Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quilt-Cam! 1/25/2017

Quilt –Cam, the embedded version!

We just finished a really fun Quilt-Cam session via Facebook Live, and here I am with the recap and the video embedding so those who couldn’t be with us can easily catch it too!

I’ve also found it fun to share some of the things that have been shared with me during Quilt-Cam so you can see what everyone else has been up to as well.

The first thing I wanted to do was show you a bit about my set up at the machine.  I’ve added text to this photo.  This is especially for those who “don’t get it” on why I can’t charge the tablet while streaming.

If I were to do a front facing video from just the tablet alone, with no external camera, EVERYTHING would be in mirror image.  The whole video would be backwards.  It would look as if I were sewing at a left handed sewing machine.  Just WEIRD!  If my shirt said anything, it also would be backwards.

The alternative and solution to that is my external camera.  You can see it balanced on top of the laptop.  The cord is plugged into the white adapter that has a micro end that fits the charging port in the tablet.  It’s this charging port that also runs the external camera. 

Do you see now why I can’t charge AND use the camera at the same time?  Hopefully this helps.  And it isn’t a problem, as long as I remember to CHARGE THE TABLET before Quilt-Cam starts.

And we were good to go!


Celeste’s mini En Provence!

Can you believe this is only 36” X 36”??



This one belongs to Mac!
She writes:
Hello from Savannah, GA!
I'm Mac, my mom- Kristy- and I are both avid quilters and LOVE keeping up with you, your projects, and your stories! This year was my third mystery observing my mother and my first participation. She applied your colors and went scrappy, I went all solid and bold, but kept the same units. It was such a joy and of course brought us even closer. Thank you for the joy you share with all of us!
My jaw dropped.  This is beyond stunning.  What folks are doing with this design just blows me away!  AWESOME!


This beauty is from Yevette in Australia!

Hi Bonnie,

So happy to catch you on Quiltcam today, it is our Australia Day so it’s a day off! I haven’t managed to catch you live for over a year so it’s extra special.

I spent the early morning down the beach then back to watch you! No sewing at the moment, I have to go and get a quilt from my longarmer later this morning and there will be binding today! 

Thank you so much for the En Provence mystery, it is a beautiful design and every single cone I have seen looks gorgeous. The hallmark of a great design (IMHO) is that it looks great in any colourway! I chose to make two. I have finished one top in a gelato colourway with pinks instead of purples.
Quilt number 2!
And I am half way through making a dark colourway to go on my bed, to match colours in a killim on my bedroom floor. I love the effect the  grey directional fabric gives to this one! 

Thank you for everything, I still hope to take one of your courses or meet you in person one day. 

Kind regards from Australia
There were so many great photo-shares and stories.  I just love that you come to spend this time with me in my studio and we get to sew together.

I haven’t made it through all the emails yet, it will take some time and we are at bedtime now here in North Carolina, I’ll be answering more emails tomorrow morning.


My evening started HERE.

The blue string bucket is over-flowing and I need 84 string blocks for a border on the Dawn’s Early Light quilt.  84!!  I’m not sure it will make a dent in this mess, but I’m going to give it my best try.


These are the border units I’m shooting for.

Did I mention there are 84!?

And through it all I have to laugh because Irene and I are sharing some kind of alternate universe.


At first glimpse I thought this was my machine, my tablet.

But that is NOT my design wall, nor my strips in the machine!

This is Irene’s view from where SHE is sewing!  HAHAHA!

Are you ready for Quilt-Cam?  Here you go:
It was a terrific evening, and I’m going to bed a happy girl.

Have a lovely evening, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for Quiltcam tonight, Bonnie! It even got my two little boys to watch for a bit.

    For this year's Leader-Ender challenge... maybe flying geese? Or log cabins?

  2. You mentioned your Straits of Macinack quilt. I just made a lap quilt with that block using reds and blacks. Will try to get a photo to show you. Still to be quilted. My dayghter picked the colors as it was for her boyfriend for Christmas. Also finished piecing my Smith Mountain Morning from the Eatonville, Wa retreat a year ago last Oct. It's wonderful. It too is waiting it's turn on my quilt machine.

    Had to watch quilt cam later as I can't watch anything via facebook.

    And Happy belated Birthday. (Our anniversary 35 years)

  3. HI Bonnie:
    Great Post. I am watching your Quilt Cam on my Computer, and put it on full screen. You came through loud and Clear. It is also my first time to watch Quilt Cam. I never seem to know in advance when they will be. If I know a couple days in advance, maybe I can send pictures of what I am working on. I am working on En Provence and a UFO Donation Baby Quilt for Autism Awareness Extravaganza locally. It will be in March or April, we have not decided on a date yet. So, En Provence gets put on the back burner for now.

    It was great to see you live!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has warmed up to Freezing (32 degrees) which is not good. It will make the roads very slick and snow will start to melt, which is not good for the Tustamena 200 Sled Dog Race This weekend.

  4. Thanks for a fun quilt cam. I have a ipad and for some reason can't watch live, I have t watch after the fact. It says something about a flash. I remembered I have a PC tablet so next time will have it charged and watch along. Loved seeing what you were working on, as well as all the other beautiful quilts and projects.

  5. It's been a couple of months since I have watched a quilt cam and I can't get the sound to work. I have a Dell Latitude notebook. Anyone know how to check the sound or test it?
    Thanks for any help.
    Dian in Twin Oaks, CA



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