Saturday, August 21, 2021

Three Cheers For The Weekend!

Good morning from the Naughty Room Quilters -

Who weren't being very naughty at all - really.

Or in other words, "What happens at quilt retreat - STAYS at quilt retreat!"

We've been enjoying the cool bits of being outside as seen here by yesterday morning's breakfast on the porch.

August can be a bit stifling when the afternoon humidity builds - so the porch has found its most occupied times to be during breakfast, and late evening around dinner time when soft Appalachian breezes begin to waft through.

In the evening hours we roll down the wooden slat blinds to block that last bit of summer sun before it drops behind the mountain at evening fall.

And inside - the shenanigans continue!

See this No Whining Zone sign?  It's mobile!

And if you are caught whining - it will crown your table - until the next person who whines is found and it moves to THEIR table! LOL!

This occurrence usually happens around the event of any seam ripping - or the occasional stow-away triangle being sewn between a pair where it didn't belong.  Which also requires a seam ripping.

Hysterical shirt!

"We're more than Quilting Friends - We're like a really small gang....."  LOL!

Al1 120 four-patches are chained here, ready for pressing and seam spinning!

Yesterday was our light workshop day - we did a bit of getting started, but then I had to run for that round of appointments, and while I was away, the naughty girls went to go play at Batiks, Etc - and hit up an antique mall or two.

We'll have make up time today!  This is how great it is to be able to do a workshop over the span of an entire retreat and enjoy our time together with zero stress!

(Except for that roaming No Whining sign!)

You asked for a better photo!

So here they are!

A "friend" of the group has a cake decorating business, and used her mad skills to print the image of the inn on to flat marshmallows

Super uber cool!  But no one is sure exactly what these will do when roasting them for fire pit night tonight - I guess we'll find out!.  

New glasses!

Not much different than the last -

But these are so much lighter, and the lenses are thinner - I'm very happy with them.

But the biggest news of all:

Casden's first week of kindergarten!

He wants to be a race car driver!

And I am completely tickled pink that Ashlyn and Jeff would use his Scooby Doo quilt as the photo back drop!  It's such an exciting year for these little kids just starting out.

I keep thinking that by the time they graduate (13 years from now?) they likely won't even remember what this whole pandemic thing was and how it stressed out all of the grown-ups.

Little do they know right now how badly those grown-ups just want to keep the little ones safe as they embark on this journey of learning and growing.

That's one tuckered out little man-

Kindergarten will just take it out of ya!

Goodness they DO grow so fast!

And in other quilty news -

This binding is not getting sewn very fast at all! LOL!

So here we are at Saturday - and we've got plans in place.  Zoey and I will be taking a handful of Naughty Quilters on a hike up Bear Branch road this morning.

It looks BEAUTIFUL out right now so we are going to seize that opportunity.

Workshop day will start about 11am, so those who aren't going with us can have a leisurely start to enjoy their mornings on the porch.

It's the last official workshop day - so I am hoping we will start seeing stars appearing for their Jared Takes a Wife quilts by nightfall. (Free Patterns tab)

Along with fire pit night, we want to do our photos of quilts over the porch rail when the sun is shining on that Western facing side of the house.

And of course, we'll fill up all of the in between times with music (And yes, there was dancing!) and sewing and laughing and eating, and even some napping if folks desire - 

It's the weekend and we are here to enjoy it.

What is happening in your world this weekend?

In other quilty views -

This photo from  @thecolorfulom came through my Instagram feed and I fell in love with how she is making her Rivanna quilt in scrappy everything!  FANTASTIC!

Keep sharing those photos and tag me in them so I can see what you are making and cheer you on!

This quilt was so much fun to make!

I used the Creative Grids 45 degree ruler to trim my string pieced units.

I printed my block quarter templates on Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper.

Are you excited to dive in??

The printable PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.  The introductory price is already marked 25% off - no coupon code required!

The introductory price is good through 8/31/21, and will revert back to full on 9/1/2021.

To sweeten this deal, let's have a Gift-Away!

I will be drawing for one lucky winner to receive a PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson for them AND A FRIEND!


Our winner (And their friend!) will EACH receive a This n' That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

And yes, there are other colors available (neutrals too!) so go give them a look-see.  I love the variety they provide.

Fabric prize must be shipped to a USA address. If you are drawn and live outside of the USA, we can ship the fabric prize to a friend inside the USA who can then forward it on to you.

To be entered to win, visit the original post HERE! I will draw for our winner (and their friend) on Friday, 8/27/202.  Days are counting down - that's less than a week away now!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The one thing that was instilled in me from a very young age is that there is no growth without struggle.
This started from the kindergarten activity of planting a seed in a Dixie cup and waiting for it to emerge from the soil, green leaves pushing upward.
Such is life. ⁣
We are who we are thanks to our struggles as well as our joys and successes!
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



  1. What an adorable photo of Casden! The little sign is such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing the photos, Bonnie. The retreats look amazing and it is so fun to see what is going on.

  2. Oh what a thrill to see Casden’s first school picture with your quilt as the background! Love the new glasses. That’s a “drum roll moment” when you put the new glasses on for the first time. What joy when the prescription turns out to be exactly what you needed! They look great! The colorful Rivanna is beautiful!! Hope today is good!

  3. What a great back to school photo! Such a cutie pie!
    Hope the Naughty quilters have a great day!

  4. Casden is such a cutie so excited to start school. Your right 13 years from now the pandemic will be history for him. Love your new glasses. I need to find some as well. All your quilt retreats look like such fun! Just what a quilter needs. Have a great weekend.

  5. Whatta cutie! Thanks for sharing with us. Brought a smile to my face too!

  6. Whatta cutie! And so fun to celebrate these milestones. Thanks for sharing us too.

  7. Thank you for posting…it’s my morning news, far more interesting and always good news. Great start to my day. I’m enjoying the cool morning under the awning of our trailer in St. George , Utah. We are asking a scenic drive up on the ridge that overlooks the valley. This is so different than Seattle…..

  8. Enjoying the posts. Saturday at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Irving, TX with shopping, ribbon on quilt and my drawing a sewing machine.

  9. Such a sweet photo of Casden. I taught Kindergarten for many years and it was always so much to have all the parents scurrying around taking photos and helping organize everything for their little kiddo:). I would like to know how to make those letters in the quilt. Where would I find that? Thank you for all you do to help us have a fun quilting time!

  10. Your quotes have been particularly apt for me this week. Are you reading my mind? lol

  11. Love the quilt as the backdrop. So so sweet. Also love the 'tuckered out' photo. Such a milestone. Lucky boy to have you all in his corner! Thanks for sharing these great photos. I want to make one of the name quilts, so I am now inspired as I have a quilt in the works for one of my granddaughters, so I will use it on the back! Also, thanks for the inspiration for directional fabric as the backing ( recent post, blue backing- not sure which of your amazing quilts it was on), but you matched the hanging sleeve to a center panel which takes all the guess work out of how to match us the direcitonal fabric. I had selected some directional fabric to back my finished Frolic, but paniced when I thought about trying to match it up to make it big enough. I had set is aside to search for a different back, but now all I have to do is make/find a center panel, I'm going to look to see if I had any leftover parts and pieces first from Frolic and then go from there. Everyday an inspiration- thank you Bonnie for all the time and energy you put into this blog.


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