabric.

Others see a quilt they just have to make, and then go about pulling the fabrics to make that quilt dream a reality.

No matter how you work it - it's all good!

This is where I landed yesterday.

And I like it!  That turquoise hourglass in the middle is going to add a bit of a pop.

I was also thinking red, but there wasn't enough contrast, and I'm already using red in a couple of other quilts I have going on.  I needed something else.

All sewn together.

And being pleased with the results - Away I went to cutting of the hourglass units I will need (roughly as nothing is set in stone design-wise yet.) to get a good start.

These hourglass pairs are already matched brown/neutral as I cut them with right sides together so they are ready to feed through the machine as I have time.

This is likely to be my winter project while everyone else is sewing on this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery! HA!

I'm pulling the needed squares from my squares boxes, and if I run out - I'll cut more from strips and other scraps.

The BROWN is going DOWN!

I also have to thank an anonymous someone who dropped 3 grocery bags full of wonderful magazines at the front door of Quiltville Inn.


In the FREE basket for retreaters to grab!

Thank you thank you, whoever you are.  You brought a smile to my face and I'm sorry I wasn't around to greet you.

My evening job -

Taping off columns and supports.

It's going to take us a long time to get the porch painted all the way around.  Those rails are going to be a booger.

Right now we are focusing on just the back dining area because that's where people gather.

We'll be working on this more this weekend.

While I taped, this also went on:

The blocks surrounding the center cauldron have been cemented in to place so they are sturdy.

The cauldron has airholes drilled into the bottom of it, and is raised on big rocks underneath to permit air flow.  There are cracks between the blocks where air can flow to let more air in.

Dave added metal edging in a circle around the pit, and then filled that area with gravel.

We need more gravel - and don't ask me why that one bag is a darker color?  The next batch we get will even it all out and we'll mix it all in.

It was late when we got back, dinner didn't happen until 8pm and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open until 9:30 when I gave up and went to bed.

And this is where the excitement continues.

This morning we are headed to Wallburg.  Our renter has moved out.  We are meeting with a realtor to get the house on the market.

Which means there is way too much stuff to deal with - let the donation runs begin.

There is some furniture that Jeff and Ashlyn want.  There are things I want either here at the cabin, or for the retreat, or in the QPO studio.

And all in all, it is overwhelming, but while the weather is still good I plan on taking one day a week to go down there and empty out each room one at a time getting it show-ready.

I've emptied a closet in the guestroom here at the cabin - and the overflow of quilts will be stacked floor to ceiling.

And then I will start the distribution to family and friends.

These two, this morning on Rockabilly Swing!

The bed in the master bedroom at the Wallburg house is of much better quality than the IKEA bed at the cabin, so today we swap the beds. Just the frames - the IKEA stuff can stay to stage the Wallburg house.

AUUGHH!  Downsizing is so difficult.

But here we go.
I want to thank everyone for the tremendous response to the PDF pattern release of September Sky and Spider & The Fly!

Thank you thank you thank you!

I have placed BOTH patterns in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store at 25% off the regular price with no coupon needed.

The introductory pricing is good through 9/30/21 and will revert back to full on 10/1/21.

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Save even more!

Purchase BOTH in the September Sky Pattern Bundle and save an extra discount! 

This bundle is a limited time only offer, and will be retired on 10/1/21.  So hurry!

And while I have you here - I want to remind you of this little Gift-Away for you and a friend!
I will be gifting away a September Sky Pattern Bundle AND a Facets of black color roll from Cotton to Quilts

And our winner gets to choose a friend who will also receive the pattern bundle and a black color roll!

Fabric prizes must be shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA and win, you may have the fabric prizes shipped to a friend within the USA who can forward them on to you.

Head on over to the release post for more info and get your entry in.  We'll be drawing for our winner on Saturday, September 25th, 2021!

I have also marked my Appalachian Autumn PDF pattern at 25% off through September!

The sale price will remain through September 30th, and revert to full on October 1st, 2021.  Don't miss out!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Every morning is a reality check on how this day is going to go and much of the outcome depends upon taking control of my thoughts, my decisions, and my actions and reactions. 

How's that for the first run-on sentence of the day?

Okay, Friday - bring it on!



  1. Understand your dilma on downsizing - we are getting our house ready for sale and moving permanently to Florida - we already have all the furniture we need in Florida - so going to have an auction in about 3 weeks -- having carpet laid in 2 rooms tomorrow - need to get the rooms cleared out and the old carpet out - and husband down with a migraine!!! Yikes!

