Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Well…I was going to clean…

Monday’s “Cleaning delay” day turned into Tuesday -

And well….

I actually did pretty well, but you’d never know it by this table!

Over the past several months that have “encouraged” the Snails Trail quilt project – I’ve also been cleaning through bags and boxes and grabbing all of the “right size” small hunks and chunks.  No purchasing for this quilt, oh no.  It was time to put my money where my scraps are and make it work from the dregs of the scraps on hand.

That’s the challenge.  No new yardage.  Not even favorite fat quarters.  Nothing from the Scrap User’s System strip stash.

This had to all come from crumbs, cut off triangles and leftover bits too short to call strips.

And it started out pretty well.

And somewhat contained.

And then got out of control!

I mean, how big is this quilt supposed to be to tame all of this stuff?

I had bins and baskets by scrap size – pieces that would do the first round, the second round, the third round – saving the biggest pieces for last.

And then I quickly realized that the TRIMMINGS from round 2 and 3 would likely be big enough to feed round 1 or 2 of the next block and the scraps are just not sewing down as fast as I thought they would! LOL!

And somewhere in there – baskets got messed up, piles began and my method began to be “just grab the nearest thing and SEW!”

Something else to notice in this photo – on the left side at the outlet – do you see that I’ve installed the Comfort Zone pheromone diffuser?  This was yesterday morning about 11am.

This was Lola by 3pm.

I had also dismantled Zoey’s bed thanks to the zippers and had washed the cover and the cushions and put everything back together.

Let it be said that this is the FIRST TIME EVER that Lola has rested on Zoey’s bed.  This never happens. Like NEVER.  And I think it is due to the Comfort Zone diffuser.

Diffuser on the wall.  Lola passed out.

On Zoey’s bed.  FOR HOURS.

And this was the FIRST TIME EVER that this happened!

It didn’t last for long.  Zoey is kind of big and bumbling and Lola wasn’t having it.  But as soon as Zoey left the bed….Lola was right back in range of her diffuser.

She may become an addict.  And I’m okay with that!

I’ve got one in the basement studio at the cabin for Ivy too.  CALM is the operative word these days.

They last 30 days.

And the directions tell you to replace the whole unit after a year – I can do that.

You’ll find them in the Pets Matter category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

So back to those blocks.

This was yesterday afternoon’s bounty.

And Zoey wanting in on the action!

(And not holding still)

8 blocks added to the done box.

Another 120 pieces of junk fabric found places in this quilt.

Still not making a dent yet!

Snails Trail will become a digital PDF pattern when I have the quilt done, and the pattern will include all of the details. Stay tuned!

Meet Susan!

How fabulous is Susan's kookaburra?? This was Susan’s final project during Free Motion Quilting Academy.

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"Some weeks had a lot more doodling than sewing, which really helped when I could get to the machine... I love that this course challenged me to stop holding my breath, and sitting in that holding pattern I've been in where that self talk rhetoric keeps telling I can't quilt! I'm so glad I have embraced the challenge you have given me, and I'm celebrating the journey!"

Spoiler, Susan: You CAN QUILT, Rockstar! Wowie zowie!!

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Quiltville Inn, Tuesday evening version -

After the Hubster finished mowing the lawn.

Just because I haven’t posted a photo in a while.

Today – MORE Snails Trail blocks – hopefully.  Those piles of scraps need to be sewn up somehow.

And then there was the autumn colored string thing that captured my fancy over the weekend – that is in the line up as well.

I talked to Jason this morning – he has made it as far as Missouri – He was in South Dakota yesterday morning.

I asked him why the hurry?  “When you are tent camping you need to be away from the smoke.  And then there is the Midwest heat that doesn’t really cool down at night….and HUMIDITY!”  

I think he is looking forward to all the comforts of home waiting for him here at the cabin. LOL!  We should be looking for him to arrive sometime tomorrow.

Anything going on in your world for this Wednesday?  If you are in the path of fires, extreme heat and hurricane damage – please stay safe!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt top from my collection.

Just in case you were wondering!

You matter.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Many blessings to you today, Bonnie.

  2. Do they make those pheromone diffusers for humans? 🙃

    1. Yeah. I need one for the husband. . . . And the kids . . . . . And me. . . .

  3. Today I am gifting a lap quilt to a friend. I'm excited to give it to her, I pray that it is a healing quilt for her spirit and body!

    Have a blessed day everyone.

  4. Well shoot!! Jason could have slept at our AC cabin at the lake in SD!! Remember I watched your bags for you at the Sioux Falls airport..? I would have gladly watched over your son for an evening!! Lol

  5. I have two make cats And for the most part they get along. Nonetheless I'm going to get a diffuser for those times when they don't. Freemotion Academy sounds great, although the smallish projects that I have seen displayed help with success. It's in handling a regular size quilt that things become

    1. You will learn how to manage those monsters too!

  6. Wonderful that he is almost there! I live in the Midwest and know exactly what he is talking about. Although last week I was ready to turn off the air because it was so much cooler. Not this week! Safe travels to him.

  7. Just in case you're wondering, YOU matter. And the world needs YOUR special gift. Have a beautiful day Bonnie! ❤

  8. Your Snail Trail blocks are so cute! I'm thrilled that this will be a digital pattern so I won't have to wait for the next book. :-) While quarantined with my 90 year old mom, I have been working on Crooked Court House Steps blocks using all the strips and strings that other people have donated for charity quilting. Sometimes it's only a few seams per day, but it helps to keep me sane.

