Friday, January 13, 2017

A Bit of Stash Enhancement!

While I was teaching in Arizona, I received an inquiry from the folks at 35th Sew & Vac asking if I would like to come teach a couple workshops in 2019.
“The main store at 3548 W. Northern Ave is much bigger as it is housed in what was originally a Fry’s.  We also have over 12,000 bolts of fabric at the main store with one section that is 45% off making it about $6/yd.  Yes, I’m trying to tempt you to come by for a visit.”
It didn’t take much to twist my arm as they have a HUGE classroom that will accommodate between 40 and 50 students which is my goal, to reach more students with each workshop.  We have to build UP, not out because there are only so many teaching days available within a year.  Instead of doing 4 days of 24 students each day, we can do 2 days with twice as many and make it a party.
The timing and location for dropping by turned out perfect.  I left my girlfriend’s house where I stayed the night, and headed over to 35th Ave Sew & Vac – it was in between Glendale and Sun Lakes on my way back to Dad's.

Oh, and the neutrals you see here – minus the green?  Were all SALE CHRISTMAS fabrics.  Christmas fabric has many great neutrals and cut up – who can tell they are Christmas?  They were 50% off.  The green and the paperclips print were 45% off.  Yes, Pandy directed me personally to the sale section, she has been reading me for years and knows my stashing habits! LOL!


Some half yard cuts and a T shirt!


You can’t go wrong with 12,000 bolts!


This place used to be a large grocery store!


Aisles and aisles, and BRIGHT lighting made it a great place to shop!


Signs tell you which kind of fabric is where.


Loads of sample quilts to inspire!


Many many brands of machines, from Bernina to Pfaff and more – even Handi Quilter!


And several folks to help you with the cuts you desire.

The only hard part was making a decision!

So – if you are in the Phoenix area, or would want to travel to Phoenix for a weekend of fun – you can put Feb 1 & 2 2019 on your calendars.  We are not sure what we are teaching yet, new projects may be available by then, but pencil us in!  I will let you know when registration is open.  We’ll be limiting to 50 per day.  I hope you’ll come play!


My view as I waited to board my flight.

I love this landscape and can’t wait to be back.


THIS was completed on my home flight!


As of this photo, there are only 2 hexes to go – I stitched them between Atlanta and Greensboro.


Ready to attach!

This is the 4th fill-in corner, on what really does seem like an eternal project.  I hope to have evening time to stitch this corner on.  And then what?


It’s going to get some borders.

I especially need something to frame the sides.  Yes, I know there are some odd neutrals sticking out either side.  There will be one more row of neutrals to frame this, and then I think I’m going to frame the whole thing with brown/neutral/red in rosettes like this:


The outer ring of posies with the red connectors will make a nice border.

That means that even though the center is now done – I’m probably in reality looking at a couple years more of piecing that border. *SIGH*  Good thing it is easy to prep for!  I’ve already got everything I need to keep going.  Now where did I put those other brown/red hexies?  I’ve been carrying neutrals for so long I forgot where I stashed them.


Maybe Sadie knows?

It’s great to be home.  I’ll be here for a few days before I head out to Hilton Head, South Carolina on Wednesday.  Hooray!  A DRIVING trip!

So I’m thinking this.  I need today and tomorrow to get my wits back and get book orders out that have stacked up while I’ve been in Arizona.  How about Quilt-Cam on Sunday afternoon at 2pm Eastern?  That would be 7pm UK time, 8pm Europe Time.

I need some machine action!!  I’ll see you then!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love this vintage 4 patch nine patch quilt shared during our workshops in Prescott this past week. Simple blocks make me happy!

Happy FRIDAY, everyone!

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  1. gorgeous hexie project there....and quilt cam? YES!!!

  2. Your quilt is simply incredible, Bonnie. I'd love to know just how many stitches there will be in it when it is completely finished. It would be mind boggling!! Have a great weekend.

  3. I love your project. I have been working on hexi's when I travel, but I don't go as much as you! May have to plan a few trips! Have 2 projects from your classes in Dover DE back in September calling my name, so I need to focus! Last summer during Quilt-Cam I shared a photo of a 2" mosaic with my cat. I will post a pix of the project on the f/b page. Still needs quilted, but that's ok. I'm sure Sadie knows your "storage locations" of those red & brown hexi's.

  4. What a great blog post... Wondering if there are motels rooms attached opth the shop...for easy access?!!!
    What a place"
    Sadie Jane, once again, has sent me some esp info. SHe fefuses to hunt down your neutrals until she has one full day of hugging Mom. And Bonnie I must agree... She is so sweet... If she wasn't such A big girl, I would carry her around all day !!! Have fun with home time.


  5. your idea for a finish on the hexies sounds like a great one.

  6. Bonnie, love the hexie quilt top you are making. Kudos.

    *****Re: Quilt Cam; any possibility having closed-captioning available? That way those of us that are deaf & hard of hearing can join in and enjoy the time with you. Thanks.

  7. Your project is coming together nicely. It is beautiful. Looking forward to Quilt Cam.

  8. A resounding YES to QuiltCam on Sunday. Sadie looks mighty happy to have mommas feet home too. I started a hexie quilt 2 years ago and it's been an intuitive design, finding myself just about to square her up. The last section is going onto the mothership now!!! I believe retail therapy is good for designing those finishing elements - off I go! Don't think I have petted any NEW fabric since late November. Have a supercalifragelisticexpealidocious weekend!

