Friday, August 20, 2021

Naughty Room Quilters Inductee!

I found myself an honorary member of the Naughty Room Quilters yesterday at Quiltville Inn!

They took over the Quilting Quarters in Naughty Room Quilter's style - filling the place with raucously loud laughter, silly stories and a whole lot of camaraderie and friendship. 

Why do they call themselves the Naughty Room Quilters?  Okay members, correct me if I'm wrong but what I got in yesterday's explanation was:

The building where the guild meets has two rooms - one main room and an annex, and when sewing days are set up, some folks overflow into the annex room.  And because there was so much FUN going on in the annex room (the main room must have been way too serious?!) the annex room became known as The Naughty Room.

I'll double check on that today.

But based on what I know - I think the Naughty Room is the place I want to be too!

Especially if they are serving up delights like this for BREAKFAST:

Homemade apfelstrudel y'all!

And there were TWO of them.

And there is no more left.  LOL!

(You really do wish you could smell this, don't you?)

Our workshop quilt, Jared Takes a Wife!

Quilters Getting Quilty in the Quiltville Inn Naughty Room!

There are other projects going up on design walls too -

We are breaking up the Jared Takes a Wife workshop into 3 sessions - so they can work on it a bit, set it aside, and work on something else that they brought when they feel the need to switch gears.

I love giving workshops over a several day span - no stress to get it all presented in a mere 6 hour session.

Oh, I love that autumn colors are starting to appear!

I like to sew with the season at hand.  It is really hard for me to make Christmas items in July, for example.

But September is only 11 days away! I think it is safe to start thinking of cozy warm colors, and dream of Pumpkin Spice Everything, don't you?

Appalachian Autumn top nearly finished!

Nothing naughty about this beauty at all.

I know these photos are blurry - it's the wrapper -

But do you see this?

No, it is not soap!  It's MARSHMELLOWS! and they are printed with edible images of Quiltville Inn - let's hope that our fire pit night stays on track weather-wise for Saturday night!

Isn't this all too cool??

My main question - will they turn my teeth blue? LOL!

And as to the new couch arrangement at home?  this didn't take long to adjust to:

Not long at all!

The only thing we have to watch out for is Ivy going UNDER the couch when the recliner foot rests are up.  Evidently, she thinks that is a good place to hide.

This quilt was so much fun to make!

I used the Creative Grids 45 degree ruler to trim my string pieced units.

I printed my block quarter templates on Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper.

Are you excited to dive in??

The printable PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.  The introductory price is already marked 25% off - no coupon code required!

The introductory price is good through 8/31/21, and will revert back to full on 9/1/2021.

To sweeten this deal, let's have a Gift-Away!

I will be drawing for one lucky winner to receive a PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson for them AND A FRIEND!


Our winner (And their friend!) will EACH receive a This n' That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

And yes, there are other colors available (neutrals too!) so go give them a look-see.  I love the variety they provide.

Fabric prize must be shipped to a USA address. If you are drawn and live outside of the USA, we can ship the fabric prize to a friend inside the USA who can then forward it on to you.

To be entered to win, visit the original post HERE! I will draw for our winner (and their friend) on Friday, 8/27/202.  That's one week from today, folks!

My day today is a bit interrupted - I'll have a short session with the Naughty Room girls this morning to get them started on the next step, and then I have a couple of appointments that I can't miss.

I'm still having some issues after the stairwell fall, so I need to keep that physical therapy appointment.  And on the way back from that, there are my new glasses to pick up.

But I'll be back in-house as quickly as I can this afternoon and we'll pick up right where we left off.

(Will the Naughty Room girls be caught misbehaving?  I HOPE SO!)

How about your plans for Friday and the weekend ahead?  Anything fun going on?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There are two people you should wish to be proud of you in this life.
Your 8 year old self. And your 98 year old self.
Do something today that would make both of them smile!

Happy Friday, folks!



  1. LOVE!! Have a great day!

  2. Put a piece of aluminum foil under the recliner for the length of the underside. Cats hate to walk on that stuff and the shiny bothers them, too. Maybe a squirt of vinegar to boot. She'll give up the space and be safe. Marilyn Marks

  3. The Naughty Room has better, more sturdy tables. I actually REQUEST to go to the annex room with the brown tables for this reason. And then we all hung out. And then it got crazy. And now they're there and I'm here. Signed, Kathleen, also a member of the Naughty Girls! Say hi to everybody!

    1. Where are y'all at in Illinois? I'm down in Edwardsville Illinois

  4. Love today's quote! We all have a past. :)

  5. We are RVing in the southwest, exploring the Grand Circle of national parks with a group of 27 people. Just met them last night and there is another quilter, yes!, among us. We are taking a side trip while in town to Superior Threads. Can hardly wait.

    1. What a fun RVing time you will all have. WOW!!! A chance in a life time to explore the national parks in the southwest. Great side trip with your new quilting friend. Superior Threads will be a real treat. I've never been to Superior Threads or to the national parks. Have fun.

  6. We have to watch out for cats under the reclining loveseat, too. Hey, with that extra space next to you, maybe Zoey and Ivy will let you turn a binding corner a little more easily in the evenings!

  7. I need to get my quilting time in this morning (need to get off of computer). This afternoon I am going to pick up my 7 year old grandson so he can spend the night and have some MawMaw time. He has done so good his first week in regular 2nd grade school, last year he was home schooled. Have a fantastic day Bonnie!!!

  8. I have never seen printed marshmallows. What a cool idea!

  9. watch out for those marshmallows! :) Is it one of those "special" edibles on them? Hmmmm .... please let us know! lol

  10. There are a lot of people who should take today's quote to heart not just about their own lives, but in how they look at and treat other people.

  11. Love how your animals are so much a part of your family. Mine are as well. God bless you.

  12. well it has the zoey stamp of approval...ROFL!

  13. The house must be so happy to have people in it again. The walls are enjoying the laughter and comaraderie! Bonnie, you and the hubster have created such a wonderful place!


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