Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guild Meeting Day, the Prescott Way!

It was a double duty day in Prescott, Arizona yesterday!

We gathered with the Thumb Butte Quilters and friends from surrounding areas for a great morning of fun, followed by an afternoon Strip Twist workshop.

I almost didn’t make it!

The guild meeting place is about 20 minutes away from where I’m staying, and since I didn’t need to be there to set up chairs and other things, I told the ladies that I didn’t need an escort, I could just use my GPS and get myself there with enough time to set up before the meeting started.

Everything was fine as I headed out, but about half way there, the low tire warning came blaring on in the rental car display panel.  Oh dear.  Right front tire at 20psi pressure.  YIKES!

This being fairly out in the middle of nowhere, I finally did find a service station/mini mart and made change so I had the quarters the machine required to pump the air into my tire.

This whole thing put me about 15 minutes behind schedule, and off I zoomed to get myself to the location.

I was using Waze.  And it rarely fails me, but this time it took me more than 8 miles away from my destination, and as I rounded a corner in a neighborhood and came face to face with a dead end fence that kept me from crossing into the gully of nothingness, the pre-programed voice proudly announced “You have reached your destination!”  Uhhhh…I don’t THINK SO!

I grabbed the phone, quickly redialed Diane’s number to let her know what happened – she had called and left me a message the evening before, so it would be a quick and easy “return call”  only it went to a voicemail for her HOME PHONE, not her cell.  She called me from her HOME phone.  Oh boy.

I switched to Google Maps.  Put in the name and address of the church – and heaven bless Google…..we were back on our way, headed another 8 miles to the REAL location.

And I still made it in time, but that was a bit hairy, let me tell you!

**Note to self** GPS system.s are not infallible.  They are sometimes wrong.  Or they expect that your car has wings to fly across gullies.  It might be wise to follow someone who knows where you are going instead of trying to take care of it all yourself.


But the show went on without a hitch!


Carol Joy brought her Sister’s Choice!

This woman is magic with quilt re-coloring and layout!  Her brain just takes the basic design in a totally new and captivating direction!  This IS Sister’s choice…she’s just changed color and value placement.  And it was so fun to have her show it during show and share.


And This?  It’s Playing with Jacks!

Also from the Free Patterns tab!

It is so fun to draw out a design in graph paper and see how you can change it just by switching the color placement.  This was SO fabulous!

If you have a copy of the Addicted to Scraps book you will also notice Carol Joy’s design ability in the edge to edge quilting design that finished off my Moth in the Window quilt.  She designs machine quilting patterns as well!


An afternoon of Strip Twisting!

Our afternoon workshop took place at ANOTHER location, and this time I DID follow someone to be sure I didn’t get lost!

Machines were quickly set up, and for the next 3 hours we powered through strip sets, slicing and dicing and rearranging and sewing back together.  The rest of our fun is found in the slide show below:

The time flew by too quickly!

Also from yesterday’s Show & Tell segment:


String Spider Web!

I can’t remember the gal’s name who shared this quilt yesterday from my Spider Web pattern (Also from the free patterns tab) but she brought it to inspire those who are in my class today as this is what we are working on.

And it’s a FULL DAY, not a 3 hour shorty session, so we’ll have lots of fun stringy strippy mess going on.

I’d love to make ANOTHER Spider Web..I already have plans.  It’s the perfect pattern to use scraps in nearly any size as the wedges that are pieced on either side of the kite shaped center taper in length as you fill in your triangle.  Total scrap annihilation!


Having a ball in Prescott, AZ!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It’s never too late to start over!

Old Tobacco Road is one of our early Quiltville Mysteries, and the pattern is still available under the free patterns tab at the top of my blog, down where the old mysteries live. This whole quilt is easily made from 2" strips and 3.5" x 6.5" rectangles.

I love that this quilt and a couple of others live at my dad's house so I get to visit them from time to time.

After today’s workshop, I’m driving back to the Phoenix valley and stopping in Glendale to have dinner with a childhood friend, spend the night, and head back to dad’s tomorrow morning for one last day of family time.

I fly home Thursday!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Ah yes, GPS and rural areas - not always a good combo.

  2. "Gully of nothingness" LOL!

  3. YIKES! I have used Waze for about 3 years and Google now owns it. Therefore, I have wondered when in the same situation as you why I get different results with Google maps than Waze. Glad you made it without more mishaps!

  4. Wowow, hair raisingadventure for sure!!,
    I read about a couple who used Garman in aSouthern American country, pnly to fond themselves on a really dangerous area. The route,sad,y, cost then their lives. Loves lost because someone wanted the car and money.

    Thankfully you found the right place, had fun and are sharing it with us.


  5. oh wow... so thankful that you didn't take a dive into that gully!
    (my GPS once tried to convince me to drive off the side of a bridge - not into a river, but into a TOWN! Just can't trust those little devils!)
    I find it helps to just use the maps app on my smart phone. That usually gets me within a block of my destination.

  6. Wow! Glad you found the quilt destination! I love Waze and swear by it. I do know and have had personal experience that yes, sometimes it is dead wrong. I think it may lose signal, but keeps on issuing instructions anyway. 'They' need to fix that. It's happened to me also. We were going to a conference center, ended up at someone's driveway with Waze saying, "You have reached your destination." No, we didn't!! I don't really get along with Google maps, so Waze is my go-to as I can't find my way around the block in a strange location. The Thumb Butte Quilt Guild looks like they are having a rollicking good time! Enjoy and safe travels.

  7. Thank you SO much for sharing this story, it honestly made me laugh out loud -remembering a similar incident on my way to my niece's fancy wedding. I ended up doing a "27 dresses" move on the way, my cousin zipped my dress when I got out of the car. Hairy is just the right word!

  8. I've never seen a happier looking group than those working on that strip twist quilt! What a beautiful group of happy ladies. Makes me happy just to see them.

  9. Bonnie, you look fresh and rested in the photo! What a happy group of ladies ... and oh so many vintage beauties (the machines, not the ladies). The ladies are beautiful too but I don't think they would like to be called vintage. Isn't it amazing how "a smile improves your face value"?

    "You have reached your destination" made me laugh. It has happened to us more than once with GPS. We rely on all of these amazing technologies now that we had never dreamed of and when they glitch it is not a pretty sight. I remember many trips with my Dad when I was the one reading the map book. I would trace our route to the edge of the page and then fumble with several pages to continue our travel. It was never just flip the page ... you had to read the grid to find what page your route was on. I think you are not old enough to remember learning how to read and FOLD a map. Such fun!

    Enjoy being with your Dad and safe travels home.

  10. Carol Joy you are amazing! Great creativity.

  11. Is the Gully of Nothingness near the Depths of despair?

  12. Carol Joy's quilts are so different, beautiful. I don't think I would have recognised them as yours Bonnie, on face value.

  13. Your story reminds me of an out of state softball tournament. My granddaughter Gianni wanted to ride with me after lunch. Into the GPS went the address. It was one of those cases that I could see the ball field, but couldn't get to it. Daddy (the coach) was calling and I was trying hard to get there. We did finally make it in plenty of time, however the game was delayed an hour. LOL
    So glad you are having a good time and get a little more time with family. Safe travels home.

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