Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Hello, September!

September is here!

Whether we are looking forward to the change of seasons - or not - it comes anyway.

I really do enjoy the change of seasons, even if I wished that time didn't march on so quickly, so relentlessly.

I remember being a kid - a young teenager - and thinking that the 3 months out of school really WAS leisurely and seemingly endless.

Little did I know that decades later it would pass in almost a blink.

My yesterday was a day to restore - and I was glad for it.

Projects in the background got worked on.  Progress was made.

And later in the afternoon - errands were ran.

This was the cause my unexpected joy yesterday.

I was on the way to the dentist, and The Hubster asked if I would drop the mower blades off at the power tool place.  It was right on the way, and I didn't mind.

He also wanted me to order a spare set of blades so he'd always have a set to use while the others were being sharpened.  With 42 acres at home plus the 1 1/2 acres around the inn there is always something to be mowed around here.

And that is when I saw it - as I pulled into the parking lot.

GLORIOUS flowers -

Just thriving in the planter boxes outside of a power tool shop.

Not that it's really an oxymoron or anything - it was just unexpected.  It had me wondering who the gardener was that planted such beauty in front of a tool store?

The bright colors brought a smile to my face and a skip to my step.

Finding beauty in unexpected places is a bonus, don't you think?  

It makes the ordinary Extraordinary.

And then there was this -

The dental check up and cleaning that I had known was coming.  The answer to the question "Is there anything that's bothering you that we should know about?" on the tip of my tongue, but I didn't want to confess it.

My upper right three molars have been extremely sensitive to cold over the past 5 months since we replaced a crown.  

I've tried the sensitive toothpaste - not much is better.  Cold beverages require drinking with a straw to avoid that sensitive area.

Mostly I was afraid because I remember telling a previous dentist this and what did they do?  Pull out an ice stick and proceed to TEST how sensitive the teeth were.  It makes me cringe just thinking of it.

This hygienist believed me.  They didn't need to see me jump out of the chair.  She was careful with the rinse water while cleaning my teeth.  I've now got some desensitizing gel to use twice a day that should help more than the sensitivity toothpaste alone.

NO ICE TEST!  There, now - wasn't that easy?  (And no cavities or fillings needing to be replaced - we got a clean bill. YAY!)

From there, I took my masked self next door to the CVS and got my second pneumonia vaccine. It had been one year since the first, so I am now all up to date.

By the time I was on my way home, the sky had opened up and the outer bands of tropical storm IDA were upon me.  No going back to the QPO - I was headed home.

Making setting triangles!

All of my 25-Patch blocks are done!

I  had found myself home alone for the evening as The Hubster had somewhere to be - so it was just me, Zoey and Ivy for a few hours.

I know I want to set these blocks on point - so I lined up a couple of podcasts and set right in.

I not only finished the setting triangles, but the corner units too!

Zoey accomplished THIS.  LOL.

I'm not sure when the layout business will happen.  there are still some pieced sashings to throw into the mix - but I have a couple weeks free later this month to really dig into some projects.

As you have probably guessed by now - the Craftours trip to Poland has been moved to next year.  With Delta raging, it is just not a safe - or fun - time to go. Safety first always.

Vietnam was also moved - good call.

By the time trips were moved, there just wasn't enough lead time to book retreats during those couple of weekends.

 I also chose not to book retreats for these weekends because we also want to do work on the outside of the house while the weather is good - including painting the front steps, perhaps the porch floor, and start in on the porch rails - that kind of thing wouldn't be good in the winter months that we are closed, so I am hoping we get much of that done, and in between I'll be able to lay some stuff out for piecing.

It's also probably the best time to have the commercial oven on the fritz.  Hopefully it will be fixed in between the time that this weekend's September Quiltvillians group leaves, and the next group arrives toward the end of the month.

This basket is still growing!

I'm still cutting block units for our Fish School Leader & Ender challenge and building these cute little babies while I am sewing on other things.