  9. I am happy you made it home. How's the weather? Quilt Cam is during my Church time this year and on my Big 6-0 Birthday too. I'll have to watch it later. The border sounds perfect for the Hexie quilt. You Birthday is coming...

  10. @ TX Wildflower. Closed captioning is not available for Facebook Live. This is an amateur production, me sharing time with my limited knowledge, from my basement, a one woman show. I can't be everything to everyone, and I am sorry about those who ARE hearing impaired but I am not able to provide transcripts or closed captioning for Facebook Live. If they, at some point make it available, it will be through their interface, not mine. Thank you.

  11. That Sew and Vac store reminds me of "Mary Jo's " Very cool.

  12. That store looks wonderful. I love that blue snowflake fabric you got. Stay safe in your travels.

  13. OMG! Is that Gem clip fabric? Too cute! Love the progress on the hexie quilt! Quilt cam! Yay!
    Sweet sweet Sadie - love those puppy dog eyes :)!

  14. Thanks Bonnie for your reply with explanation. I did not realize the cam was through FB.
    Maybe one day CC will be available especially with today's technology. I'll try to remember
    to view your quilt cam on my desktop pc monitor. Larger screen. I'll try lip reading. Thanks again.

  15. I forgot to send you a congratulations on getting the VA cabin under contract. I hope it will be the perfect get-away.

  16. Thanks Bonnie for your reply with explanation. I did not realize the cam was through FB.
    Maybe one day CC will be available especially with today's technology. I'll try to remember
    to view your quilt cam on my desktop pc monitor. Larger screen. I'll try lip reading. Thanks again.

  17. for the person who wants cc just hit the mute button and the words will be on the screen. have a nice day

  18. sorry I tried it and it did not work. I guess I should have tried it first.

  19. Quilt Cam!!! I'm in!!!!

    I may have to see if I can come to AZ! I do love it out there!

  20. I have my getaway house in Goodyear, AZ, about 30 minutes away. I LOVE 35th Ave. I have to go there every trip. Someone asked about hotels, I strongly suggest staying in Glendale-much nicer area. Another not to be missed quilt shop-Mulqueens. They have 2 locations and their fabric is several dollars a yard cheaper than most stores. They also have machines, attachments and every notion you can imagine. The Mesa store is the larger of the two and has a wonderful little bakery and coffee shop a block away. Arizona is WONDERFUL for quilt shops- so many. Girls trip?

  21. Bonnie, I don't know how you manage to do it all! Looking forward to Quilt cam on Sunday, as I've checked your full schedule and know I can't attend any of your planned live workshops. Just sewing the borders on En Provence today. Thanks so much for all that you give. We are truly grateful!

  22. Oh my goodness Hexie quilt top is gorgeous! Glad you got home OK. Can't wait til Sunday ....11am my time. Gives me an alternative to the football games! I live in North Las Vegas so I may be able to make it to Phoenix for a class there. Marked my calendar in hopes.

  23. I'm 4 hours from PHX. I'll come!

  24. I have dreamed of taking an in person class from you! On my calendar! Your quilt too is amazing. 💕 Glad you are home with your Sadie girl!

  25. Sorry to miss Quilt Cam - again, sigh. I was just telling my husband that my Sunday is full up - chursh, a community theater play and then a story-telling event. I'll leave home at 10 am and get back after 8 pm. Would love to come to Phoenix in 2019. It's a short trip according to a large number of Alaskans! LOL. Sounds so far in the future, but will be here way too soon.

    Today and tomorrow I hope to finish the blocks for my Razzle Dazzle half size baby quilt and start getting it together. I got distracted by En Provence but it will be waiting!

  26. Ah-maze-ing! Or Zing! Beautiful Hexie!
    Hope I remember about quilt cam!!!

  27. I just swoon every time you post another photo of your amazing hexie project!!! I am tempted to keep Feb 2019 on my radar. It is my birthday month and I love to visit Phoenix. If my son still is located there, I will definitely consider booking your class. As for Quilt-Cam, I'll have to catch it on the flip side as the truckers used to say. Sunday is Show and Tell day at my Local Quilt Group and we start a new challenge. Can't miss all that fun! See you later on Sunday...looking forward to it.

  28. Beautiful quilt! You're very creative and gifted and "see" quilt patterns and ideas that most of us don't see. I'm impressed with how you take advantage of your plane travel time.

  29. Love that hexie! I've started one a few months ago. I work on it during down time at work. I do hospice home health care & I need something quite to do when my patients are resting. I'm hoping mine will be as beautiful as yours some day!
    I understand your reasoning on wanting more people at a time in your classes but the small size is what draws me to them. We get more individual attention & we get to know everyone a bit better.
    I won't be able to make Sunday's quilt cam because of work. It's been a few that I've missed b/c you've been doing them at 2 lately. Maybe next time! Thank you & have a great weekend!!

  30. Oh, look at sweet Sadie, her eyes so full of love! I'm so glad you share pictures of her! Congrats on your purchase of the new cabin; how exciting. Can't wait for Quilt Cam on Sunday!

  31. Finally! I have been waiting for you to come to Phoenix forever. WTG

  32. Oh Sadie knows...she watches your every move. Hugs & Blessings

  33. Quilt Cam...yeesssssss! :)
    Kim in KS

  34. Oh Bonnie, your hexi quilt is divine. It always takes my breath away.


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