Thursday, January 26, 2017

An Antiquing Birthday, part 2!

I love this place.  It’s HUGE.  It’s more than huge.  It’s GINORMOUS.  You can spend hours in here and please do.

This is the Depot at Gibson Mill antique mall in Concord, North Carolina.  A bit off my beaten path home, but hey – since you are a day late getting home anyway, what does it matter??

I’ve found some awesome things here from time to time.  I was absolutely amazed that NOTHING came home with me on Monday.

I think I’ve just reached “Saturation” level and I’m excited about the prospects of finding new owners to the things I’ve collected over the years.  Now I’m thinking that might start to include some vintage quilts and linens.  Let’s be serious.  You can’t KEEP them all.  I’ve loved on them, and now it can be someone else’s turn.

You can tell by the rain clouds that the weather was pretty iffy, but the rain had stopped by this point and it’s a good thing.  The parking lot was full, and I had to park quite a ways from the front entrance.


This machine is up for grabs there!

This is a 1950s pink Atlas, and it is marked down from $100 to $60.  It’s been heavily loved, the paint job shows wear.  But I’d expect that out of a 60 year old machine.  I already have one.  I’m saying no to duplicates (unless the condition is better than the one I’ve got and I would then rehome that one) so if anyone is near Concord, NC, the booth number and info is on the card on the photo.

Great machine.  And really fun to sew on!


This was a beast!

At one time it was an industrial treadle.  Now it’s got a motor and has lived a hard life.  I don’t need a big machine like this, but if someone wanted to do some free motion sit down quilting, this could have possibilities.  Oh, the stories this machine could tell!

But it wasn’t really machines that I was looking for.  I do have a list of “wanted” items for Quilt Villa VA –including bedroom dressers, table with chairs, and a corner cabinet.


Now THIS is pretty!

The price wasn’t too bad either.  I may be going back.  The dressers at the cabin we have now are staying as they are part of the bedroom sets that are also staying.  And they aren’t vintage.  I will happily find pieces that reflect my love of vintage when setting up the new cabin.


Oh wow.  This one too!  LOVE!

This one was a bit spendier, but I can see why.  It’s Eastlake style, and I LOVE Eastlake.  No purchase made, too soon yet.  I’m just scouting things out, and so I kept going.


Ferris wheel seat??  NO THANK YOU!

Weird item of the day contender.

Hey, it would match the leg lamp from yesterday’s post!


This I think I love!

I’ve got some measurements and I need to know if it will fit that corner where a current corner cupboard stands at the new cabin.  That one is a family piece, and I don’t blame them for not wanting to sell it with the cabin.  THIS could be a FINE replacement.  There is a photo of the corner of where this will go on this post.


Oh creepy lady in baby bath…
I’ve seen you before and I laugh every time!
BTW...you seem to be missing an arm. And legs.


There are so many quilts to show you!

This is by far NOT the loveliest, but it is one that tells a story and I wish I knew what the story was.  It’s tufted with red yarn.  It used to be that I’d turn my nose up at ANY tied quilt, and over the years I’ve come to love them.  Often times they were tied over older, more worn quilts used as batting.  This one has a very interesting BACKING:


Sealy Posturepedic!

This must have been the fabric that covered mattresses.  North Carolina was home to many industries such as cotton mills, and furniture manufacturing.  How this quiltmaker got her hand on mattress cover off cuts remains a mystery, but three cheers to her for using what she had!

Posturepedic used to be my nickname.  Yes.  It's true.

Imagine me at 12 years old, already 5'8" tall. I would grow to 5'9" by the time I was 15.  All my friends were tiny.  And I was this tall skinny bean pole of a girl with braces and glasses, and hair that laid flat.  I would stoop to make myself smaller, more like everyone else.

And my dad would say.  "Stand up straight, Posturepedic!  Shoulders back!  Head high! You are the height and image of your Grannie.  Own it!"

Oh, the memories that came just SEEING the word "Posturepedic" on the back of this quilt! (Love you, Dad!  And thanks for the confidence building!)


Don’t you wish you knew who made this?


I wonder if she had a dress made from this print.

This is a block I want to play with.

The rest of the photos are in the slide show below.  There were 44 photos I needed to put in this slide show, too many for one blog post.  Remember you can hit pause to spend more time on each photo if you wish.

Today is a DESK DAY for me – there is lots of pattern writing that needs to happen before February 1st.

I’ve got plans to meet with a friend for lunch, followed by a much needed massage (too many hours spent driving long distances!) and I’ll be back at it tonight.

If you missed last night’s Quilt-Cam, you can find it HERE or archived under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog.  We had a great time!

Sadie even made a guest appearance!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This. This says it all! Vintage quilt made by my son Jason's girlfriend's great grandmother. (That’s a mouthful!)

