Monday, August 09, 2021

Sewing Together!

I love being a 'fly on the wall" and seeing the Quilting Quarters at Quiltville Inn full of quilty activity!

These lades have been such a joy and I have loved getting to know them over the past 5 days.  We have filled up every hour with so much of EVERYTHING from quilting to playing games, to taking walks and hikes, to meal time on the back porch - it has been a fantastic retreat.

And we still have TODAY!  The August Quiltvillians are here until tomorrow.

Design walls full of quilts in progress!

(Tonni's Bitcoin in progress!)

Zuckerwatte from String Fling on the wall!

And just like that - it's a top!

Gorgeous Punkin Patch from String Frenzy!

Wanderlust Table Runner (Free bonus PDF with purchase of the Addicted to Scraps book!)

These shop hop blocks are next up in line!

I spy Frolic and Celtic Solstice happening here!

Becca's Scrappy Mountain Majesties in baby size!

Pattern from the Free Patterns tab.

A cute and bricky scrappy by ThomasAnn.

Looks like folks are busy at the pressing stations, too!

Pumping Iron!

Where's Tonni??  LOL!

This lovely is called Prickly Pear, and I can't recall the designer's name but it is lovely!

It's been a very full weekend, and I have loved every minute.  There are MORE photos to come.

ALL THREE of these gift-aways are still open to entries!!

Enter to win the July Quilty Box  HERE. Drawing to happen Monday, 8/16/21.

I'm giving away FIVE patterns (including snap closures!) for Gail Mayhue's Busy As A Boss tote with one winner per day starting 8/13/21.  Get your entry in HERE.

TWO Tickets for Quilters Take a Moment are still up for grabs!

Our Quilters Take a Moment virtual event is coming up on September 17-18, 2021!

That's SO CLOSE, you guys!

Quilters Take a Moment is a virtual fundraising event for the nonprofit Quilt Alliance, featuring captivating speakers, deep-dive interviews, joyful conversations, a quilt exhibition and moments of community for quilt lovers everywhere. 

Join us live on September 17 and 18 online, or watch the recorded content any time, anywhere!

Enter to win a free ticket on the original post HERE. I will draw for our two winners THIS FRIDAY 8/13/21.

Ivy says - have a great week, everyone!

Quiltville Quote of the day -

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to be just where I am in my life right now.
Monday for me means that this new week is a clean slate.
And I hope to get some fun quilting time in today!

How about you? What's up for your day today?



  1. gawwdddd i need a quilty retreat....my fun tank is way beyond empty....lol

    1. No quilting toxay. Coming home from Gulf Shores to Arkansas with my daughter, granddaughter and her friend. Little trip before they go back to college.

  2. In the cat Olympics, Ivy would get a gold medal for that perfect "meatloaf" position. :)

    1. My DH calls that ‘slipper mode’”

    2. I love the 'meatloaf' position. I have heard it called 'monorail'!

  3. Love those whiskers.

  4. Monday Monday! LOL to Charlotte M. "MEATLOAF" (I remember those songs so well. Bonnie, I hope you get some 'fun quilting' time in! I have some planned as well. ANY quilting I get done is fun these days. But first, mailout to grandson (needs new shoes) Bills... waiting to see if side effects from my injection will surface before I get too carried away... New medications these days are more awful than what is wrong with you... what ever happened to old fashioned drugs that took care of the problem without the drama??? gahhhhh BLESSED DAY Bonnie and followers :) <3

  5. I love looking at all the quilts in progress and finishes. Beautiful work! Bonnie can you please post the name & designer of the strip quilt set on point in solids on the left in the first photo and on the right behind the Wanderlust table runner. I am loving all the colours these ladies are using in all of the quilts ....so bright and happy in all the quilts.

    1. I'm curious to know also, maybe we can find out tomorrow. Looks like it's just strip sets cut in equilateral triangles and assembled in rows. It would take me a while but I could probably figure out what the strip width would be. It's the size of the blocks and the colors used that is making it such a gorgeous quilt. There's nothing shy about this one.

  6. Prickly Pear is a design by Sharon Holland Designs.

  7. Wow, what eye candy. So much fun being had. Thanks for sharing all your adventures.

    Ellie, if I'm not mistaken, the quilt is from a book by Evelyn Sloopy called Strips and Strings. I have it on my list to make. Have a jelly roll set aside for it I purples and blues.

  8. Thanks Bonnie for a Great beginning to the week! No quilting or sewing for me for awhile. I have a garden tour to go on tis evening at a Peony farm I have been wanting to visit. No playing in the dirt for me today either, as it has been raining hard yesterday. Maybe it can dry out a bit before it starts in again!

    Such beautiful work being done by these ladies! I Just LOVE seeing all the quilts being posted as they come together! Yes, You are at a beautiful point in your life, and Thank You, for sharing your beautiful Quiltville Inn w/ us quilters!

    Have a Beautiful, Blessed week everyone!

  9. Ivy is precious. It almost seems like she is saying "Have a great week...or else!" I know she is a sweetheart but she looks a bit terse. Is she tiring of being hounded by the paparazzi? Bonnie, thanks so much for sharing the retreat pictures!

  10. I think Ivy is saying "Don't even THINK of asking me to move". She knows who rules the roost.

  11. I’m getting to know my new to me Featherweight! I have a few mending projects to do with her help. Piecing will be coming soon!!

  12. Waiting in the Drs consulting rooms at the moment, expecting to be admitted for another shoulder replacement. Ironing has become so difficult, cannot press firmly enough, so possibly 4 to 6 weeks of no sewing 😖😖

  13. Quiltville is a wonderful retreat! Great job Karen and Kaye!

  14. Good to see Ivy again. Are she and Zoey still best friends? There are many beautiful quilts in progress. I admire the the talent and energy involved!

  15. What is the name of the quilt behind Toni and her Prickly Pear quilt?


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