Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Wonky Wishes Kind of Saturday!


Beautiful Beaufort by the Sea!

Founded in 1711!

Whenever you hear the words Beaufort, South Carolina, that is the phrase that rolls right off of the tongues of natives and visitors alike.

Beaufort is a BEAUTIFUL place, and my history loving self was in hyper-drive trying to fit in as much of beautiful Beaufort as I could in between classes and lectures.

Upon wrapping up our Friday workshop day in Hilton Head with the Palmetto Quilters, I made a beeline over to Beaufort where I would be teaching the next morning.  There was daylight to be made good use of, and I had some time to wander before finding myself dinner.

Where do you go in Beaufort?  The WATERFRONT of course!


You’ll likely pass a few of these on the way!


And homes like this, made for dreaming.

Who lived here?  Who loved these porches?


Or these??  WOW!


Beautiful late afternoon.

Short sleeves.  Sunshine.


This is fun…look at all the porch swings!

You can sit and swing and watch the water as the sun begins to do this:


Oh my.  *happy sigh*


Palm tree silouettes.


I am enamored with this old bank now a restaurant.


And I learned something!

You may have thought that Tabby only referred to a kind of cat, but it is actually a compound made of sand, lime and oyster shells!

Tabby is a concrete made from lime, sand and oyster shells. Its origin is uncertain, although early documents record Indian burial vaults with walls made of oyster shells and lime, no such structures have survived. It is likely that Sixteenth-century Spanish explorers first brought tabby (which appears as “tabee”, “tapis”, “tappy” and “tapia” in early documents) to the coasts of what would become South Carolina and Georgia.
Beaufort has an example of Tabby used in the late1500’s. In the New World, Fort San Felipe, built in 1577 on what is now Parris Island, S. C., is an early example of tabby construction. The compound contained more than sixty tabby houses. [source]

As fun as the history part of Beaufort was, darkness was quickly falling and I had a class to teach the next morning!


I love this photo!

We sewed up a storm, and I love how the avalanche word on her shirt, echos the avalanche that is happening on the table in front of her….hahaha!

We were busy with Wonky Star Making and String Sashing Piecing, aka Wonky Wishes!


Busy hands sewing!


Busy irons pressing!


Busy quilters networking!

It was a fabulous Wonky Wishes Workshop day!


The Green Husqvarna has a new home!

Still up for adoption are the Spartan and the 99k but there is one workshop left on this whirlwind Low Country Tour.

Catch the scenes from our workshop day in the slide show below:

What a fun day!

And that was not the end of the excitement.  As class was just ending rain began to fall.  A huge weather system with tornado watches was rolling through from west to east, and I was driving in the midst of it back to Bluffton where I am teaching today.  It passed fairly quickly, and I was able to meet up with some friends for dinner after checking into the next hotel.


Dinner with the Carolina Pine Girls!

A group of friends from a guild I used to belong to here in South Carolina are also on Hilton Head retreating.  They’ve been doing this yearly now for TWENTY years.  What an amazing group of women!  And I got to meet up with them for dinner.  A great time was had by all.  So great catching up with everyone!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started and once you do you find your own pace and can move forward. Just begin!  If I can just jump in and get started, all of the kinks seem to work themselves out along the way, and things come together.  Sometimes even better than I had imagined they would. 

More Big  Thunder Boomers rolled in around 4 a.m. and I've been up since. It’s still rumbling out there, so who knows what today will bring, but we will be inside sewing our hearts out.

When class is over, I’m headed up to Columbia, SC for a birthday dinner with my son Jason, his girlfriend Jenny, and I get to meet Jenny’s mom for the first time.

Tomorrow--- I’m 55!!!  How did that happen??

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Birthdays happen. Have a happy one!

  2. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Beaufort last March. What a wonderful, slow moving kind of town. We parked and walked-to the waterfront, through an old churchyard, and into a candy store where you can sit out front and watch the world go by.

    Hope your day in Columbia is a good one; I spent 6 weeks in Ft. Jackson for boot camp back in the 70s. Can't say I enjoyed it, but I did learn a lot.