Are you joining in?  We just started in July and this challenge goes all the way until NEXT July.  You can make as many as you want, for the project you decide to use them in.  It's just all about having something to show for all of the "sewing off the end" we do while chain piecing.

And as for that tropical storm Ida thing?  This is what it looks like here this morning.

Click to Play:

It's pretty wet out there!

We should be sunny by tomorrow!

But as you can see, our highs are only in the 60's today.  Everyone has been notified to bring an umbrella and something to cover their items with as they offload from their cars to the back porch.

It's going to be a very wet and soggy day around here!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

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Don't gauge your own progress by how fast someone else is going!
Happy September, folks! ⁣



  1. I enjoyed seeing your fish basket... thanks for the reminder to cut more blocks!

  2. It is hot and dry in Oklahoma. Everybody under the air conditioner. So I will be pieceing today. Also working on the fish. Love the fish. Thanks Bonnie. These are fun.

  3. another thing -- i need to schedule leader/ender projects... make up "kits"... I'm so busy cutting, sewing, pressing, piecing... i'm losing that valuable L/E opportunity for lack of prep... Have a wonderful Wednesday! Happy September, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Ah, the dreaded ice stick. It came upon me without warning and of course I reacted by grabbing the dentist’s wrist. She refused to see me again unless I took some Valium. 不不不不不

  5. I love your quote of progress is basically moving forward. Joy is in watching others achieve their goals, while you achieve your own goals. This is the best way of building each other up.

  6. Love those flowers! I'm still trying to pull all the wild mustard out that has become prolific in last few years, before we moved here! From a distance, the blanket of yellow is pretty, but this stuff stinks when being pulled out! Yuck! lol

  7. Wish you could share the rain with California! this is my first day of retirement from Govt. service! I plan to sew at least one seam everyday till I figure out what my retired life will look like! sew on! Janet B.

  8. They put some strong vinegar on my sensitive bridge. OH no! I never went back to that dentist. Infract no dental care for about 10 years. I did not get any problems so all was good. No cavities.

  9. Stay dry, and yes, please send some rain out west to CA:). I love your mask. Was this one you made or purchased? Thanks for all you do.

  10. I love the rain chain. Does it actually have a purpose? Or just fun to hear and watch. Here in southern California I’ve never seen one, but then again we don’t get much rain either!

  11. Our weather has been soooo strange. The Friday it was 34.5C and the next day it went down to 2C. Very very cold everyone around us had a fine dusting of snow, except us!! We're in a bit of a valley. But we are officially now in Spring and a hot summer is on the way. Thank goodness for my fan in my sewing room, I can quilt to my heart's content in the cool room.

  12. Oh I hate sensitive teeth! Mine improved after going low carb, but what really seemed to help was getting my Vitamin D levels higher. You might try that. If you take Vitamin D, be sure to also take Vitamin K2 at the same time. D releases calcium in your body, and K2 somehow works to keep the calcium in the teeth and bones rather than in soft thissue. Good luck!!!

  13. I would love to know what the pattern is for your mask you were wearing at the dentist, that is, if you made it. looks like it fits well.

  14. Dear Bonnie, I have a sensitive tooth trick that may help you find some relief with the products you already have. First, wash hands. Next, squirt desired product on an index finger as though it was your toothbrush (example, I use sensitive toothpaste) and gently rub that along the inside and outside of your teeth along the gumline tucking it into all of the little gaps. Leave it there for a couple of minutes. I do some thing else in the meantime like change into jammies or wash my face. Then go ahead with your regular tooth brushing routine. At first my teeth were so sensitive that they could barely handle having the sensitive toothpaste touch them at all. Over the course of a couple of weeks they gradually got better. I came up with this idea after thinking about the fluoride treatments that sit on our teeth. Why not leave the desensitizing product on our teeth too? I hope that this or some other technique helps your teeth feel better. Many thanks for all of your quiltspiration. Your positivity has helped me through some tough days.
    Warmly, Amy


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