Saturday, January 21, 2017

Okalhoma Backroads, Hilton Head Style!

This lovely lady was so much fun in yesterday’s Oklahoma Backroads workshop withe the Palmetto Quilters of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!  We had a fun full day, and towards the end of our workshop she said “I need my picture with you to go on facebook to let my far away friends know that I REALLLY AM HERE!”  Oh, you were here all right, and this photo proves it!

I love doing shout outs, birthday greetings, and facebook posts that make friends happy.  Now let’s hope they see this one and really believe you!

I tell you, I had forgotten how much I love the low country of South Carolina after having moved to North Carolina nearly 9 years ago.  NINE YEARS!  It’s taken me that long to come back h ere and spend the time, and it has just been gorgeous.  Can you stand 77 degrees and sunshine in January? I sure can.

If I were ever to become a snow bird after retirement, I’d come here.  Why go all the way to Florida?


Quiltville Vintage Machine Adoption Agency!

I’m thinning my herd.  There.  I said it.  I am.  I have some machines that are duplicates, or ones that just don’t get sewn on as much for whatever reason (Like they don’t fit in the cabinet) and if I want to keep rescuing the vintage machines and getting them up and running, I need more space.

I brought 6 machines with me, and three of them found new homes yesterday!


Cindy adopted my Featherweight!


Sew Cindy Sew!


Linda adopted my mocha short bed 301!

Shown here with her beautiful hand piecing…Wowsers!

Marilyn Morse, the lipstick pink beauty was also adopted, but I forgot to get a photo of her new owner.  I know she will be loved and have a place of honor in her sewing room.  It was really fun to set the machines up and have them threaded, complete with spool pin doilies and let the ladies sew on them during lunch time.  I’ll be doing the same over the next couple of days, hoping the three remaining, a 99k, a spartan and a Husqvarna Nordic, all 1950s vintage will find new owners as well.

**Note**  These machines are not being shipped anywhere and are only available to students in my classes.  I will be doing this on future driving trips as well.  This is the beneffit of coming to a class.  It’s better than going home with a new puppy!


Our Oklahoma Backroads blocks were amazing in their variety!


Looking good!!


Sew much fun!

And behind every stitch & flip corner is the possibility of a bonus unit for another project – scraps are the gift that keep on giving!  Everyone loved using the Bonus Buddy ruler that comes with the Essential triangle Tool .  The Bonus Buddy has the “magic line” for quickly measuring the bonus stitching line and units came out the right size, every time with no need for sliver trimming down.  Just de-dog-ear and set aside for another project.


Melinda caught me in the action doing layouts!


Melinda and her Beautiful Allietare!

More fun from yesterday is captured in our slide show below:

It was such a great day, and I loved spending it with these gals.

During my time with the group I met with a quilter who’s name I can’t spell, but she told me to pronounce it as JOEY.  She is originally from China, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about our upcoming Quiltville trip to China.  She drew me maps!  She told me where we have to go for the best food, and the best shopping experiences in Beijing and I can’t wait.  My notes are “taxi ready”  Meaning she has written them in English AND in Chinese so I can just show it to the taxi driver and they will take us.  Whowhoooo….I’m so excited.  The count down is on.  We have NINE MONTHS and we will be IN CHINA!  Are you coming with me?  More information under the Quiltville China Tour tab at the top of the blog! (Check out the Thailand Tab too!)


Thanks for the fun, ladies!  This was just a blast!


Beautiful Beaufrot by the Sea

Today in back in Beaufort, we’ve got a Wonky Wishes workshop up on deck and I’m so excited.  It’s the first time we are doing this quilt as a workshop, so there will be wonky stars and some string piecing in our day --


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them and grow from them that defines us.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. That looks like a really fun scrap quilt, though all of your quilts look like fun. 77 degrees sounds nice. Our warm weather in Vermont is 35 degrees and the snow is soggy wet.

  2. My little part of Alaska warmd up a little yesterday, and more overnight - now above zero! But just for fun we had about another 2" of snow, just to keep everything clean and white don't you know! LOL. I am going to sew today first time in a week - for machine sewing anyway, I sid sew down the binding on a lap quilt. Wish I was spending the day in Bonnie's class at 77 degrees.

  3. Bonnie, my husband and I took a tour to China in April 2016. We had a FABULOUS trip. We did most of the things you will do on your tour but you will have the added benefit of going with quilters!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bonnie, we loved having you here! We had a record turnout for our monthly meeting with over 60 guests attending. Your lecture was fun and informative. I can see why you are booked out years in advance. "Joey"'s name is spelled Zhou Yi, and she is a very new quilter. Personally, I came home and continued to put together elements of the block until midnight! Have.a great time today with Maye River quilters, and know that you are welcome back anytime. Have you sold the 99 Yet? If not I may just venture to the Maye River workshop to adopt it....Marjorie

  6. Beautiful Allietare Melinda -- Wish I was there to see it in person & enjoy the warm weather!!
    Love to you all & enjoy the time spent learning with friends!!

  7. Hi Bonnie K
    I read your complete story. I would to live where it's 77* in January or any other month of the year. But my ideal weather temp. is closer to 80* Today in sunny So.Calif it's 40 ish. Looks like you had a ton of fun and made a lot of new friends !
    I'v begon the MQ of 2016. Have a God Blessed Sunday

  8. A new "puppy" yes. I'm sue all the gals that took home a new machine are having fun petting it.

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM EST

    It's all downhill now looks like you got a start on it.


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