Friday, January 20, 2017

What do you get when??

What do you get when you mix two quilt guild presentations in two different cities an hour’s drive apart, with some gorgeous South Carolina low country scenery, balmy temperatures, sunshine, tall pines and palm trees and ancient wild oaks dripping with moss?

Don’t forget to add in a tennis and beach club location,  a sprinkle of excitement with a motorcycle pack, a group of girl scouts and brownies, a 1798 post-revolutionary war arsenal, a 1905 synagogue, and an 1884 Methodist church!  It makes for an eclectic day, full of quilters and so much to take in!

This was my day in a nutshell!  I’m not sure what else we could have added in, but somehow it all fit!


Live oak with moss

When I first move to South Carolina I learned that no matter how soft the moss looks hanging from the trees – no matter how much you would to bring it home for floral arrangements or other projects, DO NOT TOUCH IT!  it’s home to many heinous critters such as chiggers.  Enjoy the moss from across the street, do not gather it.


Full house!

My first presentation of the day happened at the 1pm meeting of the Palmetto Quilters, using a beautiful  facility at the tennis and beach club on Hilton Head Island.  This was their FIRST official meeting in months.  Hurricane Matthew did quite a bit of damage here in the area, many had damage to their homes including flooding and structural damage so it’s been four months of mucking out and trying to get life back to normal.


A gorgeous unveiling!

This meeting was packed with many members – and 60 guests!  Of special note is the beautiful applique opportunity quilt that the guild has worked so hard on, and tickets are being sold.  Many guilds use the funds raised from such beautiful quilts to fund the education aspect of the guild, which is what enables me to keep traveling and teaching, and for this effort I am so grateful!


Just glorious!

When this meeting was over, we packed me all up and I head out over to Beaufort where I was meeting with the Sea Island Quilters for their evening guild meeting.  No time to dawdle – I got there in the nick of time and we unloaded and set up all over again.

A bit of excitement – this is also where the brownies and girl scouts meet and they were receiving special visitors to much excitement:

The "bike gang" was here as "Bikers Against Bullying"

And they were giving the girls a presentation on bullying, what it is and how to best deal with it.  Hooray for the bikers making a difference!

Before the meeting started, I made a quick walk around the block to get familiar with my surroundings.  I’ll be back here tomorrow for a workshop with the Sea Island Quilters.  Beaufort is a town loaded with history that goes all the way back to the 1600s.

On this block alone:


The church  we met in dates from the 1880s
(Love the palm trees!)


1905 Jewish Synagogue!

I love the original white clapboard building.  And then you see the castle looking arsenal right next to it!  This is a study in contrast between these three edifices.


I love that the signs give the story!




This much history – in ONE BLOCK?


It was a day to remember!

Now that the two lectures are out of the way, I have three days of workshops ahead of me, and it starts today back in Hilton Head with the Palmetto quilters.  Up on deck: Oklahoma Backroads and a ton of scrappy fun.

I’m checking out of my Hilton Head hotel and will be back in Beaufort to stay the night tonight so I’ll be ready for my workshop with them tomorrow.  There is more exploring to be done in Beaufort.

I’ll be with the Maye River Quilters or Bluffton on Sunday – and this girl will be North Carolina bound.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage string snowball quilt found in Chandler, Arizona.

You have just as much an influence on your friends and those you associate with as they have on you. Be sure these associations are leading you in the right direction!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Love your trVel photos.. Those wild oak tree re calledLiveOaks. These were much prizeed by the shipbuilders of wooden ships not only for their size and shape but for the sturdiness of the oak.
    That Was a gorgeousappliqued quilt. Cannot even imagine making it.
    Drive safe, be happy

  2. Your travel photos are always wonderful! It must be lovely to be there where there is no snow or ice! Safe travels!

  3. It's wonderful what the bikers are doing, but I'm a little concerned that they choose to park in the handicapped spots. Hopefully, that was just for picture-taking and they parked legally elsewhere. Love following your travels and hope to get to see you one day before you retire.

  4. thank you for all you do. I enjoy reading your posts early every morning since you have such a good attitude. It helps to make my day positive. I am 80 years young and try to be happy each day no matter what is going on in my life. I am fortunate I have a pretty good life but to some extent it is what you make it. I also enjoy seeing the world thru your pictures and posts. I am making the Mystery quilt but somehow my colors never come out the same as yours but that is okay since I kind of like doing my own thing anyway...lol. Keep up the good work and thank you for teaching me via tutorials. I did order a couple of books from you and love the Essential ruler.


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