Saturday, January 07, 2017

Arizona Antique Mall Adventures!

What do busy quilters do when there is 3 hours between the end of our workshop, and the setting up of the evening’s lecture?


And eating too, but antiquing has to be number one on my list when I have time to explore.

For those in snowy climes, this is your moment to sigh.  Do you see that sunshine?  That blue sky?  those palm trees?  How about the fact that we are in short sleeves?

I’m hoping that my time here will add a bit of color to my winter pallor.  It feels so good!

It’s so fun to have other quilters to scan the mall with…..be on the lookout for machines with….on the hunt for folded-up quilted treasures with.

And sometimes…just to be extra SILLY WITH!

(Oh, she is going to shoot me if I post this photo….LOL!)

Oh honey, it’s you!!

I’m sure Andee took a couple of me with the 1970s dresses….I swear I found my inner Susan Dey from the Partridge Family with one of those dresses.  So many giggles.  This is definitely a good time.

Edit:  Here we are:

Oh, Lovely!


Quilt sighting number 1!

This quilt was definitely vintage even though its hard to date solids – especially pink.  But I’m guessing 1940s to 1950s maybe?  There is a softness to vintage hand quilted quilts that just can’t be matched.  Loved and worn and washed and much snuggled…..LOVE this one!


Simple bricks, 1950s.


Wessting house machine, also 1950s!


Double 4 patch top, many decades of fabric in here!

We spent quite a while standing over this top and looking at all the fabrics…it’s just fabulous.  I love how sometimes you see the diagonal chains, and sometimes you don’t.  Like she had a plan, but not enough of her constant fabrics to get her there.  Quilts like this make me keep gazing from corner to corner and trying to unlock all the secrets within.


Close up.

The dark navy indigos in the 4 patches can be as early as 1920, but then there are some big bold prints that can be 1940s to 1950s.  There are feed saks in here as well, and something that looks like a cheater cloth print.  Could this be made by someone who saved scraps from many decades of sewing for themselves and for others?


We fell in love with these fan-flowers on grey.


It looks almost “modern”  And you know how I love fan quilting!


Strings make my heart sing!


And well…um……A for effort!

But what is it?  LOL!


Anyone need a Singer 66?


5 of one kind, 5 of another!


Another nice one, soft and faded.

Crosses and Losses, lovely dress prints.

This one had the softest of cotton sheets used as the backing, and I love how those old sheets were repurposed often as backs, or as the neutral in the front of a quilt.  I wish they made sheets like they used to.  Today’s sheets?  No thanks.  1950s sheets?  Good stuff!


And the string-angels sang!


Be still my string snow-ball loving heart!


Singer 99!

Every time I come across a 99 in my travels I start singing a song from my high school years
99 (ooooooohhhhh) I've been waiting so long
Oh, 99 Where did we go wrong
Oh, 99………I love you
You’ll thank me later for the flashback and the earworm!


Oh, too cute!!


What in the heck?

Iron….Always….with WINGS!


Interesting, but the cord had been cut off.


What’s a quilt hunt without a bit of hexie love?


Or a drunkard’s path?


Or a soft pastel Dresden plate?


And if you are going to have one double wedding ring,


You’ve gotta bet there is another around the corner!

It’s why it’s called a DOUBLE, right?

None of these lovelies are coming home with me.  But I have my photos for inspiration, and we had the BEST BEST time hanging out together, poking in corners and wondering what we would find down the next aisle.

Note:  Baseball bats are not comfy!

Yesterday was a day for relaxing.  A day for long walks, and reading.  A late afternoon for movie going, something I always look forward to when I come to visit my dad.

We saw Hidden Figures!

Fabulous movie! Love love loved it. I just can't say enough about what a great movie this is. If you loved “The Help” And other movies that portray the Civil Rights era. (I’m always interested in this time frame because it is when I was born in 1962) you'll love this movie too.  I can’t believe that this story was “Hidden” for so long. 

Today we are getting OFF of our backsides and going for a family hike this afternoon, followed by a family dinner at my brother’s this evening.

Another day in the AZ sunshine, meanwhile I’m getting photo texts from home of the Snowmageddon that is North Carolina.  Yep!  I picked a great week to be here!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Be yourself. Accept yourself. Value yourself. Forgive yourself. Bless yourself. Express Yourself. Trust yourself. Love your self!

Welcome to the weekend, everyone!

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  1. What a lovely time you are having. I want to see that movie too! And those quilts. I do have a question...where did you get that quilty shirt?? :) I love it!

  2. What a fun trip to the Antique Mall. Lots of 99's. I don't recall that song, so no earworm for me as I sew my mystery corner today. Gotta have something for the link-up. I want to go to the movies, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. I'm a little older, but I remember those days.

  3. How fun for all of you. I hope your good weather keeps up. Storm coming in soon. And, Bonnie, I am enjoying your page much more now that it doesn't jump around. Thank you.

  4. It looks like you hit the motherlode at the antique mall!

  5. Wow, Bonnie! Thank you for the eye candy. I don't know how you had the restraint to pass on some of those oldie but goodie quilts. I don't now if I would have been that strong. There are some beauties there!

  6. Oh man! All those well loved quilts! I wish they cold talk!

  7. I love the A for effort quilt. I thought it looked like a diamond quilt.

    In Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia, it is 3805a or b, Rolling Star and many more names.


  8. Oh, Bonnie! I laughed until I had tears when I saw you shared my cocktail gown photo! Shopping with you, and watching you in "antique quilt hunt" action was better than winning the lottery.

  9. A day spent antiquing is a day well spent. That iron is fabulous! Never seen one before. And I can't wait to see the movie Hidden Figures too. Enjoy your escape from winter.

  10. So intrigued by that iron, I had to look it up. It is a Petipoint iron from the 1920s. An example is in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It was designed reflect the streamlining of flight. Here's a link https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/flat-iron-petipoint

  11. Love quilts and antiquing! We are planning our move to Phoenix...can you tell us which Antique Mall this was? It looks AWESOME!!!

  12. Bonnie the eye candy is almost to much to handle!!Two of those quilts would have gone home with me. And the 99, I want! You were having too much fun! P.S. An idea. A retreat with Bonnie Hunter quilting and antiquing. That would be a blast!

  13. That double 4-patch is fantastic! Would love to recreate a version of that. I like how sometimes the darker, left-slanting chains pop, and in other places the bright, right-facing diagonals stand out. Fun, fun, fun.

    Every time you post one of these great 40's-50's scrap quilts, I find myself wishing I could buy yardage of about half the fabrics. The authentic vintage prints are so much more vibrant and varied than the lovely but sometimes repetitive 30's pastel repros we usually see. They are yummy, and I would love to see the fabric manufacturers reference more of the genuine vintage fabrics.

  14. It looks like a well deserved break from the big storm at home. I loved seeing the quilts - especially that double 4 patch.

  15. What fun, thanks for sharing a little AZ sunshine!

  16. Loved your quote of the day!! Thanks so much for all you do and all your time.


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