Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lazy Saturday -

This is the view out my dining area window as I sit and type this morning’s blog post.

My brain is not cooperating.

I slept too long.

I think I needed it, yesterday was crazy busy and last evening we ended up at Rick & Mona’s new place for a steak dinner.  So much fun to sit and talk and catch up and let Beanie and Sadie play.  They can’t get enough of each other, and you can feel the joy when they are together.

In fact, Sadie KNEW what I was talking about when I asked her if she wanted to go see Beanie:


Beanie?!  EARS UP!

This is her flying nun impersonation with those ears.  So stinking cute.  This is also the look she gives you when you are holding a piece of pepperoni as a treat.  In other words, this look covers “all favorite things.”  and into the car we went for our drive to Boomer, NC.

I had a stop to make in Wilkesboro – I had to pick up the septic permit for our cabin so we can start digging to add another line taking this tank from 2 bedrooms to 3.  This was NOT disclosed when we purchased the cabin 3 years ago.  We feel we need to make it right with the next buyers.  This is on the head of our original listing agent who neglected to pull the permit and have the correct information not only on the listing of this cabin when we were looking at it, but also at CLOSING.  Nothing was ever disclosed as to this tank only having a 2 bedroom permit. 

The Virginia Cabin has a THREE bedroom tank, and you can bet we were sure to have that checked out.

**In North Carolina you can only BY LAW list a dwelling as having the maximum number of bedrooms that a tank is permitted for.  Listing OUR cabin as a 3 bedroom when we bought it was illegal.  It should only have been listed as a 2 bedroom on a 2 bedroom tank.  It was plainly listed as a 3 bedroom and no disclosure on the tank.**

Right now this SAME listing agent who had our place listed has another place on the mountains – the listing says FIVE BEDROOMS.  It’s on a 2 bedroom tank.  Legally it should only be listed as a 2 bedroom.  This guy is shifty.

And that’s more than you wanted to know.  But the permit is here and they will start digging in the next week or so.  This makes me sad because trees have to come down to do it. *SIGH*


Busy happy girls, can’t get them to sit still!

We had a lovely time, and it was late by the time we left their place, stopped at the grocery store to pick up what we need for the weekend and get up here.  At which point the wind was howling, fine snow was falling (Zero accumulation though – happy for that!) and started to unload stuff inside.  The thermostadt read 56 degrees inside.  Time to fire up the gas logs and get some warmth going!


I love these inserts!!

We have one in the downstairs, and one on the main floor and they heat the whole cabin.  Clean and efficient and they put out a lot of heat as there are fans on them.  We WILL be doing this at the new place too.  We are getting too old to want to chop wood, and I certainly don’t want to have to clean up the mess of wood burning either.


Baby, it’s COLD outside!

Sadie and I went for a VERY SHORT WALK at 8am before breakfast.  It’s windy, but cloudless and clear.  Perfect for staying INSIDE to sew.


West Ridge through the trees.


THIS will be getting borders this weekend.

Dawn’s Early Light is together, but needs two inner borders added, and then the string border that I started working on during Quilt-Cam.  It’s going to be a weekend of machine time.


I am READY to start in!


I am READY to sew this down!


And if I finish?

I have been pulling “everything aqua” into this tote in prep for the next string quilt down the line – Straits of Mackinac! My life is all about string quilts until I get this next book off to the publisher.  I’m closing in on the number of quilts needed for this book (12) and I still keep coming up with MORE THINGS STRINGS, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping the string piecing any time soon.

Sometimes things just spark laughter in the kitchen:
The Hubster to me while making breakfast: "You know, your shirt is inside out?"
Me: (Thinking quickly) "Yes, the other side is covered with sewing threads."
I then stepped quickly into the bathroom to turn it right side out. This is 55 rearing it's head!
Bethany Update:

I posted an update yesterday about my cousin Bethany’s mission trip to Aruba.  I have some more news for you today!


This little pup is a dump rescue.

Bethany posts: “I will never get tired of looking at this sweet girl”

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could just dump a litter of puppies at the dump and walk away.  But what she is doing in Aruba will help. 