  2. Brown and beige are so boring - until you added the blue! Genius! Thank you Bonnie for the inspiration.

  3. Thank you, Bonnie, for all you do for us! Your enthusiasm comes through on all your blogs. Downsizing is ugly business but you will get to the other side and feel so much "lighter". I am amazed at all you and your husband accomplish at the Quiltville Inn. I am off to spend the day with friends making pineapple blocks. So excited!

  4. Glad to see blue in those tans and browns. Great pop in your addicted to scraps block. Have a great time and be safe as you lift and move.
    Meeting up with quilty friends in Utah today. Long drive but so worth it!!

  5. Downsizing, ugh!
    We did it when prepped our Traverse City house for sale. Did it again after we moved into our new home. Now we have made the decision to sell our winter home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Soooo, we will be downsizing AGAIN. Even though we plan to sell it furnished, still need to downsize to prep for staging. Oh my, my large metal “Catfish in the Cradle” will need to find a new home also. Bummer!!!

  6. Do you have a count of all the finish quilts you have in your home. Not the ones gifted, unfinished but the ones you have ready for trunk shows, on beds, ready to share and ones in the cupboards. Just curious. My cupboard is getting full with quilts. Still deciding whether to gift them or keep them. I know you have some aside for your classes or your trunk shows. It’s hard to give a total but an approximate would be great.

  7. Downsizing is tough. I found the joy from blessing others with my surplus made all the effort worth it. So fun to see new home owners and just married making plans for my beloved items that no longer fit.

  8. Wonderful blocks and so fun to make. Love what your creative mind comes up with. We recently sold our home. Mom has been living with us and we moved her back to her home along with us. We purged as much as we could and stored the rest. We moved in with mom, only our clothes, food, my sewing machine and some fabric. My long arm is also stored no room. Mom is 94 and we'll be with her until she isn't with us any more. Unsettled is difficult at best, but we all do what we have to do. So happy I have quilting as a go to, it's beyond therapy. Thank you. for all you do for each one of us. I understand completely where you are.

  9. I bought a new house in June; moved into it in August. I declutteted a lote, especially my late husband’s stufff. He was a woodworker, a reloader and a fishing enthusiast. Soo many things. I can truthfully say he had as much or mote stuff from than I have quilting stuff! The old house is sold, and empty, but I have 3 outbuildings which must be gone over before the new family moves in.

  10. I LOVE downsizing! I’ve been getting rid of stuff since about 3 months before Covid started. It has continued. I keep telling the hubby that if he sits in one place too long, he may end up in a donation box!😂😂. It’s so freeing not to have so much stuff!

  11. The brown/blue Triplets blocks are going to be lovely - the blue really adds a great spark.

    Sometimes my projects start either w a pattern or a fabric I like, but some of my best/favorite quilts have started w something like your bin of brown strips. Hmmm...I have these units that need a home, how can I put them to good use? And then something serendipitous grows out of bonus units or excess strips or whatever, and ends up being something I really like.

    Good luck on the swapping furniture/downsizing project. Can I throw you an idea? For the quilts you're going to gift to loved ones, if they're patterns you've taught, included in your books, etc. and that are familiar to your readers, maybe there could be a sort of featured farewell post on each before you 'thank it' and send it on its way? I don't know about others, but I'd love to hear one last time what you remember about making that quilt, how/why you made the choices you did while piecing it, what inspired the design, etc. Bonnie's Greatest Hits! :)

  12. Yes yes yes!! The turquoise looks perfect with those browns and toasty neutrals. Can hardly wait to see the finished project.

  13. Love the blue with your block design! Downsizing is just never fun but necessary. Love the two new pattern releases. I just received my Cathedral Stars back from my longarm quilter. When I get it bound I will post a photo. I took your workshop during our Seven Sisters Quilt Show in 2018. I’m looking forward to this years Mystery Quilt!

  14. I think you will love downsizing once you do it! Everyone I know who has undertaken it has a new lease on life. Good to shake it up some (though you've had plenty of changes along the way already!)

  15. The downsizing struggle is real but you will feel so much better when the Walburg house is on the market. The relief is palpable and the weight that is lifted when it sells is amazing. At the moment it is a good time to be selling. Make the downsizing a priority and you will be happy you did.

  16. Like where the new project is leading you. I saw you speak at the Ottawa Guild in Illinois several (time flies, who knows) and I remember you said people always asked what you do with all the extra quilts and you said you would know when the time came. It wasn't time. It's time now and I'm sure it'll be hard but you'll enjoy the faces on the receivers.

  17. I love the blues and browns together in your blocks! It's one of my favorite color combinations.

  18. Love the blues. It also reminds a little like an Irish Chain which is on my bucket list.


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