  9. I really like today's quote! I think we all need to read this every day.....better yet, to tell this to people we are doing life with every day. I rearranged my little sewing room yesterday and today I am tackling the closet-yikes!

  10. So glad you get to be with your son again. Enjoy spoiling him! Marilyn Marks

  11. I'm so glad the diffuser is working for you. It really makes the difference around here.

  12. how far is your cabin from the Inn? Very curious. okiepm

  13. Thank you for this message today , I am headed to the quilt machine and an oldie goldie from the way back machine .. it is finally its turn to be a quilt :)

  14. Your plan for the snail trail quilt is contagious. It sounds like fun and what better way to use up 'stuff' that is just there! I think I will follow your lead.

  15. Better things through chemicals.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
    And I would hurry through the heat of the Midwest. 86 and hazy at 9:00 am and almost similar at 9 pm.

  16. I'm so happy Jason will soon be at your door! I predict you will spoil him just a bit!!!

  17. I have stems on half of my string pumpkins, I love this pattern.🎃 Happy stitching everyone and Bonnie have fun spoiling Jason.

  18. This is how my sewing table often looks and it makes me feel so much better seeing another quilter's creative mess!

  19. Thanks for everything thing you do for the quilting community, Bonnie! And for your posts!

  20. How exciting to have your baby home again. It has been nine months since I have seen my sister in Wisconsin and I finally decided to just go. Only 300 miles through Chicago. It would be easier if I could just swim across Lake Michigan only 90 I think. And I am encouraged by seeing your organized mess. Makes me feel better about mine!🤗🤗😁

  21. The diffuser sure helps our cats. Glad it is resulting n bonding at your house too!

  22. I'm sewing down the binding on pandemic UFO finish#4 today! The first 3 were Bonnie quilts. That pheromone diffuser sounds great, put me on the waiting list for the one for humans too. Glad your son will be home soon, blessings to your entire family.

  23. That picture of Lola and Zoey is a classic... like they are both trying to pretend the other is not inches away LOL

  24. I needed these words today & actually everyday since 2016 began!! :(. Headed for a walk then to my sewing machine!
    Wonderful your son is almost home...enjoy him!!

  25. Hi Bonnie,
    We are getting quartz counter tops installed in our kitchen today, making a run to Costco and packing the camper trailer for a 5 day dry camping in south eastern Oregon. Away from everyone, no phones, fishing, hiking and searching for agates.I'll be taking some hexies with me for hand stitching.

  26. Loving the snail trails! Between snails, Pineapple Crazy and Wild & Goosey, I'll be able to use up all my little scraps. HA! Maybe if I make multiplies of each.

    Fiona sends best wishes to Zoey for a Happy National Dog Day!

    1. I am sorry to tell you it doesn’t work. Ha ha. I’m thinking of seeing just how big my wild and goosey would be. Then what would I do with the scraps. I know continue on with pineapple crazy, or make scrappy fabric. The list is endless. When will I get to finish my UFO’s? Hexies seem to have taken over my life. I am making Elenor Jean, 1/2” Hexie. The original is 1/4”. Our state border is closed. People are holidaying within Western Australia. Thank you to all who share, keep safe, kerryn

  27. Love how cute Zoey and Lola look asleep in zoeys bed, I might just have to get one of those for my two big cats.
    Your son is making such great progress to get home so pleased he will be safe and sound with you tomorrow
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  28. I have a question Bonnie, don't know if you have ever answered this before & if you have, forgive me for asking again. Have you ever explained how to piece a backing for your quilts? I always try but they never seem to be right, too short, too narrow, too wide at the top & too narrow at the bottom. This all after I have tried to keep it all square. Thanks

  29. Aw shucks. We have two spare bedrooms here in MO and would love to have had Jason stop by for a visit. So glad he will be home with you very soon.

  30. Bonnie, as much as you share your fur babies' adventures, I wonder if you are familiar with Olive and Mabel. A BBC sportscaster has filmed his two dogs, Olive and Mabel, and shares very amusing videos on YouTube of their days, making sporting competition of their everyday activities. Check them out for a laugh.

  31. I have gotten the diffuser for my 13yo main coon who is living up to his nick name of BOO! He has become a scaredey cat if we don't use it. I think it is just age related but we know when it has run out. Much calmer when it is on. There is also a spray for the cages when we have to transport either of our 2 main coons to the vet. Great product!

  32. Jason misses his mum and dad - no wonder he's racing along! Speaks volumes when your children can't wait to get back to see you. xxx

  33. Dear Bonnie. I really enjoy reading your wonderful blog.
    Yes the feliway works so well. I use my difuser when the grand babies come over. Prinnie loves grand girl abuse and will play, but Miles is afraid of unpredictable hands and squeals, so he usually stays near the diffuser in my sewing room (open room off the kitchen) He can come out if he likes, but he mostly just stays in his mancat zone.
    I love the photo of the quiltville in. I hope you and hubbs hear from dear son soon and that he is close to both of you soon.

  34. Aren't free quilts great! I have made 12 scrappy quilts tops (50x70) since corvid, with JUST the donated scraps from other quilters (4 more in the sewing piling. Since I am using only scraps, I plan and cut 4-6 tops at once, using the scrap up as I go. CONGRATULATIONS on your son coming home, we like to have the family members near by (comfort zone).

  35. I could use one of those pet diffusers for me. I don't have pets but I sure could use the calming. I have people diffusers but they don't have the same effect that the pet diffusers has on your pets.

  36. Love the Zoey Jo quilt on the dog bed!


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