Wednesday, August 18, 2021

So Much Rain (And Quiltus Interruptus!)

Still photos of the rain rushing down the rain chain doesn't do any of tropical storm Fred justice -

But he roared through the Appalachians yesterday - and the rains got insanely hard around dark-fall.

I have NEVER heard the rain pound so loud - and so much water!

We were returning from a trip to Jefferson - the digital keypad lock on the kitchen door at Quiltville Inn had given up the ghost or some reason, and we needed something to lock it fast.  We couldn't leave it unlocked overnight.

Lowes was already closed - so we opted for the hardware section at Walmart, and thankfully they had something.

On the way back we nearly hit a big tree as we came around the bend in the driving rain - it had fallen blocking the northbound lane of the narrow two-lane highway.  SCARY!

A call to the sheriff's department happened as soon as we reached cell service area to let them know.  I'm hoping it is all cleaned up by the time I go to the QPO this morning.

But I digress:

I pointed the arrow at approximately my location.

THIS is the mess of rain that has fallen - and we are still under flood watch.

Remember my saying how the river was so low that it was showing sand bars?  I bet that is over now!

It's all good.  But it is sure scary when it is storming like that.

I really DO wish I could share all of this rain to those in the West who also need it so badly.

Mother Nature is sure fickle some times!

Yesterday afternoon I got the big monstrosity (AKA Boxy Bow Ties) re-loaded back into the long arm quilting machine.  

I re-scaled the design to fit the available quilting space, held my breath and crossed my fingers as the first half-row at the upper edge was quilted, and then the true test - the first full row beneath it - the one that overshot my space the last time causing me to remove the whole quilt and spend nearly a week un-stitching in the evenings. 

Success!  It's coming along!

As the saying goes - SIZE MATTERS!  LOL!

It was about this time, around 2pm that the Hubster called to let me know we were under a tornado watch until 7pm.


I made the decision to finish that pass, unplug the machines and computers and head home to wait out the storm.

Only - earlier in the day when I unlocked the kitchen door at the Inn to fold the towels and prepare the towel baskets for each bed - the lock gave a flashing red light and a long series of beeps and gave up the ghost.

We thought it was batteries - so after 7pm we went to change out the batteries and reprogram the lock - but nada.  It had died.

Which means it is now NIGHT TIME and there is no way to lock the kitchen door.  Hence the trip to town to find an emergency lock - in a huge storm.

It was too late to program the new lock - so we used the new keys to lock up and called it good.  That will be dealt with later today.

Also today - the Naughty Room Quilters are arriving from Illinois!

Let's hope the weather shapes up just a bit better - at least until they are unloaded and in the house.

Whew.  It's only Wednesday and I already need a weekend!

Close up of quilting Design.

This is Birchwood by Urban Elementz.  Just be sure you scale it down to fit your own personal stitch space!

Green binding is the plan -

If I ever finish the quilting!

And I am so happy you are LOVING Rocky Road to Grayson!

Your response has been terrific!

This quilt was so much fun to make!

I used the Creative Grids 45 degree ruler to trim my string pieced units.

I printed my block quarter templates on Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper.

Are you excited to dive in??

The printable PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.  The introductory price is already marked 25% off - no coupon code required!

The introductory price is good through 8/31/21, and will revert back to full on 9/1/2021.

To sweeten this deal, let's have a Gift-Away!

I will be drawing for one lucky winner to receive a PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson for them AND A FRIEND!


Our winner (And their friend!) will EACH receive a This n' That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

And yes, there are other colors available (neutrals too!) so go give them a look-see.  I love the variety they provide.

Fabric prize must be shipped to a USA address. If you are drawn and live outside of the USA, we can ship the fabric prize to a friend inside the USA who can then forward it on to you.

To be entered to win, visit the original post HERE! I will draw for our winner (and their friend) on Friday, 8/27/2021.

I am giving away FIVE patterns for Gail Mayhue's  Busy As A Boss tote INCLUDING the buckle closures!  Today we are drawing for winner number 5!

Who is entry 1558 out of 5853 entries?

Karen McCulloch!  Congrats!

Karen, please reply to the mail I sent to the email address you provided with your entry.  I'll be happy to get that pattern right out to you!

And my thanks to Gail Mayhue for offering up 5 of her wonderful patterns to gift to my readers.

You can see much more of this fantastic Busy As A Boss tote on the original post HERE.

And yes, you can snatch this pattern up in Gail's eBay Store!

I think that's all I have to catch you up this morning.  How is your Wednesday shaping up?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Vintage quilt from my own collection - you know I can't resist a good ole scrappy string star!
Or polka dots!

Dare to be strong today! 



  1. so it must be fred that we are expecting today as uber humid and skies blakening as i speak...

  2. Just checking to see if I can post to your blog. I have been unable to post for MONTHS for some unknown reason.

    Just downloaded Rocky Road to Grayson. I have SO MANY of your patterns that I just don’t know which one I should start with. LOVE the ones with string in them. Don’t think I will EVER run out of strings. I swear they multiply during the night.

    I bought a rain chain a couple of years ago as a gift for my husband. It STILL hasn’t been hung, and I’m not quite sure where ti put it so I can enjoy the sound of the falling rain. Mine is a little fancier with pineapples spaced along the chain. Thought it was cool when I got it, but now I’m thinking it’s a little gaudy. Oh, well.

  3. Bonnie, your blog is always so interesting, informative and well written. I just love your play on words (twice) in this post!

  4. I was thinking about you when the weather warning popped up in my Facebook feed for the tornado warning around Salem North Carolina. Glad y’all weathered the storm okay. Definitely didn’t miss that kind of spring weather in Texas this year!

  5. Oh, Bonnie, you've had it going on! Thanks so much for telling us about it in such an accepting upbeat way! We're thinking of you out here in the west. Maybe some quilting today.

  6. Bonnie, beware of the Naughty Room Quilters, I have been with them at Guild retreats. There will be raucous laughter, unceasing mischief, imaginative creativity and Math. Especially watch out for C.J.C. She is a huge BH fan and could get out of control..of course anyone in that group could. Good luck!

  7. We here in western NY are on the western edge of Fred's remnants and it has been raining all day. We're not getting the heavy rainfall, that's to the east and south of us where they already got several inches yesterday. It's either feast or famine weather-wise. Glad you are back on track with the quilting.

  8. In central Oregon I say we get two rain drops (or hail), 15 minutes of lightening, and 22 new fire starts. Scary times.

  9. I'm from Illinois and really interested in seeing where in Illinois the Naughty Room Quilter's are from. Very interesting name. ;)

    1. We are from Central Illinois, mainly Bloomington/Normal. (Normal???) Also from Metamora, LeRoy and Mt Zion.

  10. I can't remember if I signed up for this latest drawing. You've had so many lately! Thank you for that. In case I'm a duplicate, could you please remove one of my entries...I don't want to miss out! Thanks for all your grace!

  11. Does Quiltville have a basement? I remember looking in the windows under where the pictures are taken but don't know how much time one would like to spend there. However, if needed who cares if no other choice. 12 chairs, flashlights on strings and a little hand stitching to wait it out!


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