  3. A wonderful evening to spend your final hours of your 54th year with ladies you knew from SC. Have a Happy Birthday and enjoy donner tonight with family. Exciting to meet the girlfriend's mom.

  4. Your program and workshop were awesome! Very inspiring and I LOVE your quilts. I now have most of your books and I am furiously planning "whats next". Im so glad you enjoyed our town in the brief time you were here and We hope you will come back for a longer visit. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Your program and workshop were awesome! Very inspiring and I LOVE your quilts. I now have most of your books and I am furiously planning "whats next". Im so glad you enjoyed our town in the brief time you were here and We hope you will come back for a longer visit. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Bonnie, and thank you a million times over for a great workshop!

  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day & safe travels home.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Bonnie here hoping you have many more.

  9. Happy Birthday!
    Just loved the slide show today. All those happy scrappy star blocks with all those string blocks.
    the best combination ever!

  10. Great pictures(loved the town pictures and the star blocks) , great quilters. Looks like a great weekend. Happy Birthday Bonnie.

  11. Happy birthday. Wishing you a wonderful year of granted wishes.

  12. Happy Birthday Hope it's a great day for a great Lady

  13. Wishing you a happy qulitness birthday from Downunder ������������

  14. Happy Birthday Bonnie! At only 55 you are still a young'un! May all your dreams come true!

  15. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. 55 is okay. Wait till you hit my age!

  16. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. 55 is okay. Wait till you hit my age!

  17. Welcome to the double nickel Bonnie :-)

  18. Bonnie. If you have a sec....can you give me via pm what a 99K is worth? I have seen them all over the place! Thanks.!

  19. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the heck out of it!!

  20. I hope you had a fun dinner with your son and a very Happy Birthday today!

  21. Happy Birthday and safe journey to your son.

  22. Hope you had a fabulous birthday Bonnie, and received loys of joy because you give so much to others!! Blessings!

  23. Such cheery and bright wonky blocks, I love them. Have a wonderful birthday Bonnie and enjoy your celebratory dinner. It will be good to see your boy again.
    Happy birthday.

  24. Happy Birthday Bonnie. You are an inspiration! Keep it up

  25. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    I hope you have a Great Birthday, and a safe trip to see your son and his Girlfriend's family!

    Have a safe journey home, too.

    Kasilof, AK

  26. Happy Birthday Bonnie, I have 27 years on you, they get better most of the time.

  27. Happy Birthday-safe journeys! Susan in Mississippi

  28. Happy Birthday Bonnie! May each year be the best ever!!
    That's my motto for each birthday!!

  29. Happy happy scrappy birthday. Have a fantastic birthday Bonnie! We really love being able to peek over your shoulder and follow along with your adventures. Sending wishes for another wonderful year full of sewing fun!

  30. Happy Birthday Bonnie Hunter! You are an inspiration for many sewers and quilters! Thanks for all your tips and hints, my skills have increased so much after following you and making several MG. Have a super fun birthday!

  31. Happy birthday Bonnie. I wish you a beautiful year and many happy returns. You are still a spring chicken so young!!!
    The best part is you are young at heart always remember it is just a number!!!!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Yoka Bazilewich

  32. This high country girl (Utah) fell in love with the low country when visiting my brother who lives just outside of Beaufort. Love the history, the food and the feeling of slowing down a little as we take a walk from his house down to the inland waterway, teeming with birds and plant life strange to this mountain girl.

  33. Hi, Bonnie! I'm sure I know some of your friends you had dinner with. I've often wished I lived in Augusta where I could be a part of some of them too. Glad you were safe from the tornadoes. Damage here in Middle GA but it could have been a whole lot worse - no lives lost except in South GA.
    Know you will have a SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAL!

  34. Happy Birthday Bonnie, hope you have a great day tomorrow 😊

  35. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Thanks for all that you do! :)

  36. Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Keep your feet on the ground in the wind, but also keep dreaming up!

  37. Have a wonderful birthday, so glad you're getting to spend it with family. And many thanks for including us all in your travels. I love to see the places you go, that I probably will never get to see - it's a long way from Australia.

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bonnie!!!!!!
    You are such a delightful lady, and I wish you many, many more Happy birthdays to come!



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