Friday, August 05, 2011

Airports, Hellos and Goodbyes!

I’m one of those who can get teary eyed watching OTHER people reunite or say farewell when passing through airports. I love the joyful reunions…my heart wrenches at the tearful goodbyes. I’m even a mess when it comes to seeing people’s dogs in kennels! For me, airports are walking talking hallmark cards waiting to happen!

Before I left Minnesota, we took some time to get the pictures of mom’s reaction to seeing me off of Auntie Joy’s “big girl” Camera -----all I had was my phone camera, so I’m glad that SHE thought of whipping it out and capturing this moment on film. ((Well, not REAL film, but digital..you know....you get me! ))

So here I sit, home again, going through photos and editing them down….


Mom said when she first saw me she thought I was someone who “looked like Bonnie” and it made her miss me. And then I got closer, and she saw it WAS me….and she just crumbled. And so did I!


There is nothing like a mother’s love ---and we held each other up at this point.


I don’t know HOW I thought that I was ever going to get pictures of this on my phone when I was wrapped in her arms, but you can see my phone is on! My lovely cousin Bethany is in the Atlanta hoodie behind us. She was IN on the surprise ;c)


Yep, she came OFF the plane carrying her stitchery in a big ziploc bag…like mother, like daughter!!

And you know the rest of the story…..it was a sweet two days! Now Auntie Joy has followed my mom home to Idaho and will be spending a few days with her there. They are both consummate gardeners, this morning they were out in Joy’s garden filling a suitcase with starts and plants, and I bet they’ve already planted them in MOM’s garden in Idaho!

Joy, of course, will fill up the suitcase with stuff from Mom’s garden and take it back home to Minnesota to plant back in her own garden. I love that these two sisters share this love of the earth together!

Do you want to know how things ended!? Before we rushed out the door I threw together some sandwiches for us to eat on our journeys. My flight was leaving 45 minutes after theirs….and we’d be hungry on our flights. So…sandwiches and carrots it was. And I had a sneaky to stick in there too!

Remember the three “replacement” fortune cookies we asked for the day before? They were in my purse! And as we got to the gate for Mom & Joy’s flight, I pulled them out and said…Okay…it’s time for a re-do! Let’s see what these say now!

And we were QUITE surprised, and VERY pleased!

mn2011 097

Mom’s: As one grows to understand life less and less, one learns to live it more and more!

Joy’s: The best angle from which to approach any problem is the TRYangle!

Mine: Success is a journey…not a destination.

I’d say that’s a triple win, wouldn’t you? But even then…..the three reject fortune cookie messages still make us laugh hysterically!! LOL!

And to end the day on a good note, there had to be just ONE more photo op at the gate:

mn2011 098

Auntie Joy & Mom. Such great smiles!

mn2011 099

Auntie Joy & Me! Oh, we had such a great time and I can’t wait to see them again!

mn2011 100

Mom & Me ---either I’m getting taller, or she keeps getting shorter, and I’m not sure which one it is, but I tend to feel like the amazon queen around her :cD

Things still left to blog about….Uncle Steve and his bunny shed! Oh, and his garden too, it’s fabulous!

I inherited some goodies from Great Auntie Irene! She was my grand mother’s sister, and she was a quilter….

So those posts will be coming up as I can write them. We leave for Alaska on Sunday and I don’t know how the wifi will be up there, or if my wireless aircard will work, so I’ll try to load up the blog with some things to post intermittently just in case it is a couple days before we can get anywhere to post!


regan said...

Airports get me, too....especially when someone is having to say goodbye. So glad you had such a great time with your mom and aunt.

Mary said...

I've been to the Hallmark store in Kansas City and they should provide tissues in the commercial playing booths. What a great bunch of pictures to remember the trip! My favorite fortune and most appropriate for us quilters is your aunt Joys. "Try"angle...can I steal that?

Kylie Lloyd said...

I loved reading about catching up with your family. I live in the same town as my Mum so I can see her daily. We started to learn to quilt together in 2005 and its still happening.

Janet O. said...

What a delightful time of family renewal!
Enjoy Alaska! I am so jealous!!

pcflamingo said...

What a heartwarming story of your surprise visit with your mom. Really made me tear up reading about it!

Teresa in Music City said...

Have the best time of your life in Alaska Bonnie!!! Traveling angels on you!!!

Khris said...

I can so relate to getting teary/crying just watching others excitement, sadness or teary moments...I get teary and weepy and make sure you have a whole box of tissues when its me in the same situation..lol
Hugs Khris

Khris said...

p.s....love those fortune cookie messages...must take a note of those for future reference.
Hugs Khris

Chris H said...

What gorgeous photos.... almost makes me cry too!
My Mum and I are not that close anymore... getting a hug from her would probably dumbfound me... which is rather sad.
I'm so glad you and your Mum are really close like that, it's how it's supposed to be.

Impera_Magna said...

Wonderful photos of such a happy surprise for your mom... so glad you all had a great time... families are just THE BEST!!!

The 2 Spies said...

I see your beautiful smile is a generational blessing! Beautiful!

Clare said...

This post reminds me of Love Actually. Airport are very happy/sad places. Enjoy your trip to Alaska.

Frog Quilter said...

Your are SO lucky to have your Mom alive and well. Cherish every moment with her.

lynneUSA said...

Fantastic, I miss my mum. She is still in the UK and I only get to see her once a year now

Marla said...

Just sitting her drinking my coffee reading your blog and tears welled up in my eyes reading this where I could not read. Did not know how dry a person's eyes could be after sleeping all night and how much the tears sting! I still miss my mom and she has been gone 22 years on Aug 19th. Your mom and your Aunt remind me of my sister and I. My sis is 17 years older than me but we are extremely close sharing all things related to quilting, crafts, cooking and some gardening even if we live almost 400 miles apart. Have a wonder Alaska adventure Bonnie. Can't wait to see those pictures.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Frantically searching for the box of tissues here!!!!! :o)

Amy Laura said...

I'm so very glad that you were able to squeeze in this quick trip, and enjoy that priceless time with your mom and aunt. It sounds like you packed a whole lot of fun in a few days, and a trip down memory lane as well. Come back and visit again!

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing your photos of you and your Mom. My Mom passed away 5 years ago and I'm sorry to say there are very few pictures of her and me. But you did bring back wonderful memories for me. Hugs

Kim said...

Oh Yes, you made us all cry with that picture of your reunited at the airport. That would have been worth the trip alone!
Thanks for sharing your Mom with us for a few days, we know there is no one in the world that loves you like your Mom.
And for those of us who have lost our Moms it was a treat to share in your adventure with your sweet Mom.

Safe travels, have a ball with DH and :0)
Happy Sewing

betty said...

What a gret memory you will keep with you. I only get to see my daughter twice a year (I know I am lucky for that) I miss her so much, we like and enjoy the same things. And darn it, life is so short. Wink and the time flies so fast. Put your memories in your pocket and treasure them.

Patchwork Sisters said...

Great pictures. Glad you had a chance for a good visit. It's hard to be happy and sad at the same time!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Bonnie, You have a great smile and I see where it comes from! Your Mom looks wonderful! Have a great time in Alaska!

Niharika said...

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Melody Ann said...

I sit here with tears in my eyes because I love your story about surprising your mother... Thank you for sharing. I am in awe that your mother lives in Idaho, I have butterflies and feel like I should know her because I am also in Idaho.