Yesterday’s outing! 
We were able to go to the one of the local schools here and education a group of 6th graders about taking care of your animals and the importance of spaying and neutering the dogs and cats here on the island.

Even just things as simple as feeding your dog 2x a day and making sure they have plenty of water during the day.

In Aruba, dogs are looked at as "doorbells" not pets. So they are chained up outside a home with an extremely short chain, no food or water.

The students were so eager to learn and had so many amazing stories to tell us!

It all stars with a younger generation to bring change to the island.


Our thanks continue to those who opened their hearts in helping send Bethany on this trip that is making such a difference in not only the lives of these precious animals, but also in the lives of the children who are learning how to properly respect and care for them.

I will continue to post updates as they come in to me!

Time to GO SEW!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

Encourage your creativity. Feed your imagination. Lift your heart. Listen to your inner voice. Do what brings you joy!

Do it TODAY.


  1. Waking up to a Snowy sky in Wyoming. I'm loving my Grandma time here. The Moutains are beautiful covered in snow. They have piles and piles of the white stuff. It's warm and toasty in my Son's home. Have a fun weekend stitching Bonnie! Getting older isn't fir sissies.

  2. That border is going to be so stunning on that quilt! It's always so fun (and inspiring!) to watch your design process unfold. Thanks for letting us 'peek behind the curtain' as often as you do.

  3. Thank you for the update on Bethany and her mission work. We were one of the hundreds of your readers to help her. We love animals and have many rescue here in Tn. One little Beagle with breast cancer came in and no shelter would take her. We had the lump removed and she has been spayed. She was used as a hunting dog and never knew the inside, a warm bed, food, water and the touch of a hand as love. Right now her whole body shakes and moves when she sees us and it's time to eat. She is one of 4 of our rescue dogs. She is very sweet and has a good life now.

    Still working on the MQ. I think it's like a rabbit the more I sew the more pieces that grow. LOL.

    Thanks for you all you and so glad Bethany is doing well. Makes my heart sing.

  4. What a newsy update! Time to get up off the couch with the iPad and get going myself! God Bless Bethany for giving of her time and heart!

  5. What wonderful creature comforts those gas logs are! We have one like yours without the fan but I live by it during these cold snaps. Love your mountains and these are wonderful good-bye photos to treasure as you begin your new adventure. Can't wait for you to start showing us your new place. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Finally put my first MQ block together. I will use the excuse "I am slow but I am old". I had to make myself close the sewing room door at 2 am and will ignore that area of the house until weekend chores are done. Thank you so much Bonnie for sharing such a beautiful quilt with us

  7. 55 is nothing for doing the inside out clothes thing.....I noticed the other day while taking off undertakings, that BOTH were inside out!! Welcome to the CMS (can't 'member $hit) club!!

  8. YIKES, that's awful about the dogs!! I'm heading there in a week. I imagine that in places like Jamaica and Belize but thought Aruba was better than that. Is Mona's place close to your new place? Guess not if you had dinner there on way up to your place. Have fun stitching!

  9. love your new string quilt, that's really pretty.
    so glad that you found a new home to look forward to.
    enjoy the cozy gas logs. I know we'll need such heat here pretty soon.
    hope that Sadie and Beany have lots of fun play time too.

  10. I loved this post, I could almost hear the "I'm going to miss this place" in your words, but better things are coming. You should repot that realtor to the realtors Board, and let them know how Shifty he is! I think what Bethany is doing is wonderful, didn't know that there was so much knowledge needed in Aruba! I love the Dawn's early light quilt, when it comes out, I will want to be making this one! Thanks for showing us your work. Have a great day, and weekend, hugs to Sadie, I just love her soulful eyes!

  11. Your inside out T shirt is probably more a result of your recent schedule than your age. It reminded me of this poem, though, which made me smile.....
    Palmer, Alaska

    "Mama's Nightgown"

    This morning, Mama's
    smiling and humming
    and her nightgown's inside out.
    The boys are noisy,
    the dog's barking,
    she doesn't even shout.
    And Papa?
    he's laughing and dancing
    through the house,
    'cause Mama's nightgown
    is inside out.