I had the pleasure of sleeping under this quilt on Sunday night in South Carolina. It covered me into my 55th birthday!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for taking us along on your antiquing day. I enjoyed the slide shows.
    Suggestion for the next leader ender project. I would like more practice using your new ruler so how about
    half square triangles or flying geese?
    Have a great day!

  2. lovely vintage goodies....that broken dishes is calling to meeeeee

  3. The two dressers and the corner cabinet are lovely. I have the buffet lamp on the first dresser. Not so old. I was gifted a a certificate for a massage. I have to work up the courage to go. Lol! I am too modest, me thinks.

  4. I love the block on the posturepedic quilt. I haven't seen that before but it is so interesting, the differing sizes of HST all mixed to make it spin.
    thanks for sharing, that is going into my to do scrap quilt file

  5. Oh my goodness! I love the Ferris wheel seat! So much fun! I don't suppose you remember how much it was? I'm sure out of my price range, but how I would love to put it on my front porch. I love seeing your antique shopping finds, thanks for sharing!

  6. I think I would go back to the antique mall with a U-haul. Awesome finds. You know my favorite, the little wooden ironing board-would love to use it as an end table, by my chair. If that place is always that busy, your favorite might not be there for long.

  7. You spend a lot of time spreading the quilts out for a slideshow picture. I don't have the nerve to do that at my Antique shops. Thank you! Quite the variety today. My favorite quilt is on your Daily quote. That one is just my style.

  8. Laura, I agree about the Ferris Wheel seat. It isn't actually my decorating style, but when I saw the photo, my thought was that if it actually swings, then it would be a great kitschy front porch rocker. Built for two, right?

  9. I enjoyed seeing you at the workshop Saturday! Have done more sewing on my blocks.....it's my little escape time from the real world. I recently visited IKEA and the Gibson Mill antique mall for the first time recently! Loved them! Did you not see the little tabletop campfire for sell in the right side of the bldg (Gibson Mill)? Oh. My. Goodness. I will find the little video I made of it and send it to you. It involves red fabric! Glad you had a nice birthday! Thank you for being you! One more thing.......I LOVE your new 2 1/2 x 6 1/2 ruler! It is awesome. I haven't heard you talk about it at all. I use it to cut 2 1/2" squares. So much easier to use than anything else when you are cutting from scraps or smalller pieces of fabric. Just the fabric into square/rectangle shape and cut 2 1/2 in one direction, then cut 2 1/2 in other directions and you have 2 1/2 squares. Oh my!

  10. I do all of my free motion quilting on my industrial treadle.

  11. Always wanted to stop there, thanks for the peek!

  12. Do you worry about the lovely furniture being gone when you go back to the antique mall? I don't do any antiquing, so I don't know how fast things move.

  13. Thanks for the tour! I love the music you chose. Who is it and the title? Like you , its time for me to part with some of my "goodies" and it isn't going to be easy!! But I will get it done even if tears flow! Thanks for your blog as it allows me to see places I'll never go and see things so beautiful that they catch your breath! Keep us all traveling with you! Beth

  14. Anonymous8:51 AM EST

    When I was in college at Iowa State (many, many years ago) I had a sorority sister whose father was a mattress salesman. He had mattress ticking samples for the merchants to choose from when they ordered for their stores. My friend made a formal for herself out of mattress ticking sample that her father gave her and it was cuter than anything!!!

  15. That looks like a fantastic browsing spot. I love the dressers. And ive been looking for a ladder like the one in your picture. Can you imagine how heavy the ferris wheel seat is...all metal. Ive never seen so many antique quilts in one place! I need to go there. Im wondering if its the same mannequin in the bathtub and the lamp...thats almost a whole.

  16. If I was anywhere near the east coast, I would buy both of those dressers!! Beautiful. Have a good birthday month ;)

  17. LOVE LOVE the vintage quilt at 1:08 in the slide show! Hmm...I wonder if they do mail orders...I do have a bday coming up.

  18. So does the new girlfriend have some quilting blood in her. Is she going to be a future sewing buddy or student...

  19. Love some of those old quilts .... not crazy about the tied quilts, that one or any others. My mom had a couple old tied quilts when I was young and my OCD self just couldn't grasp the fact that those knots were there on purpose!! 😗😟😯😇😇. Out came those ties!!! I'm so glad to hear your dad encouraged you to stand up to your full bean-pole height and be proud...I was 5'9" and chubby and my dad called me a cow. Never got over that and i just turned 60yo....

  20. As many times as I've gone to Concord - Bass Pro Shop (which *is* Concord around my house ) how did I not know about this antique place?? Squeee! Next trip I'll just have him drop me off here! BTW I have a similar porcelain tub in the garden planted with strawberries. I should have gotten the one with the creepy lady...she could have been my scarecrow :)


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