Sunday, August 09, 2020

Rockin' and Rollin' in the Blue Ridge!

Saturday was a perfect day for a morning hike in the Blue Ridge!

August has some lingering humidity – but what can I complain about?  It’s why things are so lush and green around here.

(Insert – that was scary! As I am tying this we just had an earthquake!  Holy cow! When I stopped shaking myself, it was found to be 5.1 in magnitude with the epicenter about 2 km south of Sparta NC. About 26 miles from here.)

Autumn is around the corner!

You can see it in the plants – things are going to seed and starting to look a bit summer-tired.

I love exploring out here with my Zoey girl!

Meeting four-hoofed friends on the trail!

They were headed UP, we were on our way back down!

This is the same brindled foal we took the video of last week!

Gotta love that mohawk mane!

This one hasn’t foaled yet!

Back at the QPO!

This happened!

I was having a really difficult time choosing border fabric for my Blossom Time quilt.

Considering that I moved nearly a garage full of fabric up here over the past couple of weeks - you would think there would be something that would do the job. Nope!

Then I spied these wonderful green string blocks that were given by my friend Robin. I just sliced them into border widths and I think this will be just the ticket!

They go from green to aqua. Border perfection!

Hopefully there will be time today to get these on – I’d like to be quilting this quilt by Tuesday if all goes right.

Speaking of machine quilting!

We are getting closer to the next session of the Free Motion Quilting Academy!

Early bird registration opens up in a couple of weeks. But to get your feet wet and see if Free Motion Quilting on your home machine is the thing for you -

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I can't wait to see what you learn to do with this free introduction to your new mad and rad FMQ skills!

And just to start your Sunday off with a good giggle – this is what was rocking and rolling around here last night.  Click to Play:

Oh, Zoey girl!

We are headed down to Roundhouse Road for another little hike along the river and up to the NC/VA state line this morning.  Yes, there is still a lot of August to go, but I know I am really going to miss August when it is gone.

What’s up for your day ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

2020 just may be our detour year - the chaos and upheaval of road construction can be tough, but we will get through if we ride through the rough spots and changes!

I didn’t have EARTHQUAKE on my 2020 bingo card.  Did you?

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Oh Bonnie thank you so much for sharing the video of ZoeyJo the pretzel, her contortions never cease to make me chuckle.
    I’m in love with those beautiful string blocks the will look amazing on your springtime quilt.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  2. Earthquakes are scary! I’m from CA (have lived in TN now for 10 years). Anyway I lived in Sacramento, about 80 miles east of the Bay Area. I was living there when the big earthquake in 89 happened and delayed the World Series. The hanging plant above the tv was swinging and it just seemed to go on forever It’s just weird and disconcerting to have the ground moving beneath you.

  3. Even an earthquake What move? ❤️👵🏻

  4. God Bless all y'all... California ALWAYS has earthquake on its bingo card, however, it's been a while since I've felt one down in No. San Diego County. Hope all is well... the Miss Zoey is quite the clown... what fun, cats n ponies n foals n Zoey, all tied up with quilts... <3 <3 <3

  5. I saw the Earthquake on the news and thought of you immediately - it looked to be so close to you. Glad to hear all is OK. No, earthquake wan't on my bingo card either.

  6. Wow that was a pretty good sized quake for that area of the country! Stay save!

  7. WOW I felt one too several years ago.. here in Florida. I was typing and my chair rolled away from the desk. Way too scary!!!

  8. My daughter lives in Durham. She was asleep and didn't feel it, but my former neighbor in Chapel Hill felt it. I'm sure it wasn't on anybody's bingo card! I so firmly remember knowing the end of summer was near when the bright greens of early summer turned to the silvery greens of late summer. We are in So. Cal. now and I miss the seasons. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  9. We have had quite a few earthquakes up in the Stanley area here in Idaho. I would rather have earthquakes than hurricanes! Until Yellowstone blows!

  10. We felt the ground move all the way up here in Long Island, NY yesterday! It was just a feeling of the ground vibrating a bit, but my hubby thought something was wrong with our house!

  11. I thought of you when I heard about the earthquake. Glad all is okay with you.,

  12. What would all your followers do without Zoey to entertain us and make us giggle!

  13. so glad to hear you all weathered the earthquake. love the blossom time quilt. and so cool that a friend had sent you those blocks. perfect. zoey cracks me up every time. that must be a strange move to trick their prey into laughing so hard they forget they are prey. take care and rock on. patti in florida with a hint to be extra careful with the rotary cutter - i took off the top edge of my left index finger yesterday. required an urgent care visit. when leaving i had to stop and ask a woman if she was a quilter her left index finger was wrapped. yep, she did the same thing. it must be a moon phase.