  12. Bonnie please report the 5 BR with a 2BR permit to the oversight agency. You are very fortunate to be able to afford to fix your issue, but in the case of my daughter moving out of her home a few years back, she wasn't. Luckily the house was sold as is and the misinformation was covered and the new owner could get a loan. I think the realty association should take action against this man, but at least you can fix the one case you know about.

  13. Hi Bonnie! I was just thinking of Bethany the other day, so great to hear her news! Such a wonderful mission! I love the stripe boarder. That is a stunning quilt! Have to add that pattern to my list to do! Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

  14. Today was cold but clear hear in Arkansas. It seemed to be a great day for sewing on En Provence. I was merrily working along with putting the blocks together when it occurred to me that my purple 4 patches had either gotten lost, or I hadn't made enough. Well of course I misread and made 68 instead of 168. Thankfully it was an easy fix and can continue on my way now that I have sewn more 4 patches. Can't wait until you can get into your new cabin.

  15. I love the new quilt. It's amazing what you do with strips of fabrics.

    As to the shifty realtor, these practices must be reported to the state licensing agency and you may want to consider filing a professional liability claim against him to recover your costs (you likely have a limited time within which to file a claim; your attorney will advise you whether the statute has run - the timeline may have begun when you discovered the oversight). I was an underwriter for professional liability insurance for many years (in another state) and saw plenty of this kind of unprofessional conduct; it can only be ended when it's brought out into the light.

    Thank you again for sharing your enthusiasm for quilting and life.

  16. "Mama's Nightgown" really made me LOL !!!!! I sometimes will wear old sweatshirts in side out because over the years the inside gets rather "pilly" and feels rough. I cannot tell you how many times people have tapped me on the shoulder and said "do you know your shirt is on backwards?" My favorite line back to them is "do you know the difference between backwards and inside out?" They walk away with a very perplexed look on their face :-) And since I am in my mid 70's, I am sure that they think I don't know the difference!! I am still loving my antique Emdeko sewing machine, and recently saw an old blue Morse in the same shop that I found the Emdeko. May have to pay a visit to that 2nd hand shop again Thank you Bonnie, for ALL you do for us

  17. So glad you had a chance to visit with Mona and Rick ... and that Sadie and Beanie got to visit too.

    I was a Realtor and a Real Estate Broker for many years. There is a possibility that this real estate person is not too bright, rather than being a sleezeball. Never the less, he should have errors and omissions insurance so by all means do file a complaint. Professionals carry insurance for just such instances. It is an imposition and will take a bit of your time, but it will be worth it for you and those who come after you.

    I am still doing the happy dance for you over your new cabin. Not having so much connectivity to the techie stuff might be a blessing. Just think of unplugging and getting back to plugging into your soul and your family and all the beauty around you. I think this is just what you need. Although we all love your blogs and Quilt Cam we love YOU enough to wish you some quality time just for yourself.

    I just finished a baby sized Boxy Stars and it was so addicting that I am making a King Sized one for Rick and I. Thank you.

  18. As I continue each week to spend a bit of time working on my mystery quilt, I will now include a mindful thought for Bethany and the work she is doing in Aruba. I don't think I understood the magnitude as I donated my little bit of money to her. I was viewing it more of her needing to do this for herself, to begin her journey of learning to live with her loss. But now I see how important her work is not just for herself. I had no idea- WHY WHY WHY would anyone just dump beautiful living creatures. Thank you to everyone there and elsewhere doing this heartbreaking work.

  19. Go to www.detroitnews.com/staff/27489/jocelynn-brown and see the photo of quilts produced at your Mackinac Island retreat.

  20. I was in Taiwan and noticed that all the dogs looked absolutely horrible. Asked guide if people keep any as pets and she misunderstood me and told me at certain festivals they eat the dogs . So be careful what you eat at a festival there!


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