Thursday, January 12, 2017

Some Arizona Showin’ & Sharin’!

The Arizona Quiltville Contingency as been mighty busy in finishing the UFO projects!

Our lunch time show & shares were full of color, pattern and texture as we ooh’d and ahh’d our way through our wonderful crock-pot-pot-luck lunch in Chandler with the Nimble Thimbles Quilters & Friends.

This excites me to no end – you work so hard!  Because I have made these quilts myself (I don’t ever contract out the sewing part of any quilt..that would be giving away the BEST part of making a quilt!) I know just what you put into it.  I see the twists and turns and directions your own desires take you as you use my designs as a spring board for your own vision.  I LOVE IT!

And I just know you are going to love these quilts I am sharing with you today.  Some from Chandler.  Some from Prescott.  All from the heart!

First up at the top of this post is Andee and Kathy with Andee’s rainbow Talkin’ Turkey from my book String Fling.  I LOVE this whole crayon box approach.  So much fun to work on, and every block turns out so different.  And when placed together, it’s better than a box of froot loops!


Andee’s gorgeous Allietare!


And Kathy’s!


And another in blues and greens!


This one was shared in Prescott.

There has been a whole lot of quilt making going on since I visited two years ago!  I love all of the color changes, such beautiful quilts.


Andee’s Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps Book!

That lime green path really does make it look like a summer garden!


And another – made tall enough for a bed!

This one had boy scout fabric as a border, it's for a son!


How about a lovely Zuckerwatte from String Fling!


A twist on Grand Illusion!


There was even some En Provence Progress to be shared!


A String Spider Web was shown in Prescott!
Pattern from the Free Patterns tab.

This brought loads of “Ooooooh!” factor from the crowd, and those who had signed up for our Spider Web Workshop were itching to get stitching!


Lazy Sunday from MORE Adventures With Leaders & Enders featuring focus fabric as border!


Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Just Lovely!

Of course I am always thrilled to see the vintage beauties come out to show.  Get a load of this lovely hexagon, sewn English Paper Piecing style:


That solid red just pops!


Close up of 19th century fabrics.


Silk Tumbling blocks!


Close up.

This one had no batting, was not quilted, simply enveloped and turned right side out.  Was it used as a couch or chair throw?  Who knows.  It was just lovely.


Simple 4 patch & 9 patch top.


Great fabrics, circa 1920s.

The quilts were so terrific, it has made me hungry for a sewing machine ever since!  I’ve been so go go go while here, that I haven’t even pulled out my hexagons.

I’ve also been dealing with a lot of nervous energy, and that makes it hard for me to settle in with handwork at the end of the day.


This is soon to be mine.

Remember a couple of weekends ago when we went back to Virginia to take a second look at the cabin that set the standard for everything else that we were looking at? 

We made an offer. They countered. We re-countered, and we've been waiting. All of this has been going on while I've been on the road in Arizona. Stress levels have been high! Fingers have been crossed, and I can finally say that our offer has been accepted, and Quilt Villa will be moving to Virginia! 

We have a closing date mid March. I am so excited!

Because we haven’t sold OUR cabin yet, it will allow us to move a bit more slowly, and we can get all personal belongings out of our cabin and leave it nicely staged for those who will come through not worried if there is a bunch of quilt stuff out, or what have you.  It will be a process.  But it just feels right.  NO MORE HOA!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I believe this, whatever you want to call it. Clouds have silver linings, the sun rises tomorrow, we've all heard it before but I really believe it's true.

Every difficulty brings an opportunity for growth. It's how you greet those opportunities that make all the difference in the world.

Swing Your Partner quilt from my book Scraps & Shirttails.

This quilt also lives at my dad's and I'm happy to visit it whenever I can!  I’m flying home to North Carolina today, but I know I this quilt will be waiting for me when I return.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful quilts shared! And Bonnie-I'm so glad you will soon be my 'neighbor' (Tammy in Ashe Co,NC)!

  2. Excited for your new Quilt Villa! I think when you showed the photos, it seemed like the right one. I'm glad you didn't wait, & that you have time to settle. Love all the quilts. I think Garden Party will be my next one.

  3. Congratulations. When I read the original post on this cabin I was surprised that you walked away, but that was only temporary. Good luck in selling the previous Quilt Villa and hope you love Quilt Villa VA.

  4. Oh yeah....congratulations. There surely is a lot of quilty goodness for viewing there.

  5. So happy for you! This surely is the right move. Now, can you get Mona to move close by?

  6. Lots of beautiful quilts! Congratulations on your new cabin. Looking forward to seeing all your quilty adventures from there.

  7. Congratulations on the new "cabin". Virginia has so much lore attached, it is calling you home. AND just think of all the new antique malls to explore!!! Blessings on your new digs.

  8. I thought your first cabin was gorgeous...This one is Spectaculacular! Congratulations!
    Thanks for the great quilt show too!