  14. When I am starting to feel down, I search out your videos of Miss Zoey. She is the best!!!
    I was glad to read that the earthquake avoided too much damage! Egads! I forgot about earthquakes after moving out of California! So happy I moved north!

  15. Oh my goodness those string blocks are beautiful. I can't wait to see the border attached. The Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful. Have a wonderful day Bonnie.

  16. We had an unpicked earthquake years ago when living in Maine. Took a minute to figure out what the heck it was.

  17. 2020... giving her all she's got!

  18. Glad to know that you are safe. My daughter lives in Graham and granddaughters live in Raleigh. They felt it too!

  19. There has not been an earthquake of that magnitude in NC in 100 years, when I heard about it my first thoughts went to you out there in the mountains. Glad to hear all is well. Love seeing those horses and I marvel at how you can just walk among them like friends on a path. Happy Sewing :0) Hope we get to see the foal when born :0)

  20. I hope all is well in your area now. I have an SIL in Fayetteville NC, checked on her she is good. THank you for letting us know about the earthquake, it isn't on the news at all. I hope you and Zoey had a good walk. Not sure I would have ventured out, but I know you love the outdoors. I enjoy YOUR view. I am an indoor girl. Have fun, and thank you for all that you do, I love the views of your new quilt.

  21. Zoey brightens all of our days. She is so darn cute and flexible. lol And the posts from your hikes are beautiful. The quotes hit the nail on the head - good reminders for us all. Thank you

  22. I always get a laugh out of watching Zoey. I bet you can't step on your head!

  23. I bet you thought that you left all this nonsense behind when you moved across the country. But no. :)

  24. Wait NC has earthquakes. I've been avoiding the news. I get so tired of all the politics Obviously I'm clueless.
    Too funny. Which end is up with Zooey. Love those greens.

  25. I felt that earthquake in Hillsborough, NC. It felt like someone had bumped into my chair. Afterwards, I heard a thump and then I felt another bump. The stories were very different coming from my friends in the Greensboro, NC area!

  26. I have lived in So California all my life and earthquakes are no big deal where I live. we are not directly on a fault line so we just get some shaking once in a while. I remember when people moved out of California because of the earthquakes.....lol...back in the 1990's. Enjoy your blog everyday. Happy Sunday.

  27. Just about anything could be on this year's bingo card!!

  28. Bonnie...
    I've never seen a dog go into a Zoey, which end is up, pose like she does. It is hysterical!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  29. I live in Christchurch New Zealand - we're still suffering the aftereffects of our 7.1M and 6.3M (185 fatalities) in 2010 and 2011. Around 15000 earthquakes since then and the Cathedral is still not rebuilt. Earthquakes are NOT fun.

  30. I had to do a double take! At first glance, the horse in the third picture (the reddish horse) looked like a unicorn!! But then I realized it was just a fallen tree at just the right angle. Wow! Got my heart jump-started this morning!

  31. that earthquake thing? Yes we had one here in Maine a few weeks ago.

  32. I bought and downloaded the March/april issue of Quiltmaker and the Blossom pattern is not in that issue...Where can I find it...I can see how to make but need sequence instructions...perhaps it was another issue and not the March/April?

    1. It is in the March/April of 2019. Did you buy the wrong year?

  33. I just enjoy your blog so much Bonnie! I can’t wait to see your Bloom Time quilt finished!

    I’m still working on the 2019 L/E which has become my project! I need to get a baby quilt on my frame & get quilting though!

    Glad there wasn’t damage from the Earthquake at Quiltville! Born in So. California I felt several. 1971 when in High School in Palmdale I was awakened to a 6.1 rocking our house side to side & the car rolling back & forth in the garage! 20 miles from the epicenter where overpasses & a hospital wing fell! Scary for sure. We’ve had a few here in Indiana too!

    Blessings to you Bonnie, your family & your adorable fur babies!!

    Marci H.

  34. Your Mohawk horse looks like a unicorn in the pic! They do exist...

  35. My husband felt it here in Gainesville, GA but I slept right through it. Thank goodness for Zoey and her antics! She's a bright spot during all this craziness!

  36. Thanks once again for the beautiful photos. I have loved horses since I was a child so it is very special for me to see the beautiful ponys. Zoey is so darn funny standing on her head and playing. Her antics put a smile on my face today.
    I live in So. California and have felt a few earthquakes. The 5.1 you felt is pretty big and scary when everything starts shaking. I love love the pretty green strips, they will be so pretty on your Blossom Time quilt.


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