Thursday, August 12, 2021

Finishing Up An Oldie!

It was May 2019 when I accepted an invite to attend the Ashe County Quilter's retreat out at Laurel Ridge. Visit that post HERE.

My project?  Taking the leftovers from all of the blocks I made the wrong way - and replicating a quilt I made for my nephew Henry. 

Who was that young chicken?

And this is where that quilt sat - until yesterday.

It was the day after removing the Boxy Bow Ties from my long arm after the scaling of the repeat issue.  And I was still pretty fuming mad at myself - I should know better.  I've been long-arming since 1995 and have had my machine computerized since 2008.

After getting things ready for the TADA Quilters' arrival I looked around, spied a corner of this little ditty from the rack that holds quilts-in-progress and decided to just "Slap something on there and call it done."

Borders going on!

Several have asked how I measure for my borders - and I know I've explained it many times, but we always have new folks so I'll reiterate a bit again here.

The most important thing is that your quilt measures the same in 3 places - 


And the other direction:  TOP. CENTER. BOTTOM.

If you "average" your measurements for your borders and that measurement is LONGER than what your actual center measurement is - you WILL have borders that flare at the corners, and scoop in at the side centers.

Your sides MUST be the same length as your center measurement for a quilt to lay square and flat.

Likewise, if your "averaged" border measurement is SHORTER than your true center measurement, Your quilt top will bulge at the top and side centers, and your quilt top may balloon in the center because the borders are too tight.

I lay out the quilt top so it is flat and straight.  And then I measure my borders from top to bottom through the center of the quilt top  to cut my side borders this length.  They are the same length as the true center measurement is. The quilt top will have the same measurement  SIDE. CENTER. SIDE.

Once these are attached, I measure the opposite direction, from side to side through the center of the quilt, including the borders just added in this measurement.

The quilt will have the same measurements TOP. CENTER. BOTTOM.

Here I am measuring and cutting the top and bottom outer borders. 

There will be no wavy borders, no swoopy corners, and no ballooning centers if you do this.  Your quilt will lay flat and square!  Try it!

I think this top was just waiting for that blue Kaffe dot to arrive in my stash!

It looks pretty good, don't you think?

Here is a photo of Henry's quilt that I am replicating:

July 2017!

I even took the time to zig-zag some hunks and chunks of batting margins together for the batting.  

Yes, It took time, but it gave these scraps that were big enough to save a place to land - and gave me a bit more breathing room in that bin.

I didn't get the quilting started - about the time I got the backing, top and batting loaded into the long-arm, a text came that the TADA quilters were about 45 minutes away.


This was about 6:30pm last evening as cars were being unloaded to the porch!

It was a long drive from Erie, and folks were famished by the time they were here - so we all trundled off to Corner Market for dinner on the outside porch.

It was a long day for me too, so I said my goodnights after dropping folks back, and I'm headed over this morning to grab those who want to do a walk this morning.

From there - who knows!

Writing for Rocky Road to Grayson is underway.  I've got graphics drawn.  I'm waiting on optional rulers to arrive - 

And photography NEEDS to really happen, so I'm hoping for that this weekend as well.

If it all comes together - be watching for this pattern to be available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store on MONDAY!  And yes - there will be an introductory price slash, and yes, we will be gifting away a fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts

And ALL OF THIS is still going on:

ALL THREE of these gift-aways are still open to entries!!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Look for the beauty.
it is everywhere!
Have a beautiful Thursday every one!



  1. I try to see beauty in the ordinary and the more I look the more I find.

  2. This quote is YOU! Whenever I am telling anybody about "Bonnie Hunter" I tell them how sweet you are and that you can look at the world as a child and see the wonder in it. I remember seeing the South end of a North bound rhino and you you thought he was just grand! May your life continue to be "wonderfilled".

  3. Thank you Bonnie for all your beautiful quilt patterns you design. I have just started trying to make Emerald City. I have so many green strings and baskets of green fabric to use . I am working on cutting out all those HST. And also still trying to finish up the leader and ender from 2018. I put it aside to work on some other things and need to get it finished for my niece.

  4. I'm so close to being able to sew in my new house. Everything is in place except the machine table. I have lined up a man with a truck - a good friend - for friday. The table, plus my snow tires, a small dresser and trash cans will be moved.

  5. Oh my gosh, that you for that explanation on how to measure for borders - I never knew that you have made my day!

  6. I have a question about the border measuring….if all three measurements aren’t the same, do you trim till they are?

    1. My question,too

    2. Do NOT trim. Ease in the difference by pinning before you so. Works every time. Have fun.

    3. My understanding is that Bonnie does NOT measure three places - Just through the middle, and that is the measurement she uses. Then you equally distribute the border to the side (or top and bottom) Pining at both ends and the middle, and your quilt is the same top to bottom, or side to side.

    4. Do you have to take apart the whole thing and re-do it if they are not the same? If I understand correctly, Bonnie is saying you shouldn't be easing the excess or stretching the border strip.

  7. That Kaffe dot is perfect for the border! I really want to say thank you for your instructions on measuring for the borders. As a longarmer, I wish more quilters did it this way.

  8. That quilt it absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m not sure what I love about it, I mean, I love all your quilts, but that one just zings!

  9. I had a huge laugh when I saw your photo of the sewing stuff the TADAs unloaded! Gotta be prepared! Know all will be having a WONDERFUL few days at Quiltville Inn!!!! Can't wait for instructions for ROCKY ROAD! Thanks for info re: how to measure borders! Invaluable!!! You are THE BEST, Bonnie!!!!

  10. I do understand why one would want the measurements across the quilt to be the same. However, it often happens to me that they aren't. Some times they are a little bit off( 1/8 to 1/4) and sometimes more(up to a 1/2 inch). What would you consider tolerable and what does one do to correct this? Thank you for your answer.

    1. It doesn't matter if the sides are different. I only use the center measurement.

  11. Congrats on finishing up that fabulous UFO, Bonnie!!

  12. I love that quilt that you used to explain the way you measure for the borders. What pattern is that, and is that pattern available? Thanks for your fun and informative blogs.

    1. There is no pattern currently available as I haven't finished the quilt yet.


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