  9. Thanks for sharing such beautiful quilts! I'm travelling now and haven't sewn since last Saturday. I'm having bad withdrawal symptoms! Weather permitting, we'll be home next week and I can get back at it. Can't wait!

  10. Good news Bonnie. Always on tenderhooks waiting for these really important purchases. After all you have done to you Nc cabin, you hsve no real troble selling it for a great price.
    Tske a deep breath and relax.
    Julie in TN

  11. Congratulations Bonnie! It's a beautiful setting and I know you'll be happy there!

  12. Congratulations Bonnie!
    It's a beautiful place and I know you'll be happy there.
    Hugz Verona

  13. Congratulations! I love this cabin! Perfect! I will enjoy all the wonderful times we will have with you in your new sewing space! Sadie will be in bliss adventuring in her new outdoor space. I am so excited for your you! The quilts at the show and tell are a eye feast! I am inspired! Off to the sewing machine!🤗🍾🎉❣️❣️❣️

  14. Congratulations on the new QuiltVilla!.... funny cause I thought the first time you showed it... I'll bet that's the one they get. It was the one I would pick if it were us looking. So happy for you. How exciting! All that property to zoom around on and hike to your hearts content! Bet you are setting up your sewing area as you do other things! Lol... Sadie will be happy as long as you are! All that area to sniff out... The quilts are always so lovely, love it when the ladies/gents share what they have been doing. Motivates us all to get the ufo's outta the way.

  15. Excited for Show n Share in May! They are busy quilters in AZ. The new owners of the cabin that was Quilt Villa will have the honor of saying they live in a Bonnie house. Can't wait to see your stuff in the New Cabin.

  16. Excited for you and your new Quilt Villa! Really enjoyed seeing all the quilts from your trip. Love your positive attitude and quotes!

  17. Love the new QuiltVilla. Have fun making it your own.

  18. Congratulations!!! I couldn't be happier for you.

  19. ?What post date was it that origionally showed the va cabin, Love it that your moving to my home state, I love it here , hope you love it too.

  20. Congrats on the new QuiltVilla ... happy for you and your entire family ;-) LOVE Virginia ... eloped and got married in Williamsburg (19 years ago this coming July). Have always loved the state and we seriously considered retiring there but fell in love with Northern Michigan. Dreams really do come true! Linda

  21. Congratulations on finding a new cabin! It's amazing to me that you were able to find a new happy spot so quickly. I hope that you are able to sell the HOA cabin soon.

  22. CONGRATULATIONS BONNIE!The new cabin "Quilt Villa" looks spectacular!... Love everything you do and look forward everyday to reading your blog and seeing what others are doing... It is all so inspiring!... Thank you!... I'd hug you and give you a big smooch if I could. But I am in Ontario, Canada...And you never make it up here!....

  23. Congratulations on finding your new Quilt Villa!! I'll miss the beautiful pictures from your explorations at your current cabin, but look forward to being introduced to the beauty of Virginia! And nothing will replace your friendship with Mona, but I wonder who in Virginia you will introduce to quilting!??

  24. Wow what a beautiful cabin & nice setting. I hope you find much joy there,

  25. I am so thrilled for you and your family. How exciting. I think you said something about "Wilson" when you were going to see it and my heart skipped a little beat. Wilson is my maiden name. If this is not the one with the Wilson reference, I am still overjoyed for you. Brand new smells for Sweet Sadie and all the discoveries to be made in your new area.

  26. Congratulations with the new place! It certainly looked fabulous from the previous photos and I'm not surprised there was nothing to equal or better for the time being.
    Goodbye silly HOA indeed! LOL!

  27. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Love the quilts and congrats on the new Quilt Villa. I love seeing all the quilts, but especially those from your patterns. I put several of them on my list of future quilts to make. You are a true "gem" for us in the quilting community. Take care, fly safe, and enjoy the ride. Carla from Florida soon to move back to Missouri.

  28. All the quilts are aesome! Your new Quiltville home looks just SO peaceful and relaxing. I can already see you stitching on that deck! Sadie will love it too. Enjoy!

  29. Congrats on your new quilt villa. I knew the first time you described this place it was going to be your new home. You had even more enthusiasm in your description than your previously loved quilt villa. As you are learning to work smarter not harder I hope there will lots of time sewing looking out over that gorgeous view.
    Upstate Ny

  30. Congratulations on your "new" Quilt Villa. It is awesome looking. I think you have found the "Quilt Villa" every female dreams of. Enjoy your move to "a little bit of heaven".

  31. Lovely quilts! I love the show and share part of retreats and workshops! I can't wait to see pics of the new Quilt Villa!! It looks fantastic!!

  32. Your new cabin in the woods seemed like the perfect place when you first toured it. So happy for you that you were able to get it. It will be fun to watch you move in and make it your own!

  33. Congratulations! So excited for you!!!

  34. So glad they accepted your offer. It looks like a wonderful place. I always enjoy the quilts that people show. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net


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