Friday, January 27, 2017

Ocean Blue, and Sewing Too!

This is an update for those who helped support my cousin Bethany on a mission trip of a life time!

This week she is in Aruba doing what she only dreamed of thanks to your open hearts and overwhelming generosity.

It’s a life changing experience for her, in a time with so much loss in just a few months. 

I wrote the original post about her story HERE.

A couple of months after losing her brother, Andy another loss happened near the holidays with the passing of Bethany’s paternal grandfather.  It just seemed to be one thing after another.

I have wondered over the past few weeks if she was indeed going to be able to gather the courage to go on this trip alone to work to save the animals on Aruba, and I smiled the other morning when I saw a post, written and tagged to Andy’s Facebook wall from Bethany:
Flying alone to a strange country to meet 65 other strangers is by far the scariest thing I've ever done, yet I know I have the most amazing guardian angel by my side.
I too feel like Andy is still with us as I watch her posts include him from time to time.  He’s still in our hearts.  He would be ever so proud of what Bethany is doing.


A heart breaking job!

But one so worthwhile! This update came yesterday:
Today was one of the most heart wrenching days of my life. We took a trip to the dump in Aruba, because many people dump their puppies or dogs there after they no longer want them/or no longer have a need for them. 
After their dogs have babies, many people just toss them in a garbage bag and leave them here. We were lucky enough to find 4 puppies after searching through trash and rubble for them. 
This one was three weeks old and was covered in sand and fleas. She had sores and cuts all over her body. She was crying for her mom and instantly snuggled up to me as soon as I grabbed her. There was so much sand/dirt in her nose and eyes she couldn't open them or breathe well out of her nose.

We brought them all to the vet and got them on IV fluids and all are stable now. We went back to look for more a few hours later and a bulldozer had gone through and cleared all of the trash out where those puppies were hiding. If we hadn't gone there this morning, they all would have been crushed and cleared along with the trash.

It has been such a humbling and emotional day, but so rewarding to have these small reminders as to why we are here.
Text message updates are coming from my Aunt Joy, Bethany’s mom – I grab the phone every time it goes ‘PING!’ to see what Bethany has shared next.  My heart is very much with hers.


She wouldn't be here without you.  Her adventure is as much yours as hers.  Her caring is your caring.  Thank you so very very much.

I look forward to more stories and photos from this important trip and I’ll be sharing them here with you over the next several days.

On the home front – this is going on:


THIS got a bit messier!


This requires trimming and de-papering so I can have this:


Oh yeah.  THIS is going to work just splendidly!

Border in progress for Dawn’s Early Light quilt.

Quilt comes first, pattern comes second, next book project in progress!

I just LOVE the blue!

This afternoon I’m headed up to Wilkesboro.  There is some paperwork related to our current cabin that has to be picked up before that office closes.  After that, we are meeting at Rick & Mona’s new place for dinner!  YAY!

A quiet weekend is on the agenda at our current cabin, enjoying it as much as we can as long as it is still ours.  This bin of strings and red strips are going with me as well as the quilt top.  That is my weekend plan.  I'd love to have this top done and ready for quilting. 

I’ll be back on Tuesday.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage album block quilt found in North Carolina.

Any relationship, be it a friendship, a partnership, a marriage, and even a relationship with extended family members takes work. From both sides. Not during your free time, not when you feel like it - but all the time.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. Tears flood my eyes as I read about your precious cousin doing such amazing work. I love that she sees the miracles. Bless her. Praying for safety! Love your blue strings! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΆπŸ™

  2. So happy your niece is getting to do her calling. Love that you get Mona time! ❤

  3. How wonderful! Are we still able to contribute?

  4. How wonderful! Are we still able to contribute?

  5. @ Terri I'm not sure if her go-fund-me page is still alive, but if you click the link in my post to the original story it has a link you can click. There is also I believe a link to the organization that she is working for and they can always use help :)

  6. Looking at your blue strings i think you need an "avalanche" tshirt too. We all benefit from yout ability to think outside the box.

  7. Loved reading Bethany's story...and hope you'll continue to share.

    BTW...I so like the names you give your quilts :)

  8. Thank you for sharing Bethany's story! Give her hugs and thank yous from me and my family! Prayers for her safe travel!

  9. Tears here too and much love. Please send hugs to Aunt Joy.

  10. Thank You Bonnie for the update on Bethany and her so worthwhile trip to Aruba! I Know it id heart wrenching and yet so rewarding for her.

    I LOVE Your Blue and red strip for the border of your Dawn's Early light Quilt!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the Tustamena 200 sled dog race starts tomorrow at 11AM, and I will be there, as it is only a few miles from my home.

  11. The blue border with the red stripe is just beautiful! I love it. My favorite color is blue too, and it shows in my stash; I have to force myself to stay away from it to add more colors.


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