Friday, January 06, 2017

Midnight Flight with the Nimble Thimbles!

What a great kick off to 2017!

I’ve been looking forward to my January escape from the winter chill and into the Arizona sunshine since fall first fell!

It was on the horizon, I knew it was out here waiting for me – and it is WONDERFUL!

Class started bright and early at 8am, so when I pulled into my parking spot at 7:15am the room was already bustling.  Tables being set up, a breakfast spread set out, the smell of coffee brewing and happy voices as quilters began to arrive, toting machines, rolling in comfy sewing chairs, and carrying in totes and bags and baskets of goodies.

We were READY to sew!  Ready to put all of the holiday hubbub behind us and get back to the fun of gathering together, learning something new, swapping stories, sharing good eats and doing things the way quilters do them….with fabric, thread and laughter.

We rolled up our sleeves, turned on the machines, and got ready to make Midnight Flight from my book MORE Adventure with Leaders & Enders!


Table d├ęcor for our buffet!

Not only was there fruit, veggie trays, bagels with cream cheese, juice and coffee for breakfast, but our lunch spread was a whole selection of crockpot dishes, salads and desserts.  We had fuel for stitching! 

I loved this little corner of the table with vintage sewing machine, button jars, notions and other vintage ware.  They thought of everything!


And it felt so good to be “back in the saddle again!”


Kathy, her mom, and mom in law!

My heartfelt thanks go out to Kathy for everything she did to pull this together, even in the face of weirdly worded language with our venue, which turned out NOT to be a church, but a city activity center that lead to our EVEN BETTER parking lot adventures during my lecture – we couldn’t have done this without you Kathy, and I am so grateful!


Oh yes, it was THIS kind of fun!


Sharing all of the cool things about the Essential Triangle Tool 
and Bonus Buddy!


Well done, ladies!  Bravo!

I think I almost forgot how to put a slide show together to share our class day with you.  Here you go:

Our fun continued into the evening.

Our venue turned out NOT to be a church (it was my misunderstanding that it was)  but a city owned facility that didn’t allow the selling of merchandise on the premises.  Not that it made the situation any different, but I have to give 3 cheers to the guild members for helping me come up with a solution.


They brought folding tables, flashlights, lanterns, and their fun sense of adventure and we turned this into a wonderful evening al fresco meet and greet!  We gathered before the lecture.  They came back AFTER the lecture. 


No jackets required!

We laughed and lingered and had a great time.  At one point a helicopter flew over head and I said “We’re busted, ladies!  We’ve been spotted!”

But no red and blue lights came flashing, no “put down your weapons!” were shouted at us, and when all was said and done and we were exhausted from a long and exhilarating day, we packed the remainder up, put it in my car and we went our separate ways. 

Job well done.

Today’s plan is to sleep in a bit. (mission accomplished!) and take another long walk this morning (still to do) and to maybe sit and sew some hexies while dad goes and plays pickle ball.  It’s a day to lay low and just be.  Dinner tonight with my brother Mark and his wife Sharolyn.  Can’t wait.  And especially wonderful since I just saw them in November at the family reunion in Utah.

Today I feel very blessed.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double 9-patch quilt, circa 1880.

I love the friends who know how crazy I am and still choose to be seen with me in public!

The day we had in Arizona yesterday proves it! Cherish your friends each and every one.

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  1. So good to know this trip is work and. Family relazation. What a great combo ... Besides, no n asty weather!!!!, Bet Sadie would love it.....
    Love see your wuilters and what they have made.


  2. Hi Bonnie! Again you show us how to take a "lemon situation" and turn it into sweet lemonade!!Bravo! And have more fun too! I love this quilt block! The ladies made some great ones. You definitely have your Dad's smile! Enjoy the trip, the weather, family, and great quilting people!

  3. Always fun to see a Midnight Flight workshop. It was my first! We are choosing now what to make in May. Praying for good weather that week on the Wet side of Washington.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the block. Can't wait to meet you in March. Washington state will hold their retreat in Yacolt on a kids horse ranch. Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  5. Hey Bonnie!! Funny how this connects us all. Here I am in Tulsa, OK but was able to see a friend there with you in Arizona !!! Hi Susan!!! Hope you had a great time!!!

  6. Hello! You can just read the joy in your blog! I love it!! Being with family & friends has really made you happy. You are truly blessed!!

  7. Hello! You can just read the joy in your blog! I love it!! Being with family & friends has really made you happy. You are truly blessed!!

  8. Hi Bonnie,
    Funny About your intro today because as soon as the blog opened, I thought "Wow, it's neat to be looking a class pictures today. Seems a while since the last ones."
    Lucky you in the sunshine! Toronto is winchill of -17' Celsius today. That would be about 1' Fahrenheit in your speak!

  9. Please either post again, or share original post with the information about the magazine that contains your newest article. It was 100 Blocks...... I can't find the information on how to get this, because I don't know the proper name & month of magazine. Love your blog and all the goodies.


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