Tuesday, August 31, 2021

And Off They Went!

My life as an inn keeper has become a revolving door of hello, goodbye!

Or as the Beatles song goes: 

You say goodbye and I say hello
(Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye) Hello, hello
(Hello, goodbye) I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
(Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye) Hello, hello
(Hello, goodbye) I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
(Hello, goodbye)

You are welcome for the ear worm! LOL!

These smiling faces -

I can still hear the giggles -

The threat of the "no whining" sign being passed around.

The cheers when someone put a newly finished block on the design wall.

That last border going on.

The retelling of all of the super fun things that happened AFTER I had gone home for the night!

The sounds and smells of breakfast being cooked in the kitchen as I walked in the door the next morning.

This house is so full of LIFE and I am loving every minute of it.

Except for the non-functioning new commercial oven - that story continues, but I'll wait until I have more info to share here.

Tanya's fussy cut Grassy Creek block - so cute!

She also finished all of the centers she needs -

Which will become the big block you see at the left in due time!

Jessica's Easy Breezy blocks with polka dot sashing!

Basket Toss is Karen's next big project!

Big Pinwheels getting borders - yay!

Chiquita's string blocks - SEW MUCH FUN!

Lynette was working on the outer borders for her Good Fortune quilt!

One big Rivanna block on the way to the porch rail!

Fantastic array, ladies!

Good Fortune, Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders, and the Rivanna block along with an Edyta Sitar mystery.

Blue Ridge Beauty, a sweet 9-patch baby quilt top, and Easy Breezy!

I love the alternating star and four-patch, and the big print quilt -

Not my designs, so if you know who designed them, please leave a comment in the comments section below!

Scrap Crystals from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders is on the left - the other designers I do not know - but that TREE!!!  It's amazing!  The scrappy strippy quilt on the far right is super fun.

Karen's Unity quilt is stunning in blue, orange and black!

And her Bitcoin puts my scraps to shame! LOL!

I shared the video of Lynnette presenting the heart quilt to Jessica HERE.

Check it out if you haven't seen it - there will not be a dry eye! The quilt next to it - what a fantastic composition! It just radiates!

And aren't small projects a good quick finish to lift our spirits?

These friends sure lift MY spirits!

I already miss them dearly!

Those who were driving in "THAT" direction headed to nearby Abingdon for a quilt shop stop and lunch out before pointing their GPS's toward Paducah Kentucky where they would be spending the night.

Some went in other directions -

Toward Charlotte, NC or Gettysburg, PA -

And while I put on my laundry queen tiara and got down to business -

I took some time to do this as my "make one thing better" challenge for the day.

Many years ago I bought many boxes of pre-wound bobbins from a place going out of business.  The boxes all looked the same - to find a particular color I had to go through the boxes, look for the NAME of the color I wanted, remove the box, double check what was in there...it was tedious.

This drawer was also in much disarray as some boxes had dumped during the move of bringing the long arm machine up here to the QPO studio.  I've ignored it for TWO YEARS.

The idea came when looking for bobbins to match Jessica's quilt backing while she was quilting up her Blue Ridge Beauty.  What if I put them all into zip-locks so I could SEE what was what?

This is my result.  It feels so much better.  It was a simple solution - it just took time.

And it was easily accomplished between loads of washer/dryer switching.

I also found myself up to Season 3, episode 10 of Virgin River.  It was a good day!

Up on deck today?  Getting things ready for the September Quiltvillians who arrive TOMORROW - September 1st!  And that's likely going to happen in the RAIN as the remains of Tropical Storm Ida roll through the Appalachians.

I have already notified the group mom for everyone to plan on umbrellas, and something to cover their items as they bring them from car to back porch.

Oh, and dentist.  Not so fun.  But must be done.

How does your Tuesday look to you this morning?

Last Chance!

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The introductory price is good through TODAY 8/31/21, and will revert back to full TOMORROW, 9/1/2021.

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We will draw for our winner on Thursday, 9/2/2021! 

Get your entry in ON THAT POST.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Moth in the Window quilt in recycled shirt fabrics from the Addicted to Scraps book on deep discount in the Quiltville Store.

Even as I enter the realm of "nearly a senior citizen" I am still excited about the future and everything this life has to offer.
I'm not taking a back seat yet - I want to live my life in the front row to see and experience it all!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Like everything aging is all in your attitude :0) Embrace it with gratitude that your are getting the privilege, not everyone is so blessed. I have now live longer than 4 of my siblings and give thanks everyday for the gift. Happy Sewing!

  2. Bonnie, do you happen to know the name of the heart quilt? I have a special sister of the heart that this would be perfect for. Thanks

    1. It was a 2006 BOM from Colorado quilt shop hop.

  3. rain here too... and a thirsty earth is grateful...i finally dug up Appalachian Autumn -- i believe mystery time and Christmas preps interferred last year... so, i finally have all four big blocks up on the design wall, sashings and borders next, i am so happy! Obviously was rushing too much, points and stems do not match as they should, but it's going to be a beautiful hanging/table topper anyway, and i was so "jazzed" to find a baggie with tons of HST waiting !!! to be pressed (already squared)... that's where I'll be today! Studio time for me...be healthy and safe all y'all out there in quiltville land -- Life is good... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. I am the Queen of Ziplock baggies. We just had the windows replaced, so the blinds and curtains had to come down. All the hardware? Into a clear bag by type (can't lose a screw that way!) Plus, you can write a label if it is for longer storage. I use clear bags for scraps and sewing stuff too! Congrats on another thing organized1 Loved the quilt pics over the porch.

  5. Thank you Bonnie for as awesome quilt experience at the Quiltville Inn. I appreciate all the time you put into every detail. Only been one day, I want to come back already. You are truly on inspiration in what you do. Here's to creating more scrappy quilts!

  6. Do the pre-wound work on any machine?

    1. it seems to be trial and error. I have a bernina. Someone gave me some samples. Some prewound work and some don't.

    2. Thank you Annie for the reply

  7. I am south of you in Murphy NC and it is rain rain and more rain since last nice prepared! Happy stitching.

  8. Bonnie, you're the best! I'm so happy you love your life as Inn Keeper, it's a spectacular place and we love hearing about it! Not to mention all the beautiful quilts. 😊

  9. My friend and I had Mexica lunch today so I could take her scraps from a project I finished and she needed more variety. Then we went to a local small shop (she is just getting started ) called The Quilted Chicken. My friend and I helped her out. LOL. Then we went to another shop where she was doing some sewing before we met for lunch. The Bedwarmer Quilt and Sew had some orange I needed for a Maple Leaf Table Topper. Whew!!! Time for binding a baby quilt so I can rest.

    1. The Quilted Chicken! I love it! Where would that be?? I love anything chicken (except live ones--did enough of that when I was young)

  10. Bonnie I have been following you for years, love your imagination and patterns. What quilt pattern of yours do you think is the most popular? Blue Ridge Mountain would be my guess. What do you think.

  11. Yes, would love to know the alternating star and 4 patch and large blocks quilt patterns please. So pretty!

  12. I just started my Rocky Road to Grayson and I love all the yellows in it.


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